Carnation Cafe: The Best Breakfast in All the ‘Land

Fellow Disney food fans, I want you to close your eyes for a moment and picture the best Disney breakfast you’ve ever had. How did it smell? Taste? How did it make you feel?

Well, here’s my version of that incredible breakfast that you wish you could repeat over and over again…

Basic. Red and white, soda shop tables and chairs, umbrella’d outdoor seating, pretty much squashed between the buildings on either side. That’s what you’ll find at the classic Carnation Cafe on Disneyland’s Main Street, USA. For the full history of the Carnation Cafe — and all of its former names — check out this great post featuring a historic menu from 1962.

Seating area at Carnation Cafe

View of Main Street from Carnation Cafe

Though the Carnation has played many rolls over Disneyland’s history, today it functions as a small table-service spot dishing up simple favorite. But — as I am often finding in Disneyland restaurants — the “simple favorites” are consistently plussed.

On the tip of a few fellow Disneyland fans, I headed to the Carnation early — before the park opened — to have a relaxing breakfast and planning session for the day. After taking a look a the menu, which included the Croissantwich, apple pancakes, croissant benedict, and a Mickey waffle.

Breakfast Menu -- Click Image for Larger Version

One of the most well-known breakfast dishes, “Oscar’s Choice,” was also my husband’s choice. Scrambled eggs with melted cheddar, cafe breakfast potatoes, and a croissant served with smoked bacon and sausage links. Hey, if it’s good enough for Oscar, it’s definitely good enough for us.

The dish was amazing; just look at the colors in the photo! I’m pretty sure everything tastes better in Disneyland.

Oscar's Choice

However, I hit the jackpot, also known as the Cafe Cinnamon Roll French Toast. I knew this was what I was going to order before we even boarded the plane for California.

A grilled cinnamon roll coated in egg batter and cinnamon sugar, topped with cream cheese icing and powdered sugar, and served with maple syrup. You can even add bacon and sausage, or apple or strawberry topping!

Cinnamon Roll French Toast

One look at this and you’ll know you have to have it. I DREAM about this thing. Of course, I’m a cream cheese icing addict, so…

French Toast With Icing Applied Liberally

Close Up

This is a truly charming restaurant serving absolutely delicious food quickly and efficiently. It’s a great place to stop in the morning for a relaxing breakfast, people-watching as you sip some coffee or OJ; and it’s a great place to stop mid-day or later to indulge in the lunch offerings and enjoy the parade headed down the street!

Carnation Cafe, though changed from past incarnations, is still a delightful hidden gem in Disneyland and well worth a visit! What’s your favorite thing to order there?


  1. says

    We never stopped at Carnation Cafe on our trip, but we did go to the Blue Ribbon Bakery twice for breakfast! Once was on a Early Entry morning…we walked over after doing a few rides, grabbed breakfast and watched everyone arrive for regular park opening! Right along Main St is my favorite spot for people watching :D

  2. says

    I really wish that WDW offered more Breakfast options inside the park (i know id check them out), but i understand why… Great Posting! IT looks delish!

  3. carolyn says

    The Carnation Cafe is tradition for my family. We love to eat their on Sundays morning (my favorite time in Disneyland) and get the cinny-roll and/or the Oscar. I’m not sure if Oscar is still at the park or not but it was a treat when he’d walk the tables and talk to the guests, it made it very special.

    Breakfast at Carnation Cafe is my favorite dining spot in the park, even more so than Blue Bayou. You can people watch, listen to the band marching down main street, see the anticipation and excitement on Guest’s faces…. such a great time. :)

  4. says

    The Carnation Cafe looks like it has a wonderful breakfast menu to choose from! I think if I ended up going there I would get the Yogurt, as that’s my usual breakfast. Although, I still have yet to try a Mickey Waffle to date but my guess is that some of the buffet places are better to try them at.

    Also, I believe that I have seen a video with a few of the character playing musical chairs out front as the chairs look oddly familiar.

  5. says

    A great place to enjoy Disney during the holidays. Good atmosphere and classic Disney. Enjoy Oscar’s breakfast for a filling way to start the day. Thanks for the write-up, good recommendation. Still my favorite place for breakfast during Christmas season.

  6. says

    Thanks for the review, Nick! I can’t pull myself away from the cinnamon roll french toast to try Oscar’s breakfast yet, though!

  7. Rachel says

    My husband and I will be at Disneyland next week for our honeymoon. I’ve never been, but I insisted we come here. Your review had just reinfored that I’m always right :)

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