Disney Dining Reservations Go Mobile

THANK GOODNESS! The Disney Restaurant Reservations system is now available in an easy-to-use mobile format for your smartphones (iphone and droid versions are currently working; blackberry is coming soon).

iPhone Screen Shot of Moblie Reservations System

Note: this is not an App that you have to download. Disney’s just made it easier to navigate the reservations system on your phone by creating a mobile version of the current system.

What does this mean for you? Now you can search for an available restaurant reservation by date, time, restaurant, theme park, cuisine, hotel, and more quickly and easily from your phone — no matter where you are. Standing in line at the grocery store? Make your ADRs!

It also means no more calling 407-WDW-DINE and waiting on hold forever when you’re in the park looking for a place to eat. No more heading to the crowded podium to see if there’s availability. Just grab your phone, head to Disney’s website, click on the “make a reservation” link, and off you go.

Of course, if there’s nothing available, there’s always the opportunity to try to get in as a walk-up party. Disney doesn’t have a mobile version for that. ;-)

To read more about Disney Dining Reservations, read our Disney Dining Reservations guide!

Check out more screen shots of the system over at WESH.


  1. says

    I pulled it up on my iPhone yesterday and it seemed to be working well. I didn’t go all the way through to making a reservation, but everything else was working fine.

  2. says

    thank you for letting us know about this! I have various iphone apps that I use while at WDW – this one may be the absolute tops without being an app.
    Tx again!

  3. says

    I love the idea. It’s not perfect, but I do think it’s a step in the right direction. Now I can make ADRs in line for an attraction without having to be “that annoying guy on the phone”.

  4. Sarah (@Duchess_99) says

    Thanks for the info AJ! I just tested it on my iPhone and it works great! Totally bookmarked! :)

  5. says

    I’ll have to add this one on my phone. Are there any other essential phone apps for disney? I have been trying to research this, but besides the line wait times haven’t found any other good ones.

  6. Nick says

    I have looked and looked, but can’t find the site on my iphone. Went to Disney.com, Disneyworld.com, m.disney.go.com, nothing…help.

  7. Nick says

    Thanks very much Josh! I usually only look at full websites on my iphone as I don’t like the limitations of the mobile versions. However, just bookmarked the site and now it will be saved.

  8. says

    Great to hear! While waiting for our bus one day this past July, we decided we wanted to try to make an ADR for that night—we have iPhones, but even wth that, it was difficult zooming in and out on the site to try to make the ADR. We were successful in the end, but it was very time consuming. This will be great!

  9. nahtazu / donna says

    Thanks for the info! I bookmarked it on my iPhone and it seems to work great. We’re not going to WDW until Sept2011, but I’m starting to collect info now.

  10. says

    Just got back from a long weekend in WDW. Made extensive use of the mobile dining app (both pre-arrival and in-park), including the (beta) “find near me” feature.

    Huzzah! Welcome to the Future!

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