Deconstructing a Karamell-Küche Cupcake

One big question I kept getting asked after posting the photos from Epcot’s new Karamell-Küche caramel store last week was: how was the cupcake?

I figured I needed a few illustrations, so here we go:

Karamell-Küche vanilla cupcake

The cupcake itself is pretty large. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors, and the frosting always matches the flavor of the cake. No mix and match from what I’ve seen.

The cake pretty much stops at the top of the cupcake wrapper; then the frosting begins and keeps going and going and going…

Karamell-Küche cupcake cross section

Nope; this one is definitely not for those of you who don’t consider yourselves to be “frosting people.” If you ARE going to try it, bring a “frosting person” along with you. Like me. I’m willing to volunteer. ;-)

The cake itself is moist and has a light vanilla taste. It’s probably not the best cake you’ll ever eat, which is another reason why the frosting folks win out on this one. Speaking of, the frosting is of mid-range weight; it’s not whipped cream, and it’s not “butterfinger cupcake” lard frosting — it’s a lighter in-between, and it can be grainy if they’re not careful.

Karamell-Küche Cupcake Frosting

Overall, this is a solid B+ cupcake. It’s not going to give most of the “You Won’t Believe This!” Snacks a run for their money, but it’s definitely a good choice when it comes to Epcot cupcakes.

Check out some of the other delectable Karamell-Küche treats on my earlier post, and stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks!


  1. Aimee says

    This is one of those items that my kids would beg me for then be done with after one bite. Just like the giant lollipops and Viking cookies. We’ll probably pass on this one – I am definitely *not* a frosting person. :)

  2. Erin Foster says

    Based on your earlier photos, this cupcake was one of the two items I chose to test for my very first visit to Karamel Kuchen. I AM a frosting person, but this was just too much for me. I ended up eating the cake part, with about 80% of the frosting carved off, and then pulling off and eating the caramel strands on top. The caramel swirl was delicious, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering this one again.

  3. Alan says

    It is great to see the Disney people adding the new things to the World Showcase is the last few months. This area has always been my favorite area at WDW but it had seemed to be a bit stagnant over the last 10 years or so. Let’s hope that they keep up the changes.

  4. Eric says

    As long as it’s not the lard and sugar gritty frosting it’ll be on my “to eat” list this dec. All I have to say is yum and yum.

  5. says

    Andrew — Not sure on this one about the lard. If I make it into Epcot tomorrow, I’ll definitely ask!

  6. says

    This definitely looks like a good one to try!

    Is the frosting sweet? (I think it would be especially with Caramel on top)

    I could just totally imagine you being one of those people that just eats straight frosting AJ. ;)

  7. marci says

    I was super tempted to try this but decided it was probably sweeter/too much frosting for me.. I’m glad I did! I ended up getting a dark chocolate square with caramel in the middle and split that with my husband and it was good! thanks for the review!

  8. says

    I think this would be better if they made a caramel/dulce de leche frosting and then covered it with a salted caramel. I’m not so sure that a big gob of vanilla frosting isn’t the lazy man’s way out. But you know me, I’m picky about my cake.

  9. Sandra Givens says

    As someone who collects cookbooks and has even made her own lard, I have never had any frosting or seen a frosting recipe that called for actual lard (pig fat). Vegetable shortening yes, but not lard; not saying that no one has ever made frosting with lard but that would be most unusual these days.

    I cannot imagine they would offer frosting at WDW made with lard, which has a fairly strong flavor, and which would put it off limits to Jews, Muslims, and heart patients. Vegetable shortening is the most common ingredient in commercial baking; that would give a heavy, lardy mouth feel without the taste being compromised and allowing consumption by those who would not eat pork.

    Personally, I look for a balance of cake to icing so that I am not scraping it off the top or licking bits of it off the paper because the cake is so dry.

  10. Niki M says

    My husband and I shared one of these cupcakes on our last trip – Dec 2011. I consider myself a frosting person but couldn’t get through this. It was overly sweet and gritty. Next time we’ll stick with the handmade caramels and chocolates.

  11. Gary K says

    OMG, can’t wait to try this cupcake. I don’t know where I have been but I have never seen this treat. I alway stop to pick up the worlds best caramel. Next trip.


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