Disney Food Pics of the Week: Sweet Surprises

Thanks to all who have contributed their photos to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza! Keep sending them along! This week, the Disney Food Pics of the Week are three sweet surprises!

“This is for you, sweetie!” Sigh…I think the first cinnamon roll is the best cinnamon roll… Photographer: Michelle Brownell (sent via email)

This for you, sweetie

An incredible surprise from the Disney Florist! (I want one! Now…how to get it on the plane…) Photographer: eeophoto

The talented Chef TJ pours warm chocolate over this gluten-free tower of brownies, pineapple, and bananas at ‘Ohana. Photographer: Mary Jane 43

All images are copyrighted to their photographers. Do not download or re-use without photographer permission.

As always, thank you to the photographers who have submitted these photos to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza on Flickr! Come join us!

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  1. says

    I like the first photo, very cute.

    It’s interesting at how ‘Ohana uses just a straight up bottle of Hershey’s syrup instead of getting there own or making it inconspicuous. I guess everyone loves Hershey’s!

  2. Jen says

    That first picture is adorable! Aww :) when I have kids I can’t wait to take them to Disney like my parents did with me and my brother :)

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve never had a Cinnamon Roll from WDW!

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