Guest Review: Andrew Zimmern Demo at Epcot Food & Wine Festival

The amazing Ms. Sarah Holodick is back to share some insights and pics of her recent encounters with two of TV’s most famous foodies — Robert Irvine and Andrew Zimmern! Don’tcha just wish you coulda been there? Stay tuned for the review of Robert Irvine’s demo. Below is the review of Andrew Zimmern’s demo.

Andrew Zimmern Demo: Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Saturday, October 23rd, Matt and I had the opportunity to see Andrew Zimmern’s Culinary Demonstration at the Festival Center of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. We had seen him at last year’s demonstration and book signing, and he did not disappoint! He is a sincerely personable individual, and his stories are not only entertaining — you truly learn from him. It’s entertaining to watch him cook (as opposed to eating grubs and durian)!

Andrew Zimmern

What stood out to me not only last year, but this year as well, was the slight fear among guests that he would prepare bugs or the like for us. Andrew has literally been typecast as “the guy who eats all that weird stuff on TV.” While this is true of what he often does on his show, he does in fact realize that most Americans probably aren’t so keen on being that adventurous. Last year he prepared a delicious quail dish, Sweet & Sour Quail. It wasn’t until after I ate it that I realized it was something I’d never eaten before.

Before Andrew came out, representatives of Batasolo Wines spoke to us about their wines. We were served Batasiolo Gavi de Gavi.

Batasiolo Wines

Andrew came out and immediately go to work on preparing this year’s dish, “Minced ‘Dragon and Phoenix’ in Lettuce Cups.”

Stir Frying the Meat

Cooking the Vegetables

Side by Side Preparation

The end product was this:

Plated Lettuce Cup

The lettuce cup was delicious. The dish had a nice amount of heat, and the flavors were layered beautifully. It was also noted that it was a great chance to use up spare bits of any type of meat or veggies you may have. The recipe could be treated more like a guide for adapting other flavors. He also said that he likes to serve this dish “Family Style”, and to plate a the filling to share and give each person their own wedge of lettuce to build their own cups. After the demonstration, he held a book signing/autograph session where you could get your picture taken with him and ask him questions.

Andrew Zimmern Signs Autographs

I’ll definitely be making this recipe at home, and hopefully you do too! Here is the recipe — enjoy!


  1. says

    great review – I heard many good things about Andrew Zimmern’s demo from last year and I’m really glad that this year’s was just as good. :-)

  2. Griffin says

    I actually have a signed picture from Andrew. He seems cool and down to Earth. I’ve heard some stories about tv chefs/personalities being a little too Hollywood, but not Andrew. Hey, If it looks good, Eat it!

  3. says

    Wow Sarah, great review.

    Most people only know him by his “guy that eats weird stuff” typecast. What makes him so great is that he shows people that you don’t have to be afraid of different and new stuff, and still LIVE.

    The lettuce wrap is pretty well made, and as long as you have lettuce and most any meats you’re fine.

  4. Sarah says

    Griffin – He truly is down to Earth. I don’t think I’ve ever met a famous person who was as humble as he. He signed my copy of The Bizarre Truth last year. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!

    Josh – I love how he truly immerses himself in other cultures. He is an inspiration! The lettuce wrap was simple, and I love how he presented it as more of a guide than a recipe.

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