Disneyland Distributing Tickets for Candy Canes on November 26, 2010

Disneyland Candy Canes: Image (c) Disney

It’s Disneyland Candy Cane time again!

Once again this year, tickets will be distributed for the very popular homemade treats from Disneyland’s Candy Palace. Our Disneyland guru, Heather Sievers, just reported from Disneyland that the tickets will be distributed on November 26th at the Candy Palace right at park opening! Of course — this is always subject to change…

Last year, the canes retailed for $9.95. To find out when the canes will be made, call the Candy Kitchen menu line: 714-781-0112.


  1. says

    Dana — They are extremely popular, and because they’re homemade, they can only make so many. Last year the lines had historically been so long that they had to give out tickets to get them!

  2. carolyn says

    Yummy! They’re pricey though – thank goodness for Hammonds! (but having a FRESH candy cane?!? Divine… I wish everyone good luck in getting the ticket!!!)

  3. Ann says

    Yummo!! I love candy canes. I would love to have one of the ones made at Disneyland.
    Are they available thru the mail or internet? If anyone has any information on this, can you please let me know. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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