Coke Freestyle Machine in Disney World

All right all you soda pop lovers (like moi!) — the Coke Freestyle machine we reported on as being awesome at the California Food and Wine Festival (I even got interviewed about it here!) might be popping up at the AMC theaters in Disney World’s Pleasure Island!! Woo!!

Close-Up of Coke Freestyle Machine

You’ll recall from our last post that these machines offer 106 flavors of coca-cola products, meaning you can mix and match flavors to your heart’s content. This is perfect for soda mixers like me, who take the “suicide” route and mix everything that comes out of the machine (however, this is not so perfect for those in line behind us…).

Screen Example: Coke

Also added to the new concession stand: gourmet popcorn, self-serve ice cream, and specialty coffees, according to the Orlando Sentinel!


  1. says

    As far as I’ve heard, those are indeed the machines that are going in at the AMC. They’re totally remodeling the concession area closes to Bongo’s and Puck’s to install all of this stuff.

    I’m excited to see it, but I’m not so sure my wallet will be. LOL

  2. says

    Actually, they are there now. I used one yesterday when we saw Tangled. They are pretty cool if not a little confusing the first time you encounter one. The whole concession area has been remodeled already. They have popcorn (with mix ins: caramel, cheddar and something else), ice cream, candy, pizza and other stuff.

  3. Griffin says

    I might actually go see a movie next visit just to try out this machine :P Looks like fun, what can I say, lol

  4. James (Disneynorth) says

    Cherry Coke available all the time in one place?!?!?! My wish is finally answered!!

    BTW, Cherry Coke was still available in the fountain dispenser at POR in October….

  5. says

    If it’s going in at a movie theater my guess is that they are going to limit the use by customers by charging them more or making them pay more money for either the cup or each trip.

    I don’t drink liquids while watching movies though, because each time we get a drink it’s always the bucket size and I have to end up getting up in the middle of the movie to go to the restrooms.

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