Swan and Dolphin Holiday Treats

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin have added their own holiday treats to the mix this year, including a massive Santa Claus scene made entirely of chocolate, and a holiday bake shop that we got a sneak peek into!

Chocolate Holiday Scene at Swan and Dolphin Resorts

The chocolate holiday scene is massive, and includes a Santa made entirely of chocolate, a sugar tree (gorgeous!!), and chocolate gifts.

Sugar and chocolate tree

Check out the details here:

click for larger image

After checking out the incredible chocolate scene, I was allowed to infiltrate the kitchen to see what was happening on the holiday baked goods front! Swan and Dolphin has a holiday bakery and pastry decorating for guests throughout December (see this post for dates and details).

Prepping for Piping in the Holiday Kitchen

Cutting out Cookies in the Holiday Kitchen

Preparing Toppings in the Holiday Kitchen


And here are some of the finished holiday products decorating the restaurants!

Gingerbread House at Garden Grove

Gingerbread House at Garden Grove

Snowman Decoration

Thanks to the Swan and Dolphin for letting me snoop around in the kitchens! What a holiday wonderland they’ve created!


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