Guest Review: Via Napoli Pizza Window

Cody Smith is back with an awesome review of the Via Napoli Pizza Window! (Yep — he went TODAY — when it’s CROWDED!) Huge thanks to you, Cody! (Cody’s a Cast Member at the moment, but you can also find him over at GDPinvestigation).

Via Napoli Pizza Window

Originally excited for the newly-tested pizza window at Via Napoli, I was expecting a great success like I found the restaurant was. So I quickly headed over to the Italy pavilion at Epcot to see what this pizza window offered.

Getting into the Italy pavilion, you can see the line, which was fairly long, but moved rather quickly. The window is to the left of the entrance and check-in area; the ordering podium is one used during the Food and Wine Festivals as is the sign that the menu is featured on. This pizza window offers only a few items (probably because it is a testing phase): Sicilian-style Margherita pizza (with just cheese and sauce, no extras), a cannoli, stromboli, and drinks (including a few alcoholic drinks and beer).

The Italy Food and Wine Festival Booth Menu Sign has been Repurposed for the Pizza Window

The line moved very quickly, which I was very surprised about. Once order, you move to the actual window, which features a case in front of the window.

Via Napoli Pizza Window Pizza

Via Napoli Pizza Window Cannoli

Via Napoli Pizza Window Stromboli

The demand is evident by how many pizza boxes there are!

Via Napoli Pizza Window CM

At the window, you hand the Cast Member your receipt, and then you immediately get your piece of pizza, which was a bit disappointing. I was expecting the great thin-crusted pizza from inside the restaurant, which is now one of my favorites, but sadly it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked the pizza (it was OK), just not as good as the ACTUAL pizza from inside the restaurant. Sadly, that was my biggest disappointment.

Via Napoli Pizza Window Slice

Though I like this idea, I feel that once I figured out that the pizza wasn’t actually from inside the restaurant, it clicked in my head that they might not be making this a “permanent” establishment, like we all hoped for it to become. But you never know.


  1. says

    Interesting intake on the window at Via Napoli, Cody!

    I think the choices they picked were actually pretty good for just a few items. Too bad it looks like they are going for Quantity over Quality in this case with the pizza, and it looks like the Stromboli and Cannoli are already pre-made.

  2. Griffin says

    Hmmm, I actually like the look of this pizza to the look of the pizza you can get inside. There is something that I don’t like about alot of sauce and not alot of cheese. I guess i’m a New York style pizza kinda guy. Thanks for the review!

  3. Pudge the Fish says

    Thanks for the review (and photo of the menu) Cody. As you stated this is sicilian style pizza, and Disney should be more forthcoming on their menu. I don’t believe that the actual restaurant serves sicilian pizza. Even the half meter pie is thin crust. While I’ll reserve my official opinion until I actually try it (if it is still there during my next visit) I think the window and the actual products are a step in the right direction. It beats the soggy crusted microwave style pizza and Hot Pocket style calzones serviced elsewhere on property.

  4. Abby says

    How disappointing!
    I was thinking about it though. I don’t think they could serve the same stuff at the window as they do inside because there are probably not enough of the wood burning ovens to make all the pizza needed for the TS and the pick-up window. Everyone would be waiting a really long time if those 3 ovens inside were doing all the pizza.

  5. Alan says

    Thanks for the review and info, Cody. I have to echo all the comments. Hopefully, someone who has some say in the food and beverage dept. will read these. I really believe that AJ’s blog and our comments are given attention by the Disney folks.

  6. says

    Thanks for the review. I was intrigued by the pizza. We are big fans of Sicilian (thick), so it seemed like something we would really enjoy. When I head that Sicilian was going to be served it made me wonder if it was made in the restaurant since everyone reports of thin style. Not shocked if it isn’t made there. It looks good and like something you would get in NYC. Certainly seems like a step up from some of the other pizza served throughout Disney World.

  7. Jill says

    Awesome touch….the white paper plate! Just like we have in Queens! I love Disney and Pizza! Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

  8. Adam says

    Look wonderful to me! I love a good think sicilian-style slice, and to be really honest, what’s the point of serving the exact same thing at the window as you do inside? This sounds like a great change of pace, if it tastes good and is made with the same quality ingredients.

    Those strombolis look like they might be the real deal as well….I’ll have to try it!

  9. Angela says

    I agree with the people who say this looks good… I’ve never been a big fan of super-thin crust pizza and I actually cancelled my ADR here for my upcoming trip because it just doesn’t look that appealing to me. I prefer the sicilian style pizza so maybe I’ll try this for lunch if it’s still around.

  10. Aimee says

    We tried the walk up window yesterday and were disappointed because we thought it was the same pizza as inside the restaurant. Would have loved to try the restaurant, but the line was a mile long and we didn’t have reservations so we thought the window would be a good alternative. Nothing special about the pizza. It was very light on both sauce and cheese and temperature was lukewarm at best.


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