Quick Look: River Roost at Port Orleans Riverside

The awesomeness that is Sarah Holodick sent along this quick review of River Roost lounge at Port Orleans Riverside in Disney World. She was there to see Yehaa Bob Jackson, who is quite the entertainer and a must-see for anyone who loves to laugh!

Here’s the River Roost Menu:

River Roost Limited Food Menu

And a photo of the Crawfish Tails, which were deemed “OK” by Sarah and Matt:

River Roost Crawfish Tails

And, just in case you haven’t seen Yehaa Bob Jackson in action… “No one has more fun than us!”

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Dana says

    I love love love Bob Jackson! He is one of the best kept secrets in WDW! Great show every time– be sure to “fan” him on facebook—you might just see your picture show up if you’ve ever taken a picture with him!

  2. Alan says

    Port Orleans Riverside is a beautiful resort with two great perks. One is the boat that will take you to Down Town Disney (way more fun than a bus ride), and the great Bob Jackson. All of the lounges should have entertainment. The lounge is comfy and nice but I have never been fond of the choices here. The bar food is limited and changes occasionally but has never been a “must eat”. You can go to the food court a few steps away and carry in better food. The other problem for me is the ubiquitous bar menu that we have complained about in other posts. I haven’t been there in 15 months so maybe there has been some improvement.

    All in all Bob makes this lounge worth visiting when you stay at WDW. If you’re in another resort, take a bus to DTD and walk over to the boat dock and enjoy the beautiful boat ride up to the Port Orleans Riverside. It’s a nice 20 minute ride. If you are a jazz fan, get off the boat at Port Orleans French Quarter to see Elliot Dyson a really great multi-instrumental entertainer.

  3. Sarah says

    KG – Agreed! When options are Abita Amber & Purple Haze or Bud Light, I will GLADLY pick Abita every time!

    Alan – Matt went over to the food court and brought back some breadsticks & marinara from the Pizza & Pasta shop, and they weren’t the typical breadsticks we were anticipating. They were more like sliced and seasoned ciabatta bread, and pretty darn good for about $2.50. I agree with you – Bob is the reason to go to this Lounge!

  4. says

    Wow, he really goes to town on that Piano!

    Not much of a food choice, but if it’s more for the time enjoying it’s definitely worth it. They usually get the money out of drinks.

  5. says

    YAY!!!! I just booked a last-minute 2-night stay at POR for Valentine’s weekend. We’ll be sure to check out Yeehaa Bob, as I’ve heard so much about him!

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