Announcing: The Disney Dream “Dine Around!”

That’s right! We’re goin’ on the Dream!

UPDATE: Here’s our coverage of the Disney Dream to Date
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  • The Disney Dream is the Disney Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship, and Disney Food Blog has been invited to sail on its Christening Cruise next week! I look forward to sharing all the best tidbits with you, from the brand new restaurants and lounges on the ship to the eats on Castaway Cay!

    I even fully expect to take some advice from the DFB facebook fans about their favorite DCL eats! :-)

    What Can You Expect to Hear About?
    There are six main restaurants on the Dream — all of them either brand new to the Disney Cruise Line or newly re-imagined for this particular ship. This includes Remy, the Dream’s second adults-only restaurant, which is being touted as a bit of a Victoria and Albert’s at sea.

    While I’m not sure yet which restaurants I’ll have the privilege of dining in, I can promise you I’ll do my best to give you a solid overview (and as many details as possible) of the dining opportunities on the Disney Dream and on Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas.

    Of course, there are plenty of other places to nosh and sip around the ship, including several lounges, room service, and more. I pledge to fill my memory card many times over in the course of our 3 days on the ship and share with you ASAP!

    Now, I know I have tons of questions about the ship’s restaurants and food, and I bet you do, too. Feel free to connect with me on twitter and facebook with topics you’d like to hear about, questions you have, etc. I’ll get to work on covering as much of it as I can next week!

    We’ll be sailing away on the 19th, so get ready for some in-depth eats at sea! In the mean-time — here’s a video showing off some of the detailed construction that went into the ship’s restaurants…

    This two-night cruise was complimentary as part of a Disney-produced media event, which brought news, radio, internet, and television media together to see the new ship (disclosure policy). The opinions here are my own, and I’m never obligated to provide a positive review of any meal or restaurant.


    1. says

      Wow, lucky! Just a 2 night cruise, any idea if it will make a stop at Castaway Cay?

      I will be boarding January 23, try to wave as you get off! I am looking forward to your reviews!

    2. Melissa says

      How did you get to do this? I’m actually going on the preview for the Dream the 21-23. I thought that was the first opportunity for people to be on the ship. Hopefully I’ll get to read a couple of your things before we set sail so I know what to look for :)

    3. melissa sue says

      CONGRATS, AJ! You work so hard on this blog, and you deserve it.

      With only two days, how are you ever going to try all of the food?!

    4. says

      Wow, you mean they give actual EDIBLE food? ;)

      Have a wonderful time and take TONS of pictures!

      Also, the reason why people are relating Remy to Victoria & Albert’s is because the Chef from the restaurant in the Grand Floridian helped design the menu for the Disney Dream restaurant.

    5. says


      Good luck and have fun. You will prob have a blast. I have not done the cruise so I am looking forward to see what you have to say. I would also be interested to see what phone and internet options there are too.

    6. Madoka says

      Wow, AJ, that’s fantastic! :D Congrats and enjoy the cruise. I hope you get to try Remy! Looking forward to hearing all about it. On our 7 night Western Caribbean cruise last year we got to do a galley tour. Recommended if they offer it on your voyage. It was very interesting. The kitchen was immaculate!

    7. says

      Ellen — Will definitely ask about the Vegetarian and Vegan options.

      Melissa — Thank you so much (and thanks for the RT!)

      Melissa — This is through an event that Disney is doing that will showcase the boat to various media outlets. They’ve been running cruises with cast members and others so that it’s all ready for YOU guys when you go! Have an amazing time!

      Melissa Sue — This is my one hiccup — I can’t possibly eat at all of the restaurants in 3 days!

      Josh — I promise lots of pics! And, yep, Chef Hunnel was a contributor on the menu at Remy — it MUST be amazing!

      Brooke — Thanks! See you soon!

      Tony — I’m interested in phone/internet, too — kind of scared of all the reports of really high pricing! Not sure how to survive without good internet!

      Shayne — I can’t wait to fill you in on the details. Hopefully we’ll be able to try some of those amazing restaurants the NEXT time I’m in Houston!

      Madoka — Cool! I’m hoping to be able to do a restaurant tour or some such, so that I can get a few more details than I would just wandering through the ship. Fingers Crossed!

      Renee — Dress code, as far as I know, is casual most nights. Formal nights are thrown in one or two nights during most cruises. Palo and Remy have a more upscale dress code that is in effect every night.

      Melissa — I can’t wait to crank out those reviews! Looking forward to it!

    8. says

      I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I can fit in a suitcase. Honest!

      I cannot wait for your report! We’ve been talking about our first cruise and have our eyes on this, so take in everything (but not so much that your head explodes!)

      Have a blast!

    9. says

      Jeff C — Oh yay! I can’t wait to be your personal info-center about the Dream. I know you guys don’t like to sit still, so I’ll be sure to check out the active options! Hope you’re recovering well!

    10. says

      Congrats AJ – you will love it!

      Be sure to have a konked kooler at Castaway Cay and if you visit the coffee bar onboard ship ask for a mochaccino … the coffee-ice cream nectar of the gods! :-)

    11. says

      AJ – So excited for you! Have a blast!! Can you tell me if they have 24/7 Dole Whips? Brett just told me we’re going in December for a 4 day. Already got the food schedule planned out! :)

    12. says

      Awesome! Congrats! It’s so hard to experience all the dining options on a cruise ship in just 2 days, but I know you’ll do your best. :-)

    13. Angelique says

      Wow, that is so awesome!!! And you deserve it, I love this site.
      Made my Disney-pre-fun even bigger.
      We hope to sail in 2012 on the Dream, so I will be very interested in your adventures :-)

      Have so much fun!!!

    14. kim says

      The ribs on castaway are awesome. Looking forward to hearing and seeing what is on the menu. We are going in Feb!!!

    15. Amanda says

      Question about Vista Cafe. I was wondering if any of the drinks are included without extra cost. For example regular drip coffee. And from what I understand, the food items are included. Is that correct?

    16. says

      Amanda — here’s the word from our Editor, Kim: “Vista Cafe (coffee bar) charges for beverages. The pastries, etc. in the bakery case are actually complimentary and sometimes those wonderful chocolate covered strawberries can be found there! I’m not aware of complimentary beverages at Vista such as regular coffee, soda, etc.”

    17. Richard says

      My wife and I wanted to try a Disney cruise but looking at the menu for most of the restaurants is a big turnoff.

      Doesn’t any of them have ‘traditional’ menus for dinner? Most of the ‘adult’ food sound totally weird and uneducable to us but we don’t want to pay for a cruise and be forced to eat pizza, hamburgers or chicken tenders every freaking night.

      How about some regular dinners like Italian, Pot Roast, or Chicken with normal things like mashed potatoes or such. Maybe a light fish, prime rib, steak and baked potato.

      This idea of 4 or 5 pre-selected means just doesn’t appetizing to us. Especially what the guy back in the kitchen thinks everyone is just dying to eat.

      The question is simple, can we get regular food from either a separate menu or restaurant?

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