Disney Dream Dining: Cruise Line Room Service

It’s Disney Dream room service time!! (Oddly, no Mickey Bars on the menu… or Dole Whip…). The wonderful Ms. Sarah Holodick did some serious taste-testing on her Dream cruise — here are her reviews… (By the way — here’s the full Disney Dream Room Service Menu!)

I ordered an assortment of items from Room Service to try, and I was told it would arrive in about 35 minutes. It ended up arriving in about 15-20, which was great.

Salads and Appetizers

All Hands On Deck — A special selection of international cheeses served with crackers: Standard cheese plate, and it came with a babybel cheese!

All Hands On Deck Cheese Platter

Freshly Made-to-Order Sandwiches

BLT — Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich: This was the best room service item I ordered. There was just enough of each component.

BLT Sandwich

All-American Fare

Buffalo Chicken Wings – with blue cheese and honey mustard dip: I didn’t get a chance to taste these, but the verdict from the rest of the room was that they weren’t very spicy at all.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings Close Up


Four Cheese Pizza – Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Gorgonzola and Parmesan on a rich tomato sauce: This pizza had potential, but they used what seemed to be the same crust as at Luigi’s, making it a lost cause.

Four Cheese Pizza

Chef’s Specialties

Steak Sandwich – on sourdough with mushrooms, onions and American cheese. Served with French fries.: The steak was an actual steak. Very difficult to eat and not very appetizing. The fries weren’t the best either.

Steak Sandwich & Fries

Steak Sandwich & Fries


Don’t forget about breakfast! Order up any of these wonderful items for delivery on YOUR schedule to your stateroom!

click for larger image


  1. says

    Wow, I never thought a cruise ship would have Room Service!

    Looks like they took the term Steak Sandwich too literal and put a steak on it. Also, it would be interesting to see what Cast Member has to come around each floor to pick up the Breakfast orders at 3am. That would not be the fun job.

  2. Sarah says

    Ooh, there are Mickeys Premium on the ship! I saw some kiddos enjoying them at the dinner at Royal Palace! I should have asked for one in conjunction with my dessert trio!

  3. Angela says

    Ya, I heard that you can order the Mickey bars from room service anytime- just ask! (yay!)

    I’m an early riser and my bf will be wanting to sleep in while on vacation, so I plan on ordering a little breakfast for myself every morning and enjoying it on my private veranda with a book :) Then we he wakes up it will be time for breakfast number 2! Gosh I’m excited to eat on this cruise!!

  4. Angela says

    Also, has anyone who is not picky about pizza, or likes the less thin crusts (and therefore enjoys most Disney World pizza haha) tried the room service pizza? I’m picky about toppings and toppings only, so if its just the crust that’s bad than I may enjoy that one…

  5. Melissa says

    My favorite thing about room service was that they made me something not on the menu :). I really wanted a grilled cheese, even though not on the menu, we asked anyway and they said no problem and took one of the panini’s and took off the meat, and added more cheese! And it was awesome! :)

  6. says

    Krissy and Angela — Thanks for the news about the Mickey Bars! I’ll for sure get one next time!

    Josh — Yep; they have that service (the breakfast orders) at WDW resorts as well. I agree; that wouldn’t be a fun job. But it would probably be a quiet job..

    Sarah — Agreed; I saw them around as well!

    Melissa — Great point! I heard from another friend that they’re happy to mix things up for you if they can.

    Kelly — What I found interesting is that there is such an international staff on board that often some “American” favorites are tinged with a little bit of European influence… :-)

  7. Melissa says

    We also noticed the Mickey bars when we were at dinner :). We asked our waiter about them the second night, and he said if we wanted one, he’d be happy to bring it, but we were so full from everything and having the regular desserts we didn’t, but that’s definitely on the list for next time! :)

  8. Alan says

    These room service foods look a little disappointing, especially after some of the other things AJ has been writing about. It probably would pay to go to the restaurants on board.
    The menu looks almost as if it is catered towards kids.

  9. says

    Wow, that’s motivation for us to break out of our shells and hit the ship’s restaurants instead of locking ourselves in our room for meals!

    I forgot to ask earlier – do you feel any motion on the ship? Hard to imagine you do on something so big, but as we’ve never been, I’m wondering about sea-sickness. Neither of us have been on any type of boat on the ocean before.

  10. says

    Melissa — Too full for Mickey bars?!? ;-)

    Alan — Agreed; the restaurants are where it’s at, Alan.

    Jeff C — YES! Motion on the ship! I loved it — it was like being in a slowly rocking hammock. I really missed it when I woke up on the last morning and we were in port. Sigh.

    I didn’t feel any sea-sickness, but I did bring dramamine just in case. Lots of folks had the prescription sea-sickness patch.

  11. Bret says

    Yes if you ask for the Mickey Bars they will bring them to you. We have done this in the past with no problem. I also hear that at night you can ask for Hot Cookies and they will bring them to you. I have not doen this yet but am looking forward to it. We have had a burger and the All Hands On Deck cheese tray and it was real good. I have also had the Mac N cheese and it was very good.

  12. Gloria says

    Most cruise lines do have room service. I’ve had hot cookies on other cruise lines as well. As far as feeling the motion of the ship, it all depends on the weather because I’ve been on cruises where there have been rough seas, so it’s all a matter of luck.

  13. says

    Our first cruise on the dream is coming up in April and these pics have me stoked for some late night buffalo wings. Now if they can just get the Mickey Bars back in time for our trip it will be the perfect snack.

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