Answers to Your Questions About “The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining” e-Book

I was thrilled by the great response to the announcement that The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book is coming soon! There were lots of great ideas and suggestions, and we’re working overtime to make sure we can incorporate as many of them as possible into the e-Book!

As promised in Wednesday’s post, I’d like to take a moment to answer your questions and give a bit more information about about the upcoming guide:

How will The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book be different from what I read in the Disney Food Blog every day?

As we like to say, a blog is never “finished.” The Disney Food Blog has been designed to cover an impressive amount of resource and reference information as well as Disney dining news and photo-filled reviews of every Disney restaurant. It will continue to grow daily, offering expansive information about everything that has to do with Disney dining.

But when you’re planning a Walt Disney World visit and need expert advice and insider tips, you don’t always want to read dining news and information about the other Disney parks around the world. We wrote The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book as an organized manual that covers everything you need to know about planning your dining and maximizing your experience when you’re in Walt Disney World. The book focuses on start-to-finish planning and execution as well as plenty of little details for how to make your WDW dining experience as stress-free as possible and full of incredible memories.

I’m planning my first trip to Walt Disney World. Will this e-Book help?

Absolutely. The e-Book includes a 5-step guide for planning your dining in Walt Disney World, which will have you squared away in no time. Our goal with this section of the e-Book is to make your dining arrangements easy and stress-free!

I’ve been to Walt Disney World a lot. Why should I buy this?

There’s advice included in the e-Book that we haven’t seen published anywhere else. Plus, we’ve included sample dining itineraries, in-depth information about special events — like the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival — from a food-lover’s perspective, and hard-won details and advice for how to create even more memorable dining experiences in Walt Disney World. I’ve learned a lot while writing it, and I thought I knew everything there was to know! I’m sure that even Disney World veterans will find plenty inside to get their money’s worth.

Will you cover information about Walt Disney World dining with special diets, details about bars and lounges, dining with kids in WDW, and other in-depth topics?

The e-Book has extensive information on all of these topics and more! We even include sample dining itineraries for many different types of visitors and locations in Walt Disney World.

Will you cover the Disney Dining Plan? Will the focus of the e-Book be solely on the Disney Dining Plan?

We will be covering the Disney Dining Plan extensively — including breakdowns and calculations to figure out if it can save you money — in the e-Book. But that comprises only one chapter of the book (albeit a long chapter!). The book will be just as useful for those not on the Disney Dining Plan as those on it, and we also include an extensive section about money-saving options and dining discounts for those who have chosen not to use the Disney Dining Plan.

Will the e-Book include reference materials or resources?

Yes! But because this book is written as a guide, our overall goal is to include information that we’ve gathered from hundreds of dining-focused Walt Disney World trips — details that aren’t publicly available and that can help you have even better dining experiences. Because we’re packing the e-Book full of expert tips and advice, we won’t have room to include every menu, every food item, or a list of every snack in Walt Disney World.

However, because this is an e-Book and not a printed book, we’re able to link to the best resources for that kind of reference information — you’ve have it at your fingertips and won’t have to worry about scrolling through hundreds of pages in the e-Book if that’s not information you’re interested in reading.

Of course, we will tell you where to find many of our DFB readers’ favorite food items; and we can’t wait!

Will you make recommendations and suggestions for where to eat? What about how to get reservations for special experiences like watching the fireworks?

While my favorites change every day, we do include many suggestions as well as “our humble opinion” for dining options that continuously provide positive experiences and good value for both us and our DFB readers.

As for special experiences, we’re sharing every insider tip we have about how to make your dining experiences truly memorable. And, let me promise you, after 20 years of trying to figure out how to master Disney dining, we have a lot of those tips!

Will I be able to read it on my Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, iPad, iPhone, smartphone, etc?

You’ll be able to read the e-Book on any system or computer that is able to read PDF documents. We’ll be including instructions on how to make the e-Book work with many of the more popular devices.

Will you cover dining at the resorts and off-property as well?

The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining covers all of Walt Disney World, resorts, theme parks, counter-service, table-service, bakeries, etc. as well as some off-property options for those who choose not to dine in Disney restaurants.

This includes coverage of how to best make use of the Disney Transportation System and other modes of transportation on and around Walt Disney World property, parking, rental cars, etc. We’ll even tell you what to do if you’re running late for your ADR (we’ve been stuck on the monorail and missed our dining arrangements too many times to not cover this!).

Will the e-Book cover dining discounts and ways to save money on food at Disney World?

Yep! We cover Disney dining discounts as well as discounts on other Orlando dining. We have a full section dedicated to our favorite ways to save money on Disney dining, including where to get snacks and drinks for free!

Will you be working on a Disneyland e-Book soon?

Only time can tell, but our Disneyland columnist, Heather Sievers, and I are already “cooking up” some ideas!

When will The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book be available? Where will I be able to purchase it?

It should be available within the next week or so. To thank you for your support over the past two years, readers and fans will get a 20% discount the first week it’s available! Join the Disney Food Blog Newsletter to be notified as soon as the The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book goes on sale!

The e-Book will include a 30-day, money-back guarantee, so it’s a 100% worry-free purchase for you. You’ll be able to purchase the e-Book via credit card or paypal over a secure, online payment channel from

Thanks again for the outpouring of interest and support! I know this guide will be a great addition to your collection! Stay tuned!


  1. Paul W. says

    This is very exciting. Even though we frequent the parks I am sure there is information in here that will be beneficial. I can’t wait to for it to be available.

  2. says

    Annabeth — Thanks! I can’t wait either! :-)

    Paul — Looking forward to your feedback, my friend!

  3. says

    Thanks, Emma! And I didn’t get to mention on the fruit gums email — you can bring me as many boxes as you want when we have dinner in 2012!! ;-)

    PS: What’s the difference between fruit gums and wine gums?

  4. Emma Godbold says

    Sorry to confuse, I grew up eating wine gums which are sort of the same as fruit gums but not shaped like fruit!! I’ll bring an assortment for you ;)

  5. Theresa Sheingold says

    I’m so excited to get this book! We will be at WDW in July and my 6 yr old niece will be with us. She has peanut and egg allergies. I am always so nervous when we go out somewhere to eat with her. Thanks AJ!

  6. Kim says

    This is GREAT! I only wish it came out a little sooner. We just returned from a trip. Oh well – next time. Congrats, AJ!

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