Goofy’s Candy Company Create-Your-Own Snacks

One of my favorite parts of the Disney World snack hierarchy is Goofy’s Candy Company’s create-your-own options. In Downtown Disney, Goofy’s offers a fun little “assembly line” where guests can build a snack from the ground up!

Goofy's Sign

Goofy Statue Inside Store

Prices for create your own

That’s right — true, 100% guest interaction here. (Talk about getting it your way!) YOU decide what snack you want. YOU decide what it’s dipped in. YOU decide the topping. And YOU decide what it’s drizzled with. There are countless different combinations of flavors and snacks. Kinda makes you want to come back again and again, eh?

Steps to create your own

Here’s the ordering sheet, which shows off quite clearly the many, many sugary (and some salty!) choices.

Click for larger version

I decided (natch) to get two Goofy’s Candy Company create your own treats. I did this because it’s been a couple of years since I created my last treat and I had clearly forgotten that the size and sweetness of just one treat is often way too much for one person to handle. As is often the case, my eyes were much bigger than my stomach!

However, as a result, you guys get the benefit of seeing two different treats made! Yay!

click for larger version

I chose:

  • Rice Krispie Treat + Dipped in White Chocolate + Topped with Oreo Cookie Crumbs + Drizzled with Milk Chocolate
  • Pretzel Rods + Dipped in Milk Chocolate + Topped with Butterfinger Crumbs + Drizzled with White Chocolate

Mickey Rice Krispie Treat Create-Your-Own
An absolutely lovely Goofy’s Candy Company cast member was working with me on this visit. Annie moved ahead slowly and lovingly. She had clearly done this many times before and, instead of being bored with the creations, had taken her time to develop the perfect approach.

Dipping krispie treat into white chocolate

Dipping into white chocolate

She made sure the treat was fully coated in white chocolate — twice — before burying it in the Oreo cookie crumbs.

dipping krispie treat into oreos 2

Now, when I say bury, I mean bury! She packed that treat into the cookie crumbs and patted it down like she was tucking a favorite niece or nephew into bed for the night.

packing oreo around krispie treat

And THEN… she left it there, packed in Oreo crumbs, while she went on to prepare the pretzel rods for my next treat. I figured she was leaving it there so that the chocolate would cool and dry a bit, making even more crumbs stick than would have if she’d pulled the treat out sooner. When I mentioned it to her, she just said — in a knowing way — “I just make them the same way I like to eat them.” This is why Annie is the best cast member ever.

pulling rice krispie treat from oreo

From here, she pulled the Oreo-laden treat from the crumbs and began drizzling it with milk chocolate. By the time she was finished, there was so much chocolate it looked like it had been dipped again! Wonderfulness!

drizzling milk chocolate on krispie treat

Pretzel Rod Create-Your-Own
I decided that getting the pretzel rod (no fat!!) would be a smart and healthy snack — hooray for me!

Annie began by dipping three (!!!) pretzel rods into milk chocolate. I figured I’d just get one, but nope! Three!

dipping pretzel into milk chocolate

And the pretzels got the same fabulous treatment as the Krispie Treat — a good long sittin’ in that Butterfinger candy.

dipping pretzel rod into butterfinger

butterfinger coated pretzel

And, of course, a healthy drizzle of white chocolate!

drizzling white chocolate on pretzel rods

I headed over to the pick-up station while Annie packed my treats into cute Mickey cut-out boxes. Goofy’s used to use Styrofoam containers for the create-your-own treats, so I really like this new packaging. It’s much easier for transport as well, should you want to take one home.

pick up station

Here’s Annie!!!

picking up two create your owns

Once we got back to our hotel room, we just had to try ‘em! First up? The Krispie Treat:

create your own krispie treat

It was all nestled beautifully in that little red box, and when we picked it up, there were so many Oreo crumbs on the thing that even though several fell off and stayed in the box there was still a nice, thick coating on the Krispie!

finished krispie treat

finished krispie treat 2

Of course — I’ve gotta show you the inside! You can’t really see the milk chocolate very well here, but that was a nice, thick coating as well.

bite out of krispie treat

Overall, this treat was almost sickeningly sweet! Definitely needed something salty after this! Thank goodness we had pretzel rods in the other box!! ;-)

create your own pretzel rods

These were easier to handle and less crumbly, but you still want to eat with care — toppings will definitely fall off, and you don’t want to lose ‘em (keep them in the box for snacks later)!

pretzel rods

Because the bite was smaller and there was the slightest taste of salt, this was less overwhelming than the Krispie was. I liked the balance of the crunchy, salty pretzel with the sweet/salty flavor of the Butterfinger and the sweetness of the milk and white chocolate.

pretzel rod inside

Unless you’re going to eat your treat over the course of a few days, definitely get one to share! At least if Annie’s making these for you, you’ll end up with a very large, very sweet treat — tough to stomach in one sitting.

That said, I love that Goofy’s gives us the opportunity to create exactly what we want, when we want it. There are so many different combinations to try that you’re bound to be in the mood for something on the list. And ranging in price from $3.95 to $8.95, the cost lay-out for what you get really isn’t all that bad!

Have you sampled a Goofy’s Candy Company Create-Your-Own treat? What do you recommend, or what would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    When they first started doing these, the pretzel rods were much cheaper. I was really surprised at the cost the last time we were in!

    That being said, I love Goofy’s Candy Company and the staff is wonderful. We went in on February 13 (day before Valentines day) and wanted some chocolate covered strawberries but the only ones they had in the case were milk chocolate. So they dipped some in dark chocolate fresh for us…yum!

  2. Kristina says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! for posting this! We’re headed to Disney in 24 days and our first stop after checking in will be Goofy’s Candy Co. I knew to look forward to it, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Now I can’t wait to order my own custom creation. I think I’m leaning towards the pretzel rods and who knows what my kids are going to choose ;)

  3. Alan says

    With the exception of a very occasional dark chocolate covered marshmallow, I’m not a candy/sweets fan. But this is my wife’s Fantasy Land!! It’s a great place for those who love sweets.

  4. says

    I love love LOVE Goofy’s Candy Company! Aren’t the make-your-own treats so much fun?? They are definitely a huge amount of sweetness at once, but hey, when in Disney, it’s totally alright (also the justification for Tonga Toast lol)

  5. Griffin says

    I like the idea of the marshmallows and pretzels, though have never tried this :P Are any of them available as a snack credit?

  6. says

    I stopped by on Sunday and was tempted by the marshmallows. I might just have to give in soon. Topped with dark chocolate, coconut, and a dark chocolate drizzle… A marshmallow-y Mounds bar!

  7. Ashley W says

    I think I need a new keyboard, because I just drooled all over mine. I am putting this on my “Must Do” list for my trip in June. The treats look absolutely delicious! Thanks for posting!

  8. says

    me three for any info on ddp…
    love this place, im a fond lover of the marshmallow straws, but i cant believe i missed the pretzel rods. what on earth made me miss them…. shall drool now.

  9. AtticMouseBlog says

    Oh my goodness.

    In 30 days I may need to sample a few of these. Chocolate coma is-a coming my way!

  10. says

    This area of Goofy’s USED TO BE part of the DDP… sadly, the create your own snacks are not part of the DDP anymore (it was our FAVORITE snack spot!).

    However… this hasn’t kept us from indulging on every trip ;)

  11. DtownBlue says

    WOW! Amazing – this is now a must stop during my June trip! Can’t decide between peanut butter fudge cookie or marshmallow! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  12. says

    I recently started working at Candy Cauldron and I’m hoping to get kitchen trained! We don’t have as many options as Goofy’s though :( — (wanna know a secret? I prefer Goofy’s over Cauldron!)

  13. Natalie says

    I think these would be amazing! But there is not much for people, like me, who do not like chocolate, but still want something sweet. I do like white chocolate in small amounts so the dipping and drizzle would be okay, but the toppings seem to lack a candy perspective. A candy cane topping or something sweet would be nice.

  14. Emma Godbold says

    OMG!!!! How have I missed this amazing chocolate covered paradise??!! Thanks for another venue to add to my ever growing list of eateries for my next trip!!

  15. Jeff from NJ says

    AJ – Are you able to elaborate at all on the entry that reads, “Fudge Cookie – Vanilla, Chocolate, or Peanut Butter?” Is it a piece of fudge? Is it a big cookie? Any ideas?

    Thanks as always.


  16. Erin Foster says

    Jeff – The fudge cookie looks like a giant Oreo, but with vanilla, choc, or pb filling. The filling is thick and dense – not exactly fudge, but close.

  17. Pudge the Fish says

    You have good taste AJ. As I am mentally formulating my order I create the same mickey treat, albeit with butterfingers instead of oreos. (I’m a oreo-middle kind of guy, not an oreo-cookie guy, hooray for double stuff, but I digress.) Then you redeemed yourself with your pretzel rod topping. :)

    I’m a big fan of white chocolate even though my wife playfully points out that it’s not “real” chocolate. I’ve always been a big fan of Goofy’s but I’ve never ordered a design-your-own treat. There is so much great pre-made goodness in the display case that I just stop there.

  18. says

    This is a must-do the first day of every trip we take We’ve had the pretzel rods, the rice krispie treats and the giant cookies. i think my favorite is the pretzel rods. I want to be stuffed and stuck in a chair in the corner here when I die. With a pretzel rod in my hand….

  19. Debbie LaRose says

    This looks great. What is the approximate cost of the snacks ? My grand daughter can”t wait to go .

  20. Essie says

    I head to Goofy’s on my first day to put in my special order. I order caramel apples with 4 layers of toppings and they’re wonderful. Then I pick them up later in the week, before I go home! It’s the best place; you can get anything.

  21. Barbara W. McIntyre says

    Do your jelly beans contain gluten. We bought a whole bagful and now I am having my celiac symptoms? I know some beans do just as Brach’s . Please let me know so that I can enjoy the rest of my jelly beans or give them away. Thank you. I would Ppreciate a quick reply. They are so delicious.

  22. says

    Barbara W. McIntyre: Our website is not affiliated with Disney World or the Walt Disney Company, so I cannot speak to ingredients officially. Usually, jelly beans sold at Goofy’s Candy Company are jelly belly brand, so you can look online to see ingredients lists.

  23. Claybob says

    Heading to WDW in May, and the first stop will be the candy kitchen…snag a coated dipped treat, head back to the condo and totally enjoy every bite! We always hit it first thing and stock up. And, seems after doing a day of just shopping and people watching, we end up grabbing another treat to get us home. Can’t wait for May!

  24. Tony E says

    I was at WDW about a month ago and decided to give the create your own treat a try. I got a gingerbread Mickey Cookie dipped in milk chocolate covered in paenut butter chips and a white chocolate drizzle. It was the best thing I ever put in my mouth! I couldn’t eat in all in one sitting so I ate the other half for breakfast the next morning

  25. Alivia says

    Have the prices changed since this was posted? Some friends & I are going and we were just curious. :-)

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