Disney Food Post Round-Up: April 10, 2011

Casey's New Specialty Hot Dogs

I’ve been having fun sharing my latest restaurant reviews and there’s lots more on the way from our March trip to Disney World.

Plus, stay tuned this week for a 2011 WDW Foodie Fest announcement.

Let’s start with the latest news:

DFB Guide News & One-Day Discount Sale
And there are more stellar reviews of our e-Book, The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining to share this week. Hooray! About.com Theme Parks Guide, Arthur Levine, gave us a shout-out. Read it here. All’s Fare Food Blog also gave the book a thumbs up. Learn why the book is helpful to veteran visitors to WDW here.

You can purchase your own copy here: http://DFBGuide.com. Use code: DFBA11 for a 20% discount today only!

Now, on to the round-up!
Disney History shows a vintage commercial for Baker’s Instant Chocolate with Jiminy Crickett.

Eating (and Drinking) Around WDW creates Korean Lettuce Wraps with Roast Pork and Kimchi Slaw from the 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival South Korea booth!

Main Street Gazette taste tests a Mickey’s premium ice cream bar.

Imaginerding shares an early Disney marketing effort for the Globetrotter milk and bread program.

StudiosCentral shares a fun look at some photos with the theme of “drink.”

Disney Parks Blog highlights wine tastings and five-course specialty dinners offered at Jiko.

The Disney Go To Girl: A Luxury Travel Blog takes us to France. Well, Epcot’s France and highlights Les Chefs de France with a beautiful picture tour.

Illuminating Epcot braves the “Battle of the Steaks”.


  1. Amie says

    I tried to order the guide book with the discount code and it said it was an invalid discount code. Did I type something in wrong?

  2. Susan says

    My husband and I were just talking about the mickey ice cream bars as the ice cream truck was driving through out neighborhood. We’ve also been talking about the disney cruise that will be doing a short stint out of Galveston in the fall of 2012. Do you know if the cruise ships stock the various ice cream novelties that can be found throughout the parks? And what about the pineapple dole whip? thanks!

  3. says

    Hi Susan! My experience on the Dream did not produce Mickey bars, but I’ve heard you can order them from room service on the ships. I’m afraid Dole Whips have not made an appearance on any Disney ships to my knowledge.

  4. kirsten says

    they do have mickey bars on the cruise ships, kids can get them at dinner for their dessert!

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