Monorail Coffee!

For those that weren’t aware, the Transportation and Ticket Center has added one of our favorite new little coffee kiosks. (Like the one over by the Epcot monorail station.)

Transportation and Ticket Center Coffee Kiosk

Now, when are they going to put coffee stations on the buses…? ;-) Here’s one of the menu signs for the kiosk. The other menu sign photo didn’t quite make it, so check out this post to get a better idea of what’s available.


And, finally, a shot of the cookies. I knew you’d want to see them…

Cookies and Pastries



  1. says

    The one at Epcot came in great handy while waiting in line to catch my wife in the Princess Half Marathon. Of course, I also found time for an additional stop at Kona:)

  2. melissa sue says

    This is GREAT! I’ll bet they do brisk business in the morning. Quicker to grab a cuppa and a pastry and eat on the monorail than it is to grab something on Main Street, for sure!

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    It looks like a White Castle!

    It’s a shame that bus passengers don’t get a chance to have a sip. I have been to the MK at least 10 times since it’s opened and haven’t once seen it other than on a passing monorial (and really who’s looking for the coffee shop from the monorail? [ok maybe readers of this blog {oh no i’m suck in parenthesis!}]. whew!)

  4. says

    This is great, I hope they expand this idea and open small huts or set up carts near the buses during peak times. I bet they could make a ton of money if they had carts come out for the after Wishes mob and sell Disney fudge and the like to people who didn’t want to wait in the long line in the park, or to trick people like me into impulse buying candy. It would also be smart to sell small pre-made sandwiches like the ones you can pick up at Starbucks (hopefully with better bread) that people could pick up on the way back to their hotel room. On some late EMH nights I have just snacked on things picked up earlier in the day or snacks I usually bring with me from home rather than dealing with the crowds in the two or three open restaurants which usually don’t appeal to me anyway.

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