Snack Series: Frozen Lemonade Slush

Kim reminds us of a favorite seaside snack available throughout Walt Disney World!

Frozen lemonade slushes are a true favorite. By the way, we’re NOT talking about the hard, frozen lemonade that comes in the paper cup from the freezer section in the shops or the ice cream carts, by the way. This is pure, slushy delight!

Frozen Lemonade Slush at Seashore Sweets'

Minus the occasional brain freeze, I could soak up frozen lemonade all day long. First, I’m always thirsty. The frozen lemonade actually quenches that nagging parched feeling like a sweet desert oasis!

Second, my now-11 year old child has been thirsting for this particular beverage every trip since his first taste test at oh, let’s say 10 months of age. (Don’t judge, we were at a seaside boardwalk!) For us, a sign for lemonade in its slushy state is like a glimmering iceberg in the Sahara.

When you need a beverage that will cool your body and mind during a hot and humid day of touring — grab one of these drinks. The sweet-tart, chilly treat is the perfect way to make any Disney day a little better…

Strawberry Lemonade at Enchanted Grove in Magic Kingdom

A Few Spots to Find It

Animal Kingdom
Drinkwallah – Open seasonally, across from Yak and Yeti in the Animal Kingdom’s Asia section.

Rainforest Cafe – blends raspberry purée and frozen lemonade to make a Raspberry Lemonade Freeze.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Herbie’s Drive-In – offers a Raspberry Lemonade Frozen Cooler which makes a perfect treat for sipping on while seated in the burning bleachers of the Lights! Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.

Min and Bill’s Dock Side Diner – This frozen lemonade option is my “go-to” drink before sitting on the steps of the American Idol Experience’s theater before a parade in Hollywood Studios. It was a life-saver during an extremely humid June day while waiting for the Star Wars Weekend march of stormtroopers!

Peevy’s Frozen Concoctions and Cool Wash Pizza – has a Raspberry Lemonade in a frozen state on the menu.

Africa Coolpost – frozen lemonade slush to cool off around World Showcase.

Fife and Drum Tavern – frozen lemonade is conveniently located next to the funnel stand for a shared snack. Just sayin’! ;-)

Morocco Coffee and Pastries – serves a pink lemonade slushie known as the “Desert Rose.” This is going on my “to-sip” list!

Promenade Refreshments – frozen lemonade

Frozen Lemonade Slush at the Boardwalk

Magic Kingdom
Enchanted Grove – Grab a raspberry lemonade slush or plain lemonade slush drink before heading out to Main Street for a parade. There are a few shaded tables here.

Friar’s Nook – lemonade slush

Westward Ho Refreshments – frozen lemonade

Boardwalk Joe’s, Boardwalk To Go, Seashore Sweets’ – offer frozen drinks and frozen lemonade

Downtown Disney
Earl of Sandwich – frozen lemonade

Forty-Thirst Street – frozen drinks

Wetzel’s Pretzels – frozen lemonade

Water Parks
Frostbite Freddie’s – Blizzard Beach, frozen lemonade

Mini Donuts – at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon serves frozen lemonade but you can’t leave here without the tiny donuts too!

What’s your fave frozen lemonade location? If you know of additional locations, please show me the way!


  1. says

    The bad thing about these kinds of drinks, for me at least, is that they make me very thirsty afterwards. But I have that problem with any frozen slush-type drinks… I must be really weird!?!

  2. Scott says

    I like the ‘adult’ frozen lemonade from the cart outside the France pavillion in Epcot.

  3. says

    There’s also a frozen lemonade available at Anaheim Produce on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios. I know because my wife always hits me up to buy her one when we walk by.

  4. Sasha says

    Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland at MK has the frozen raspberry lemonades, too…as well as my favorite, the frozen orange juice slush!

  5. Courtney says

    Are these super tart? I love super sweet lemonade, but if it is too tart, I can’t handle it.

  6. Tracy says

    We only saw them in one spot in MK and love them. We got ours in the farmers market like stand across from Mickey’s house and were upset when they closed the location down thinking the frozen lemonade when with it. So happily to learn it is readily available. A great way to cool down on a hot Florida day in the park.

  7. Heather says

    This is one of my absolute favs while at Disney, one of the few things to quench my thirst when it’s hot! I usually get one at the stand in Epcot between Canada & UK (outside the World Showplace.) Not sure what the name of the stand is, it might be one you mentioned. My mom loves their coffee ice drink there, too.

  8. Kendra says

    I’ll have to try one next time, as long as it is not super sweet. I tried one at Sonic a few weeks ago and it was too sweet and undrinkable.

  9. says

    Just had one of these, right before going to see the Indiana Jones Stunt Show on Saturday. It was a hot day, so it was perfect!

  10. Jill says

    question…. do any of the berry variety have seeds in it? we have a seed intolerance but a lemonade love, it’s like romeo and juliet here!

  11. says

    Does anyone know if these are REAL lemon aid or are they made from the Minute Maid Light crap? I’m allergic to artificial sweeteners so I never get the “lemon aid” on property since it’s not real lemon aid, it’s a diet monstrosity. I’d love a frozen lemon aid but only if it were REAL.

    Can anyone clarify?

  12. says

    Miss M — I’m guessing they’re made from a mix, but they sure do taste sugary. I doubt it’s the lite Minute Maid lemonade. You’ll want to ask the cast members to be sure there aren’t any allergens in there for you, though.

  13. Andrea. says

    I bought a frozen lemonaid at Disneyland in front of the haunted mansion in a Chernabog light up cup .I don’t like frozen drinks or lemonaid but the one at Disneyland was amazing. Even my bf craves it now after a month

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