Disney Corn Dog Nuggets…Casey’s Corner vs. Paradiso 37

So, corn dogs are pretty awesome. And corn dog nuggets — those little mini corn dogs that are bite sized and just perfect for snacking — are seen by many as a good thing made better.

Casey’s Corner Corn Dog Nuggets

The corn dog nuggets that many of us are familiar with can be found at Casey’s Corner in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom:

Casey's Corner Corn Dog Nuggets

These are great! Mini hot dogs encased in a thick cornbread coating, they’re the perfect treat to snack on while you’re watching the parade come down Main Street, USA, or while you’re waiting to see the fireworks show above the castle… . You can pair them with mustard, plastic cheese, barbecue sauce, ketchup — the condiments list is endless, and for those who consider condiments a food group (like I do), it’s a dream come true!

Casey's Corner Corn Dog Nugget Cross Section

And if you know me well enough, you’re sensing a “but…”

Paradiso 37 Corn Dog Nuggets

And here it is. I visited Paradiso 37 in Disney World’s Downtown Disney on my trip in May and we ordered the corn dog nuggets there. I’d never had them there before, so it was necessary to compare.

Paradiso 37 Corn Dog Nuggets

Well, my goodness. One bite and I was hooked. The cornbread was sweeter and lighter — perfect! The texture was much less chewy than the nuggets you get at Casey’s, more “pastry” than thick bread. And that taste — the sweetness with the sharp salty sausage — really delicious.

Paradiso 37 Corn Dog Nugget cross section

I immediately felt like I was cheating on Casey’s. These were just SO much better!

But let’s put this into perspective:

Casey’s = Magic Kingdom, Main Street USA, balloons, ballpark, parade, fireworks, Disney World!

Paradiso 37 = Downtown Disney, nightspot, Pleasure Island, grown-up food, street food, upscale.

While they’re serving the same menu item, they’re two completely different atmospheres; so it makes sense that the Paradiso nuggets have a little more taste to them, right? You’re certainly paying more for that taste!


So I’m going to call this a draw. While I liked the Paradiso nuggets better (much…better), the atmosphere of Casey’s still holds the crown for true Disney World atmosphere. So I’ll keep getting my corn dog nuggets at Casey’s, but I’ll make sure to stop by Paradiso from time to time for a taste of the more upscale version! Deal? Deal!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts about the corn dog nuggets of Disney in the comments section below!


  1. says

    I absolutely love the corn dog nuggets at Casey’s! I have never tried the corn dog nuggets at Paradiso 37. I guess I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and head over to Paradiso 37 on my next trip. Thanks, AJ!

  2. Steven says

    How do both of these compare with the corn dogs served over on the Boardwalk. I think they serve them at the kiosk. I am so jealous of Disneyland and their freshly dipped corn dogs. I am originally from Iowa, so I come by this honestly. Many thanks!

  3. says

    The whole idea of Corn Dogs is completely weird for us brits. Even the thought of them makes me pull an ‘ewwwwww’ face. lol

  4. Wendy says

    I’m curious what dipping sauce is in your picture with the ones from Paradiso 37! I, like you, defintely consider condiments/dipping sacues their own food group! One of my favorite actually!

  5. Karen says

    @Nicola – I had never had a corn dog before WDW! I was weirder out at first, but now I’m hooked. I don’t love hot dogs, but the crispiness and sweetness of the cornbread just makes this a fabulous combo!

    I didn’t know Paradiso had corn dog nuggets! I feel the need for a DTD night soon…. Hmmm.

  6. Alan says

    I usually won’t eat corn dogs. A combination of too much coating, cheap hot dogs and overused frying oil tends to give them a muddled taste. There is a small restaurant in our area that does serve a delicious one. They do a “Calabash” style coating, which in these parts mean an extremely thin coat of batter and also use a crispy skinned dog that is really delicious. Dip it in some spicy mustard and it makes a great snack.

    But with AJ’s review, I will try the Paradiso 37’s offering next time there coupled with a twisted Margaritas.

  7. Galloping Gourmand says

    I’ve just gotten into trying corn dogs. They aren’t my favorite thing in the world but lately friends have been putting them in front of me and, well, im a weak person.

    I find the main problem with the corn dogs at Casey’s to be that the dog is fairly flavorless and nothing special. I’m fine with a slightly soggy breading. In fact that’s the classic fair style. It’s the dog that’s the problem.

  8. StanfordSteph says

    @Steven, I’m pretty sure that Disney World serves the same corn dog nuggets throughout the parks. I know there’s a place to get them in Animal Kingdom, and they are a pre-made, boxed product.

  9. Teresa says

    Hello ~ Was wondering if anyone knows if we’re able to purchase either of these items using the snack credits on the DdP?

  10. PeeJay says

    CASEY’S CORNER ROCKS OUR DISNEY WORLD!!! The Crispy Golden nugget can’t compare!

  11. Katie says

    The corn dogs at Disney parks always look so good, but I’m a vegetarian… I keep hoping with the increased options for vegetarians that they’ll start selling veggie corn dogs (and corn dog nuggets!). For now I’ll just have to dream of the day that I’ll be able to walk up to the Corn Dog Castle at California Adventure and order a veggie corn dog ;)

  12. Jeff says

    A draw?

    When you claim one tastes “SO MUCH BETTER”??

    I’m sorry, was this a comparison of corn dogs, or of restaurant and theme park atmospheres?

    I could understand the draw if you only found Paradiso’s corn dogs slightly better.

    But “much better”?

    This is a food blog……..right???

  13. says

    Jeff — Yep, this is a food blog, but we do take a lot of things into consideration when recommending things in Disney parks and resorts. For many folks, the atmosphere matters almost as much as the food — especially since visitors are go to Disney for great family experiences all around. Kids might not love the atmosphere of Paradiso 37, so if you trundle your group off to Downtown Disney based solely on the food, you might not have as fulfilling an experience as you would if you just headed over to Casey’s in the Magic Kingdom. That’s why I try to give all the facts and details, as well as my personal opinion — “getting your money’s worth” means different things to different people/families when it comes to Disney.

    That said, if you simply want to sink your teeth into the BEST corn dog nugget in Disney World, go to Paradiso 37. It is MUCH better. ;-)

  14. Whitney says

    Oh, how I wish you could get the hand-dipped corn dogs at WDW that they have at Disneyland. Until that happens, I think my husband and I will always be left wanting. (We have tried the nuggets from Casey’s Corner and I was not a fan…guess we will need to check out Paradiso 37 to see if they measure up to our high expectations)

    As always, though, love your blog! :)

  15. says

    In 2014 we had corn dogs on a stick at Disney World Magic Kingdom. When we were there last year (2015) all we could find were the corndog nuggets. Honestly we didn’t like them as much. Anyone have any idea why they no longer serve a corn dog on a stick?

  16. says

    In 2014 we had corn dogs on a stick at Disney World Magic Kingdom. When we were there last year (2015) all we could find were the corndog nuggets. Honestly we didn’t like them as much. Anyone have any idea why they no longer serve a corn dog on a stick?

  17. says

    Leslie — You should still be able to find regular Corn Dogs at Disney Springs at the Fantasy Faire Food Truck. Also, Harambe Market in Disney’s Animal Kingdom features a Sausage in Corn Bread Batter, very similar to a corndog. There may be others as well, as menus are constantly changing.

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