Giant Rice Krispie Treat Heads

Every once in a while I find it imperative that I share very important news with you lot, and today is just one of those days.

I need to let you know that right now — for the low, low price of just $49.95 — you, too, can have your very own Giant Rice Krispie Treat Head.

And it’s not just any Giant Rice Krispie Treat Head, no sir! It’s Mickey and Minnie shaped and decorated Giant Rice Krispie Treat Heads!

Mickey Head

Minnie Head

Now, I know you think I’m being sarcastic, and maybe I am just a little. But I must admit, if one of these showed up unannounced at my door, it would get eaten. Oh yes, it would. And I’m not all that sure I’d share… .

You can find these at Goofy’s Candy Company, but I do believe they need to be pre-ordered. So make your plans early if your little price or princess is getting one of these babies as a birthday treat!


  1. says

    I know these also used to be available at Main Street Bakery – no more? I agree, it does look like the ultimate novelty item…but one that I would happily eat nonetheless! I’ve always wondered if anyone does actually buy them though.

  2. Melinda says

    We actually got one for my oldest son when we went down for his 16th b-day. It’s what he wanted!! It took the whole trip to eat the darn thing! The frosting parts, not so yummy! But he loved it and that is what mattered.

  3. Janna says

    In early 2004, we went to Disney to celebrate my older son’s faux (early) 5th birthday. We found an undecorated giant Mickey rice krispie head at Main Street Confectionery. It was perfect! I found these decorated ones a couple of years ago (but I didn’t notice the tag…yikes). In December, we are going for my younger son’s faux (late) 5th birthday. He just looked at the pictures and decided he wants a Mickey one for his ‘cake’. Love my Disney boys!
    Any idea how early I should pre-order?

  4. says

    @AJ – Eating the whole thing by myself doesn’t sound like much fun to me. I’d want to share. And eat the masterpiece (I loves me some Rice Krispie Treats) from the outside in!

    @Melinda – I was wondering about the frosting. It’s not my favorite in the first place (unless it’s a really good frosting), but I’d still eat this.

  5. says

    While they do look quite impressive and delicious, I prefer the milk chocolate covered mickey shaped rice krispie treats (even if they are significantly smaller – I’m sure they are tastier ;) ) especially since I can get one for a mere snack credit :D

  6. Larissa says

    I took pictures of these the other night & was going to post them on here but haven’t had a break to download them. They were cool.

  7. Bonnie says

    Has anyone gotten one of these from Goofy’s Candy Co? (The ones at the Confectionary are different.)

    I’d like to get one for my son’s birthday, but I am wondering if the are good or not. I don’t want to drop $50 on a cake and have it not taste good!

  8. says

    Bonnie — I haven’t actually purchased one of the rice krispie cakes from Goofy’s. :-( I would think that if they’re made fresh, they’ll just taste like rice krispie treats, but, like I said, I don’t have direct experience.

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