Halloween Treats in Walt Disney World

Halloween treats continue to materialize around Walt Disney World in preparation for the fun this Fall. We reported on a few a couple of weeks ago, and Heather showcased some in Disneyland on Thursday; but there are even more to enjoy during this spooky season!

Main Street Bakery

Like last year, the Main Street Bakery has created some inventive goodies to celebrate the season.

New for this year’s Halloween season are a chocolate-covered Mummy Cookie and a Graveyard Cupcake.

Mummy Cookie

The Mummy Cookie is actually a sugar cookie, though it looks like gingerbread at first glance due to the shape. It’s milk chocolate covered, then “wrapped” with white chocolate.

cross section of mummy cookie

back of mummy cookie

Try this gruesome graveyard cupcake! While it may look creepy, dig in to find yellow cake beneath the chocolate icing and crushed Oreo “dirt.” Don’t forget to eat the sugary “bugs” crawling on the cupcake! (The texture of these will remind 80’s kids of the decorations on old Ronald McDonald birthday cakes!)

RIP cupcake

cross section of RIP cupcake

Halloween-sprinkled cookies are available at the Bakery, and we were impressed when we saw a family using these to create Halloween-themed ice cream cookie sandwiches!

Halloween Themed Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Back again are the eyeball, mummy, and wicked witch cupcakes. We loved these last year and they’re just as much fun this year. :-)

Wicked Witch cupcake

Eyeball cupcake

Mummy Cupcake

Main Street Confectionery

Over at the Confectionery, ghost-themed marshmallows and pretzels are popping up.

Ghost themed Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Marshmallows

And Halloween-colored sprinkles are showing up on the Rice Krispie Treats.

halloween sprinkled krispie treats

Popcorn Stands Around Magic Kingdom

This adorable Ghost Mickey souvenir bucket is yours for $12 at the popcorn stands this year.

Halloween Ghost Popcorn Bucket

If the Mickey ghost doesn’t work for you, pick up one of these Halloween souvenir buckets:

Downtown Disney — Goofy’s Candy Company

Look at the latest goodies spotted in Downtown Disney! Candy apples are turning up with orange and black Minnie Mouse decor, while cookies and Rice Krispie Treats are decked out in fall themes such as football, candy corn, and pumpkins.

Halloween Treats

Halloween Treat

Halloween Treats

We love this time of year! More to come!

Have you seen any Halloween-themed snacks at a Disney destination? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    Yes!!! I’m so excited to see the Wicked Witch cupcakes back – I think those are so cute! The mummy cookie is pretty charming too though…

  2. claudine says

    I bought the $12.oo popcorn ghost last night and it is adorable. You can use it year after year for your halloween decorations.

  3. Melinda says

    I might have to make the mummy cookies. Too cute! But I agree with above poster, some did look a little sloppy. The Jack apples looked really sloppy to me. If I’m paying that much for an apple I want it to be pretty!

  4. Uncle Albert says

    You may have covered it and I may have missed it, but I saw a reference on another Disney blog this morning to a Mary Poppins themed bakery to open in the old Plaza Pavilion. Any truth to this enticing rumor? If so, I hope they serve tea and cakes up by the ceiling, which would only be right and proper.

  5. marcellina says

    Do you know what flavor that jack skellington apple is? I mean, it’s not caramel is it? I’m assuming white chocolate? and Uncle Albert.. I hope that rumor is true!!! :D

  6. Erica says

    Halloween at WDW is awesome! We were there the first week of October last year. All of the treats look fantastic! That is the major reason my mom and I both got the wicked witch cupcake last year. They were very cute, but unfortunately were also very dry:(

  7. Lisa says

    I’m Definately buying the mickey pop corn bucket when I holiday in October!!! – think I might need to bring an extra suitcase for all my Disney purchases lol

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