Snack Series: Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel Review and Some Pretzel Updates

Well, it was a pretzel kind of day on Friday in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

I sampled the famed Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel — now found at Fife and Drum — for the very first time, found out some details about the Sweet Cream Cheese pretzel in the Magic Kingdom, and learned more about the new (to WDW) Mickey-shaped pretzels!

Fife and Drum

Epcot’s Fife and Drum Offers Jalapeno Cheese, and Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzels

That’s right! We though they could only be found in one place in the parks (Animal Kingdom for the Jalapeno pretzel; Magic Kingdom for the Sweet Cream Cheese pretzel), but they can both be found in Epcot these days!

Epcot’s Fife and Drum, right outside of the American Adventure building, is the unassuming home for these very popular and sought after snacks! This spot is next to the near the Liberty Inn, so find a seat at the outdoor seating area there!

Fife and Drum Menu - click image for larger version

I had the chance to try the Jalapeno Cheese pretzel for the first time on Saturday! These snazzy snacks ($4.29) offer a spicy twist to a theme park staple!

Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel

The spicy kick is relatively mild, but still discernible. This is a good snack for those who aren’t necessarily “heat-eaters,” but who don’t mind a somewhat different savory flavor from time to time.

Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel inside

Personally, I really enjoyed this one! I had a hard time not eating the whole thing!!

Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel inside - close-up

Magic Kingdom Lunching Pad Under Refurbishment; Cool Ship Selling Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel

While Lunching Pad in the Magic Kingdom is closed for refurbishment (was slated to re-open September 16th), cream cheese pretzel fans can walk their cravings over to the Cool Ship.

Lunching Pad

Lunching Pad Sign

It’s just across the way in Tomorrowland. See an in-depth review of this snack here. It’s got a tangy and not overly sweet flavor!

Cool Ship

Cool Ship Menu - click image for larger version

Mickey Pretzels Are Here to Stay…We Hope

Mickey Pretzels ARE in the Magic Kingdom at Frontierland (though we’d heard rumors that they weren’t around any longer).

Mickey Pretzel Cart

We were told that they’re a permanent fixture as long as they keep selling, but readers have reported NOT seeing them from time to time over the past month.

Mickey Pretzel Menu -- click image for larger version

When available, the Mickey pretzels sell for $4.50. Don’t forget your plastic cheese!

Mickey Pretzel

Whew!! That’s a lot of pretzel news! If you hear any details or updates, please let us know.

What’s your favorite pretzel to enjoy while in WDW or Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Kat says

    I plan on trying the jalapeno cheese pretzel. Looks scrumptious! I really hope the Mickey Pretzel is still around next time I go to Magic Kingdom!

  2. Michele says

    When we were there the 4th-15th we checked everyday at MK and they were only selling regular pretzels, so glad they are back!! Was so excited to try them, and they weren’t around. Hope they stay, who wouldn’t buy them?

  3. Heather says

    The Mickey head pretzels were most emphatically NOT there the week of Sept. 10-17th. I kept looking and looking for them when we were at MK (5 days in total) and could not find them! I’ll just have to look forward to them next trip, I guess!

  4. says

    Michele and Heather — I hear ya! I was worried that they wouldn’t be around due to all of the reports of missing Mickey pretzels! I’m glad they’re back, but sad that you guys missed them :-(

    Ashley — Yay! Looking forward to you reviews.

    Kat — It’s SO good!

  5. Laura says

    We had the jalapeno pretzel at AK in December and my hubby is STILL talking about it. He will be thrilled to find out he can get one at EPCOT too!! He had already planned our next trip around the AK pretzel…LOL The kids however are dying to try a Mickey pretzel with so good ol plastic cheese!! Hope they are still around in March so I can make all my pretzel lovers happy!!

  6. says

    …although, to add to my previous comment, Wetzel’s variety is a cheese pretzel with slices of jalapenos, as opposed to a pretzel with jalapeno-based cheese on the inside. I don’t remember whether WP’s is cheese-stuffed or cheese-covered, though…

  7. Theresa says

    Ugh.. you’re killing me. I only have 21 days left and so far there is more on my list to eat than I could possibly handle right now. Then again… that ain’t a bad thing either. :)

  8. Anderson says

    I love the Jalapeno Cheese stuffed pretzel. It is one of my favorite snacks. Do you know if anywhere in WDW still serves the cinnamon apple stuffed pretzels. They no longer have them on the West Coast :(

  9. Canada68 says

    We were @ WDW last week and had a Mickey pretzel (with cheese sauce!) in Frontierland and a jalapeño cheese pretzel @ the AK – both were delicious- the jalapeño one decidedly so-yum:)

  10. JoAnn says

    What’s the chocolate dipper on te pretzel cart at MK? Is that a chocolate sauce? That would go good with a pretzel too.

  11. maryvh says

    My family & I were in Epcot on Sunday, August 28th and bought a Mickey Shaped Pretzel at the Fife and Drum Tavern at the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot. It was delicious! Just as the above photo shows, the Mickey Shaped Pretzel was not listed on the Fife & Drum’s menu. So, I’m not sure if they will stay at this location or not. We were able to use one snack credit to buy the Pretzel. Paying out of pocket costs just over $4. Let’s hope these pretzels stick around and will be available at more locations!

  12. Victoria says

    Can’t wait to try a cream cheese pretzel on our upcoming trip! I had no idea these existed until I read about them here. :)

  13. Pookiebear says

    Does anyone know what type of cheese is in the jalapeno cheese pretzels? Is it pasteurized or not? These are so yummy and I will be visitng Disneyland in two weeks but recently found out I am prego so will basically just be eating and shopping. Wanted to see if the cheese is safe to eat while pregnant. This is the one thing I like to snack on all day while at the parks :)

  14. Gabi says

    All cheese sold in the U.S. must be pasteurized, even Feta cheese is safe to eat because it is pasteurized (unlike some might be in France… the real France, not the one in Epcot).

    First baby?

  15. Debi Morin says

    A few other people asked but I see no reply, Is the anywhere in Disney I can get an apple/cinnamon filled pretzel? A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!

  16. says

    Anderson and Debi — We haven’t seen the Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Pretzels on the menus anywhere in a while at WDW :-( :-( . But who knows — with the return of Fall, there’s always hope!

  17. Mike says

    We got one of the jalapeno cheese pretzels last week, and it was SO good! We liked it WAY better than the Mickey Pretzel…not even close!
    However, from what we were told, they are only available at Animal Kingdom (we got ours at the Harambe Fruit Market…not sure if they’re available at other snack stands or not) and Hollywood Studios.

  18. Francis Panariello says

    I’ve found the Mickey Pretzels. Delicious & available on the snack plan.. & available at more & more places

  19. Laura says

    Jalapeño cheese filled and cream cheese filled no longer at Fife and Drum. They are now at Block and Hans ( at least during the food and wine festival

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