Review: Le Cellier’s New Lunch Menu

We stopped by Le Cellier in Canada last week to sample the lunch menu, which has been tweaked yet again!

But more than just the menu, there were a few other surprises in store for us at Le Cellier as well! There’s a new martini flight, the desserts have been changed up a bit, and…believe it or not…the bread has changed!!

Let’s take a look…


The atmosphere here remains exactly the same. You’re dining in a wine cellar, basically, so there are no windows and there’s very little light.

Le Cellier Dining Room

The feel is cozy, however, rather than claustrophobic; and we love the fun arched stone details and “candlelight.”

Le Cellier Ceilings and Chandeliers

One of the reasons why this restaurant is so difficult to score a reservation for is because it’s just so tiny!


As you know, the dinner at Le Cellier is now a (more expensive) Signature Meal (you can see our review here).

Lunch remains a “one-credit” meal on the Disney Dining Plan and still has lower-cost menu items, but they have switched them around a bit.

Now on the menu you’ll find several Asian influences, like the Korean Barbecue Beef Skewer and the Asian Salmon Burger (the latter came as part of a menu switch last summer).

The Crab and Spinach Gratin is also a new item on the appetizer menu. The Pan-Roasted Salmon has been replaced with Maple-Glazed Salmon, and Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Butter have been added to the sides menu.

Menu - click image for larger version

Specialty Menu

We started our meal with the new Martini Flight, featuring the Sassy Berry, Blueberry, and Godiva Chocolate martinis.

The Sassy Berry was my favorite, with a sweet raspberry flavor. The Godiva Chocolate Martini is the perfect choice for fans of super-sweet drinks — it was like chocolate milk with a kick! And the Blueberry Martini was my least favorite, even though it had the cool light-up ice cube. It tasted very alcoholic and didn’t have any blueberry flavor to speak of.

Martini Flight

The next change of the day? The bread basket! Those of us who are Le Cellier veterans are used to the bread “cone,” filled with sourdough, pretzel, and multi-grain breadsticks.

Now, guests receive a basket with more free-form pretzel breadsticks and sourdough and multi-grain rolls. The pretzel bread did taste the same, but we’re not sure we love the change.

Bread Basket

For appetizers, we ordered the duck meatballs and the poutine. The meatballs were one of the few menu items we hadn’t yet sampled, so we figured it was time to dive in! (Plus, my trip had been very duck-centric thus far, so we thought it was fitting.)

The meatballs were a mix of pros and cons. The texture was a bit dry and stringy, but the flavor was good. We also very much enjoyed the onion tart on which the meatballs were served! If the meatballs had been just a bit more moist, this would have been a winner.

Duck Meatballs

As always, the poutine was fabulous. I really like the lunch version and the dinner version of this dish…even though neither are considered “authentic” poutine by my Canadian friends! (Come on…fries, cheese, gravy…how can you go wrong?!)

Le Cellier Lunch Poutine

For entrees, we decided to sample the new Steak and Potato Skillet as well as stick with an old favorite — the mushroom filet.

The Steak and Potato skillet was, I’m sorry to say, a total bust for us. The steak was overdone and dry, the potatoes didn’t have much flavor, and there wasn’t much else going on in the dish. Honestly, I would have expected this kind of quality from a much lesser restaurant, especially for the price. (Apologies for the slightly blurry photos — they seated us in a VERY dark corner, and I had to keep getting up and bringing my food over to a spotlight to get good photos.)

Steak and Potato Skillet

Steak and Potato Skillet close up

Luckily, the mushroom filet continues to deliver with superstar marks. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad dish of this stuff. The filet was tender and perfectly cooked, the mushroom risotto with truffle butter sauce was phenomenal, and the overall dish was superb.


We didn’t order dessert on this trip, mostly because we looked at the “dummy versions” on display when we came in and were disappointed in what we saw.

The Bumble Berry Cobbler is no longer the awesomeness in a skillet that it was last year (see the pic below!)

Bumble Berry Cobbler in 2010

Instead…it was this tiny thing. :-(

Bumble berry cobbler in 2011

And the Whiskey Cake has moved from this…

Chocolate Whiskey Cake in 2009

…to this…

whiskey cake in 2011

I get that the portion sizes in Disney World are often too large, and I’m not arguing that we need MORE food. But if you’re going to shrink the sizes of desserts, at least shrink the prices as well!


Le Cellier is going through a lot of changes right now, and while it’s still one of the most-beloved restaurants in Disney World, it’s starting to become a little inconsistent in my opinion.

I still highly recommend this restaurant for both adults and families, but I have to advise that the mushroom filet is the way to go at Le Cellier — no matter what. There are other good dishes, yes, but they’re not as consistent as this one. And for the amount of hassle you have to go through to get a reservation at this place, you might as well ensure that you’re going to enjoy your meal!

Oh, yeah — and get the poutine! You can’t go wrong!

Have you tried the new menu at Le Cellier’s lunch meal? Let us know your thoughts!


  1. Heather says

    I have to say that your review sounds like it was spot on with what we experienced in April at dinner. We had dinner right after Le Cellier became a Signature Meal. We were incredibly disappointed. Appetizers were so-so. The Poutine was so salty I had to send it back–and I LIKE my food on the salty side. The Black and Blue Steak Tartar was good but not spectacular and the Asparagus Gratinee was blah. The best thing to show up on the whole table was the Bison. My steak, the ribeye, was cooked incorrectly. The temperature was fine, but black and blue means charred on both sides–not charred on one side and flabby and raw on the other. (Although it should be completely raw in the middle, which it was.) I’ll not be running back to Le Cellier any time soon, but can’t get back to Yachtsman Steakhouse fast enough!

  2. Steve H. says

    I ate there on Sept. 27th for lunch. I noticed the changes right away. I’m a bit disappointed. I don’t mind the bread change. Making the pretzel bread bigger was OK with me. My wife still loves the filet, but the strip steak is down to average. It’s exactly the same as the one at Coral Reef. The desserts are noticeably smaller. It’s still a nice meal, but not sure it’s worth the hassle of fighting for an ADR.

  3. Erica says

    Thanks Aj! I am glad to hear the lunch is still one-credit! I love the fillet with mushroom rissoto and truffles!

  4. Alan says

    The fries in the poutine look a bit like frozen or oven baked fries. I prefer to see a bit of an oil sheen on french fries – not greasy but just a bit of oil. Any dish that puts mushrooms next to steak gets a thumbs up from me.

  5. Meagan says

    Thanks for an updated review! My fiance and i honeymooning next month and have a reservation here.

  6. Dina says

    We went for lunch in Aug. & I agree, my Mushroom Filet was absolutely superb. Found it strange that they changed some of the bread into rolls, but still thought they tasted great. I ordered the Chocolate Whiskey Cake & was sooo disappointed. It was so blah, that I only ate a little of it. Figured why waste the calories when I’m not even enjoying how it tastes. While I would return for the Filet alone for lunch, I would never waste 2 credits on dinner at Le Cellier. It is just not a 2 cr. restaurant experience.

  7. says

    Thanks for the review and pics, AJ! This is exactly what I was looking for.

    I had been on the fence about going here in April for lunch (I won’t do it for the 2 DDP dinner credits), but decided it just didn’t see like it was worth it. This confirms it.

    Those are some tiny portions and there just is not alot to choose from. 5 entrees and that’s it? No thanks.

  8. Dave A. says

    Hi, that was a great review. We were there in January for our anniversary and both my wife and I had the filet steaks. Perfectly cooked, and flavorful. I also ordered a side of the poutine, and I have had a lot better.
    I am wondering why there messing with the menu!! If you want Asian food go to China or Japan, not Canada. As far as the bread goes, I will usually have a small piece, unless the bread is really spectacular at a restaurant all it’s good for is a filler if they don’t give you enough for your meal!
    When they changed the Bumbleberry Cobbler, did they change the price?
    We’ve only eaten at Le Cellier once, and we will return, because the meal we had there was great.

  9. says

    Heather — Yes; we weren’t too impressed with dinner at Le Cellier either. I think it’s a great spot for lunch, but we will definitely stick with the mushroom filet from now on.

    Steve H. — I agree. This place has some great dishes, but I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle of getting the ADR every trip anymore.

    Erica — Yep! The filet is still there — and going strong!

    Alan — No worries; the fries were great! We’re not too picky when it comes to fries, but if I’m going to have oven-baked, I’ll make ‘em at home and be all healthy about it. ;-D

    Meagan — Congrats!!! What a perfect time to visit WDW for a honeymoon!

    Dina — I think I’m with you on those comments.

    Jeff C — You’re welcome! Can’t wait to hear about your trip plans!!!

    Dave — I’m so glad you had a great visit. Agreed; if we both get the filet, we’re happy!

  10. Chrissy says

    My mother and I had lunch there a few years back, and I still try to fight to get an ADR every time we go back. I loved their house burger and cheddar cheese soup, and I can’t wait until our trip in ’14 (Yes, that long. It’s sad, I know, but we want to cruise next year on the Fantasy and go to Disneyland in ’13) to try and get a reservation. Just thinking about the soup is making my mouth water!

  11. Brandy says

    This was the 1 place we had a reservation for 2 yrs ago&were bummed we couldn’t make it but now that we’re going back&we have 2 reservations(lunch&dinner) I am really second guessing going at all. I think Artist Point looks more interesting food wise & Yachtsmen looks better in terms of a steakhouse and I’m just not sure if its worth the credits : / My husband is the meat eater (I’m good for chicken,sides&burgers!) so they were made with him in mind but I really think he’d be happier at Artist Point..decisions decisions!

  12. Theresa Sheingold says

    We were there in July. I ordered the Steak and Potato skillet and absolutely agree with you! It was very disappointing! My son had the filet because that’s a tradition for him and he was very happy with it. Le Cellier is now on my “can wait to go back list” along with Coral Reef. So many other great restaurants to go to!

  13. Aydin says

    I’m about to get off on a little poutine rant here…

    The only issue with the poutine is that it doesn’t have real cheese curds. Any Canadian will tell you that the BEST part of eating poutine is putting a cheese curd in your mouth, right when it’s at that sweet spot between solid and melted. The amount of “squeak” that you get when biting the cheese is a MAJOR part of any poutine review. (check out this list of authentic Toronto poutine joints:

    If Via Napoli can use special water for their pizza dough, and Akersus can serve imported Scandinavian cheeses, SOMEONE at Le Cellier can arrange to have cheese curds flown in. Or purchased at a local Orlando supermarket.

  14. JoAnn says

    I will be trying Le Cellier for the first time in November. I’ll be there for dinner. I hope it’s worth 2 credits.

  15. Bethany says

    Really grateful to have stumbled upon this review – we just made reservations for lunch at Le Cellier in April (made them today as a matter of fact) and I was a little shocked to see the Korean meat option on the pdf menu. I had read many nice things previously about the quality of this place but based on some recent threads and reviews, perhaps they are experimenting with their identity a little too much??? Still anxious to try.

  16. says


    Thanks for another GREAT review! Le Cellier remains one of my favorites at WDW, and that picture of the mushroom filet is making me DROOL! (UMMMMMMMM…. Mushroom Filet!)

  17. Mike says

    Le Cellier was easily the best meal I had during our week at Disney World last week. I got the Mushroom Filet, which was excellent. The mushroom risotto that came with it may be the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. My wife got the NY Strip and the cream cheese mashed potatoes, which she really liked. My wife and son split a bowl of the cheddar cheese soup, which my wife said was the best soup she’d ever had. The bread was also very good. For dessert, we agreed to split the chocolate pecan pie on the rocks and the maple creme brulee. The pie on the rocks was good, but neither of us are big fans of really rich chocolate desserts like that. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good…I just couldn’t eat very much of it. I did, however, finish all of the maple creme brulee. Food-wise, this was definitely the highlight of my week.

  18. Snarkmeister says

    Heading to WDW for the first time this October, and I’d love to try Le Cellier. I’m hoping to go for lunch, but I really want to try their “dinner” pouting, not the lunch version. Any idea if they’d allow that?

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