New! Ice Cube Cupcakes and Other Holiday Treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is decking the halls with holiday treats!!

Thanks to Sue Van Vleet for sending over a pic of this awesome new cupcake, created to celebrate the holidays in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Holiday Ice Cube Cupcakes at Disney's Hollywood Studios

According to Sue, it seems to be a regular chocolate cupcake. From the look of it, it seems to be “dusted” with snow and features a twinkly light-up ice cube in the middle! Kind of like a snowy iceberg floating out at sea!

Other Holiday Treats

This treat is offered as part of a larger menu of holiday goodies that seems to get bigger and bigger at the Studios every year! I’m a little disturbed that it’s over $6 for a cupcake, but I imagine a lot of that cost is for the multi-colored, light-up ice cube.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Treats

Holiday Drinks

Back again this year are the yummy Holiday Drinks that we’ve seen pop up at the Studios for the past few years. A little pricey maybe, but maybe worth it when you’re enjoying the wonder of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights?

Thanks to Dana for sending over this year’s menu! You’ll find these for sale at High Octane and in other areas near the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Cheer Drinks

I got the chance to try one of these last year (and I played paparazzi to snag a photo of another one while I was at it) and really enjoyed it. The Mistletoe Margarita is…pretty much a regular margarita…but I’m really OK with that. ;-) It was extremely strong when I tried it, so plan to have your drink pack a punch depending on who’s pouring.

Merry Margarita at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sleigh Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Check out Dana’s Blog for a pic of the Snow Ball!

Kudos to the Studios for bringing out even more holiday treats this year! What do you think you’ll try on your next visit?


  1. says

    I forget how much those glow cubes cost on their own (I thought it was around $5 for a pack of 2), so that cupcake price doesn’t seem ENTIRELY unreasonable hahaha. Those drinks at DHS sound good though! I love when there’s different drinks than the ones on the standard menus around!

  2. Sandra says

    We got one of the hot chocolate souvenir mugs last year for our son. It is just like the refillable mugs, and I thought the $5 price was fine even though the chocolate was pretty ordinary. We have added the mug to our collection of WDW mugs. Maybe I could entice my husband to actually come look at the lights with us this year if he had an adult beverage in his hand…spiced cider and rum sounds really good.

  3. says

    Wow a hot cider or a Bailey’s coffee sounds like the perfect match for the Spectacle of Lights … I just hope it’s cool enough outside to enjoy a hot beverage by the time we go in December. (You never know with winter in Florida!)

  4. Kat says

    They’ll put those glow cubes on anything now-a-days! And I am a total sucker for them! Definitely tempted to pay the extra amount of money for the special holiday cupcakes. I think anything holiday is better than usual, and because it’s Disney it’s even more special. I also plan on getting the Merry Margarita and possibly the souvenir caramel popcorn bucket.

  5. sherri in tn says

    Disney and Christmas, what a wonderful holiday. I would love to have a holiday like this and I am 58. A colorful place for everyone.

  6. catherine says

    There’s always a markup for the glow cubes. At least on a cupcake they are not displacing any alcohol. But they do take the cupcake out of contention for a snack credit, for those who still use the dining plan.

  7. TinkyMurph says

    I had to laugh at this. Some of our good friends call my hubby “Captain” for his great like of rum. I can’t wait to try Captain’s Hot Cider in December while we watch the Osborne lights. Awesome!!

  8. Carrie says

    Just a clarification – the cupcakes are not chocolate (or atleast the one we had wasn’t) it was the lightest moistest gingerbread cake ever – and the frosting was Cream Cheese – and it was all so divine!

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