Snack Series: Spiced Apple Cupcake from the Contempo Cafe

A dark horse surprise in the Disney cupcake race over the past year has been the Contempo Cafe at Disney World’s Contemporary Resort!

This futuristic counter-service location located right next to Chef Mickey’s Restaurant features some truly yummy eats, including great flatbreads and even Mickey waffles. But it’s the bakery counter that always catches my interest. Whenever I head to Contempo, there’s always a new, massive cupcake to sample.

In the past, we’ve featured the Dulce de Leche Cupcake and the Black Forest Cupcake (with CHERRY PIE FILLING!) — both of which are delicious (my only qualm being the lighter, whipped frosting instead of that lardy buttercream that I like best). We’ve even been lucky enough to get a guest review of the seasonal Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake this year!

Christmas Wreath at Chef Mickey

Another seasonal eat at Contempo Cafe this year takes the “cake” for me. The Spiced Apple Cupcake!

Spiced Apple Cupcake

This yummy treat features a cinnamony-vanilla cake topped with what seemed to me like the same caramel frosting used on the Dulce de Leche Cupcake. Again, the frosting is lighter — not completely whipped cream frosting (you do get a little substance there), but more like grocery store frosting texture than true birthday-cake-bakery frosting texture.

The cake itself is very good. Not as moist as I would have wanted it, but the flavors were great with the caramel-y frosting.

Spiced Apple Unwrapped

The true flavor is inside, though, where you’ll find what I have to describe as a “chutney” of apples, dried cranberries, and cinnamon! My only complaint? I wish there was MORE of that yummy mixture stuffed into the middle of the cupcake. It seemed like quite a paltry amount compared to my previous experience with Contempo Cafe cupcakes.

Spiced Apple Cross-Section

Overall, though, the cupcake is a winner, and probably one of my favorites from Contempo Cafe so far. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Don’t forget, if you’re in Disney World this holiday season, you can also try the Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake if chocolate is more your style. :-)

Another great tip from our earlier guest reviewer: if you’d like to take the cupcake to go, ask for a cupcake container! They have them backstage.

To-Go Container

I hope you’re having a great holiday week! If you’re in a Disney Park this week, keep us updated with all your eating and enjoying!

What holiday cupcake would you choose in Disney World or Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Alan says

    This looks like a cupcake I would like. Cinnamon, apples, spicy cake; flavors I enjoy. I would give the frosting to my wife – not really my area.

    It’s good to see another cross section – my favorite part of any review!

  2. Karen says

    Everything I love – cinnamon, apples, spiced cake! I definately would want more of that chutney!

    Hey, I have just found out that I will be able to go to Disneyland on January 3 (the second time in my entire life!!) – does anyone have any snack and meal recommendations? I am not sure if holiday snacks will be gone by then…I would love some recommendations!

  3. says

    Alan — Looks like we’ve got a winner!!

    Karen — I know!! I loved the chutney stuff in the middle. For Disneyland recommendations and posts, check out our Disneyland Food Page that aggregates many of our Disneyland-focused posts!

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