Disney Food History: Wonder Bread College Pennant Stickers

Every once in a while I come across some serious historical rad-ness when it comes to Disney Food. Remember when we found these awesome 1955 Disneyland restaurant ads? Or the 1962 Carnation Ice Cream Parlor menu? That was totally cool, right?

And it’s happened again! Thanks to my exploration over on Pinterest, I found Jason Liebig‘s collection of Disney “college pennant” stickers.

Wonder Bread Pennants

These classic pun-tastic illustrative stickers were part of a Wonder Bread campaign in the 1970s (you could find the stickers in your package of Wonder Bread)! There were 25 of them altogether.

My faves are “Mickey Can Skate” (Michigan State), “Minnie Soda” (Minnesota), and “M I Tea” (MIT)!

M. I. Tea

Other nostalgic pennants can be found here!

Source: Jason Liebig — Thanks for letting us share your fun collection!

If you have other fun stories of interesting Disney food history, let us know!


  1. Andrew says

    Great find. I miss the days when a little bit of creativity went into merchandising, even when it was for giveaways inside a loaf of bread!

  2. says

    Andrew — There just aren’t enough prizes in food these days.

    JoAnn — Thanks! I thought so, too!

    Janna — Yay!

  3. CJ tobin says

    In college we would go in to Star Market and razor cut open the bread just to get the stickers.embarassed to say we were highly competitive and tried to be first to acquire all of them.Im sorry to those shoppers in 1977 buying potentially stale bread!mea culpa

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