Snack Series: Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich

For those of you who have visited a Disney Park before, you might be familiar with this chilly chocolate-cookies-and-cream snack of deliciousness!

Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich is a delicious Nestle treat offered at ice cream snack carts and freezers throughout the parks and resorts. Any ice cream treat with a Mickey face smiling up at you is bound to be a memorable snack. :-)

Mickey's ice cream sandwich

To create this (admittedly quite large) snack, Cookies and Cream ice cream is sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. The texture of the wafers is similar to a typical ice cream sandwich, but they’re a little crispier (no sogginess here!) like actual cookies.

Hello, Mickey!

The different textures of the ice cream and the cookies makes this a fun and satisfying snack. It’s sweet-sweet-sweet, though, so it might be a good one to share if you know you’re the type of person to “hit a wall” when it comes to sugary treats! ;-) Or, better yet, just buy a bag of Mickey pretzels and alternate!

Mickey's Ice Cream Sandwich close-up

While this is a lesser-known, and sometimes forgotten, treat next to it’s big brother, the Mickey Premium Bar, it’s just as good as far as I’m concerned! Definitely worth a try!

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  1. says

    I have had this before, but having discovered so many great snacks in the parks on the last few trips, I am sorry to say this one will probably never make the cut.

  2. Bret says

    I had one at Animal Kingdom in November while waiting for the parade. We like them and I would rather have that than the Mickey Bar. Very good and a very nice size.

  3. Jenny says

    I have had this before, it is quite good for frozen ice cream cart food. I personally tend to lean more towards the freshly made disney treats rather than the pre packaged disney treats but this one and it’s big brother, the mickey ice cream bar, are both quite good and i do like to have at least once in a while.

  4. canadianslovewdw says

    i am ashamed to say i have not tried this or the bar, does this disqualify me from being a disney foodie???

  5. marcellina says

    I haven’t tried it either canadianslovewdw, but I’m pretty sure we are safe in saying we are still foodies. ;)

    I think I’d prefer this over the mickey bar as well…

  6. Kat says

    I’ve tried this bar and I think it’s delicious. But, my heart (and stomach) belongs to the Mickey Premium Bar. I do love to take a bite out of one when someone I am with gets it :-)

  7. says

    I love the taste of this sandwich, but… I prefer my ice cream sandwiches to have a softer wafer. So if I’m getting something from the ice cream cart, I tend to opt for the Premium Mickey Bar, and if I want an ice cream sandwich I head on over to the Main Street Bakery for my favorite ice cream sandwich in the world — the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich!

  8. Danielle S. says

    I was wondering if you know if these ice cream sandwiches are available on the cruise ships or if they are exclusive to the parks?

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