French Dip Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich for Limited Time

Hey all!! Earl of Sandwich posted on twitter and facebook about their brand new French Dip Sandwich, complete with red onions and au jus!!

New French Dip at Earl of Sandwich

I have no idea how long it will be around, but it’s being advertised as “for a limited time.”

If you’ve tried it, we’d love to hear your comments below! :-)

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up!


  1. says

    Alan — Yes indeed! Though I’ve never seen beef on weck with onions. Maybe my western NY upbringing was stunted in the onion area! ;-)

  2. Rachel says

    I was in WDW 1/21-1/28 and tried this on our Earl of Sandwich night. It was good, but I was irritated once I received my sandwich and it had no cheese. My fault for not reading the menu carefully, but really who doesn’t put cheese on a French Dip?!

    I went up to the counter to question if it was correct and a very rude manager snatched my sandwich and returned it with American cheese on it. It was okay, but I would have preferred provolone if she would’ve been courteous enough to ask me.

    All in all a good sandwich, just be sure to add cheese when you order it and to specify which kind.

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