Try It! The “Epcot Classics” Snack Crawl

We recently released our newest e-Book — The DFB Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks, and now we get to show off a little of what’s in it! This portable tome will take care of all of your cravings: Salty? Yep. Savory? Of course. Sweet? …Are you kidding me. ;-)

By now, you know that I just love food “crawls”, which are essentially little adventures to complete with your family and friends! Just eat each item to complete the crawl! And today I’d like to share the Epcot Classics Snack Crawl that we developed for our Epcot Snacks guidebook. But don’t worry — this doesn’t give too much away! We have five other snack crawls through Epcot in the book, along with 180 pages of snack reviews and other bonus items! Here we go…

Caramel Popcorn

Your first stop on the Epcot Classics Snack Crawl has quickly become an iconic spot in Epcot! Travel to Karamell-Küche, the luscious caramel candy store in Germany, and pick up some caramel popcorn. Deceptively simple, this stuff is addictive. Go ahead and get an extra bag — for midnight munchies, of course.

Caramel Popcorn

Prefer something not-so-sweet to start out? Grab a classic, hand-twisted German pretzel instead! :-) Believe me; there’s plenty of sweet to come!

Funnel Cake

It’s time to make your way to the Funnel Cake Kiosk in the American Adventure pavilion to pick up a true theme park classic — Funnel Cake! It’s your choice whether you select one that is plain or covered in extra sweetness such as ice cream, chocolate, or sugar. Either way, we think you’ll have fun with this classic snack! (And, yes, that IS ice cream…not butter. ;-D)

Try your funnel cake with ice cream!

Grand Marnier, and Grey Goose Citron Slushes

By now you might need something to wash down those snacks! We can highly recommend two other (deadly) Epcot classics — the Grey Goose Citron and/or Grand Marnier slushes in the France pavilion! Find these grown-up slushies at the Vins des Chefs de France kiosk and have fun picking your poison.

Grey Goose Citron Slush

Note, if the kiddos are doing this crawl with you, the yummy crepes next door will be the better choice for this Epcot classic stop!

School Bread

Take a leisurely stroll to the next stop — Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway — to enjoy the oh-so popular School Bread. The delicious vanilla custard, finely-shredded coconut, and not-too-sweet bread roll make this a favorite for many Epcot guests!

Epcot's Norway School Bread


Finally, it’s time to close out the day in the United Kingdom pavilion for a serious cult favorite. Not really a “snack” in the classic sense of the word, but it sure will fill you up! Head to the Rose & Crown Pub and order a pint of Guinness! If you’re really fortunate, Carl the Bartender will serve you. Cheers!

Shamrock Design on Top of Guinness

And, once again, if the kiddos are with you on this stop, trade your pint for a serving of English chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop!

Will You Try It?

Be sure to let us know if you take this Epcot Classics Crawl! And don’t forget — feel free to add in your own Classic snacks as you discover them! The crawls are meant as guides and should be changed up whenever you’d like!

There are lots more crawls, bonus items, and over 150 detailed snack reviews in the new Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks e-Book. The huge, colorful photos on every page are deliciously tempting too! And there are only a few more days to our Grand Launch sale! Use code EPCOT for $2 off your guide.

Find it all here in The DFB Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks e-book!

Download your copy here!

What kind of classic snacks would you include on your crawl? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Ainsley says

    I have to say the Yorkshire County Fish Shop is my favorite counter service in all of WDW! And I can also beat myself for never trying the caramel popcorn on my last trip! I wanted to, but we were in sweets overload by the time we made it to Germany that day.

  2. says

    Bryan — Ha ha! If we included ALL of the classic snacks, we’d have 50 snacks in it! ;-) Gotta draw the line somewhere, but you’re welcome to add kaki-gori to your Epcot Classics crawl! :-) What’s your favorite flavor?

    Ainsley — Ha ha!! No reason to get violent! Time for caramel corn on the next visit! Also, I’m so sad you were in sweets overload when you got to Germany; I love that Werther’s store!

  3. Ainsley says

    Oh no, AJ! I so didn’t mean it that way! You mentioned Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the post. I would much rather get the fish and chips and have a great meal instead of getting it as a snack. Plus, it is too close to the France where you have to get dessert to make the meal complete. :) France + Canadian maple pecans + Kaki-Gori = Sweets overload!
    Next time I go, I might have to start on the other side, or at least get some popcorn for the plane ride home.

  4. says

    Ainsley — Ha ha! I only meant you shouldn’t beat yourself! ;-D Totally get the fish and chips comment! Hope that whatever you’re studying for goes well :-D

  5. says

    Well, I would do this if I thought I had a fighting chance of making it out of Karamell Kuche alive! :p I seriously have a list for that place that includes pretty much one of everything.

  6. Brandy says

    My husband and I and his family sort of did this our last trip. We didn’t know it was called a crawl though. We tried to “eat our way around the world.” We started in the UK since Canada doesn’t really have a quickie food type thing and we pooped out at Germany. Next time we’re going to spread it across lunch and dinner and share the meal type things we have to get (such as the delicious fish and chips!)

  7. Emi says

    My family and I decided to have a bit of a crawl, our last visit. It was the first day of the HGTV Flower and Garden Festival, so we tried the Dole Whip there (which doesn’t compare to the MK one). Then we all split some fish and chips in the UK. After that, we picked up some desserts in France (bien sur!). We tried shawarma in Morocco and had udon and tempura at Yakitori Grill…oh, and then we picked up some caramel popcorn from Germany and brought 4 different Norwegian snacks back to the hotel, including the lovely School Bread. Definitely starting from the other side of the World next time, though.

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