National Noodle Month Special: Mushroom Ravioli Appetizer!

I had a great meal at Portobello Trattoria in Disney World’s Downtown Disney yesterday, and heard about a yummy new app that will be available for the “next seven days” in celebration of national noodle month: Mushroom Ravioli in a Parmesan Cream Sauce.

I even snagged a dish to try so that I could review it for the blog! (I promise I don’t usually order three appetizers — just an FYI for when you see the review of this lunch in a few weeks!)


The fresh ravioli will be an appetizer portion (which was four large raviolis), and is stuffed with chunks of Portobello, Cremini, and Shiitake mushrooms. The whole thing is covered in an uber-rich, thick Parmesan cream sauce and topped with fried mushrooms!

Mushroom Appetizer

The ravioli tastes fresh and light, and the chunks of mushroom are large enough that you get a good mushroom feel and flavor.

The dish ceases to be “light” when you add that decadent cream sauce, but that’s why an appetizer portion is just perfect!

Mushroom Appetizer Cross-Section

If you’re in the Orlando area in the next week, definitely make a detour to Portobello to try it! (Sit at the brand new outdoor, water-side patio — the weather’s supposed to stay beautiful this week!)

Water-Side Patio

By the way, here’s a tip: Lunch at Downtown Disney is often a great way to get into restaurants that are booked up for dinner as most guests are in the main theme parks during the day!

Have you been to Portobello? Let us know your favorite dishes there so we can try ‘em next time!


  1. says

    My parents and I tried Portobello in January for lunch and it was AWFUL! We had calamari to start that was obviously overcooked. We had to send it back it was that bad (and no apology from the restaurant.). For our entrees my dad had a “specialty pizza” that made the counter service pizzas look gourmet. I had spaghetti and meatballs, while the meatballs were good, the sauce was ridiculously watery. My mom had the gnocchi and the pork on it wasn’t as hot as the gnocchis themselves, obviously nuked then thrown on top.

    To top it all off,the service was dismal. All of 5 tables in the entire restaurant full and the staff was more concerned with talking to each other than waiting tables.

    Usually I agree with you AJ, but our experience was so bad, I doubt I’ll ever go back!

  2. Alan says

    We used to go to Portobello’s all the time before the dining plan came about, without them on the program. It always used to be an above average restaurant. They always were accommodating to my picky eater and had very classy service. I noticed that they revamped their menu a couple of years ago and it was a bit smaller. I hope they didn’t dumb down the quality and am anxious to try it out on our next visit. The patio looks like it would be a great place after dark to have a leisurely meal.

  3. Frank Stefanec says

    Wife and I were talking about Italian restaurants just this morning… ironically enough as we were jogging.. no kidding. Anyway, we are looking for a place where we can use our Disney Visa Rewards card…
    We love Il Mulino’s in the Swan, but I’m pretty sure they don’t honor that card.
    Tutto Italia is closed for now.. I know about Via Napoli too.. Somewhere different.
    I remembered Portobello’s, but after responses here, I’m a bit hesitant.
    Any other Italian places on Disney property that takes the Reward Card?

  4. Mary says

    My husband and I went to Portabello’s in February and had a fantastic meal! I had risotto balls for an appetizer. They were crispy on the outside and creamy and fresh inside. You could also taste the fresh basil, yummy! My husband had a salad which he very much enjoyed. For an entree, I had rock shrimp with black linguini. I loved the fresh pasta, but it was a little overpowered by the strong flavor of the asparagus. My husband had fresh ravioli that was delicious. They were very large, I’d say 6 X 3 inches! For dessert, I had cappuccino gelato that was the best I have ever had. I asked for the recipe, but it is made locally by Molto. It was so good, I wish they sold it in New England! My husband had chocolate cake, also good, very rich. All in all, we really like it and have already made reservations this summer when we go back with our kids.

  5. says

    Kelly — Thanks for the feedback on this one! So sorry you had a bad experience!! :-(

    Alan — The menu doesn’t feel dumbed down to me, and there are still some amazing dishes there (I love the bucatini!). Let me know if you try it out!

    Frank — I need to learn to do all of my restaurant thinking while jogging!! Good inspiration! That’s a great question about the rewards card. We’ll look into which restaurants on property take it.

    Mary — We had the black linguini on our visit this week! Yum! My husband doesn’t like asparagus, but I loved it! :-) The chocolate cake there is amazing! Thanks for your review.

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