Citrus Swirl is Back in the Magic Kingdom

Next week we’ll have a post here on the Disney Food Blog about our favorite “extinct” foods, but I’m happy to say that one of the best is now officially OFF of that “extinct” list!

Currently back in its original home at the Magic Kingdom’s Sunshine Tree Terrace, the Citrus Swirl is available once again!

Sunshine Tree Terrace in the Magic Kingdom

Don’t fret when you approach the Terrace and look at the menu. The Swirl hasn’t yet made it back onto the large hanging boards.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu

Look down by the register to see this pretty little sign. It’s even available for a Disney Dining Plan snack credit!

Citrus Swirl Info

For those who are new to this treat, here’s a little description. A bit like a creamsicle, this chilly snack twists vanilla soft-serve with a sweet-tart frozen orange juice.

That’s right — frozen orange juice. Veterans of the swirl will enjoy that term! A while back Disney switched the swirl to vanilla and orange soft-serve instead of frozen orange juice, and they also moved it to Aloha Isle. But, for now, everything seems to be back to the original recipe and location.

And it’s as delicious as ever!! Just look at that sunshine-y gorgeousness.

Citrus Swirl

Have you got a Citrus Swirl story, or are you planning on trying one on your next Disney World visit! We hope it sticks around!!

To read more about this classic snack, check out this blog by a Citrus Swirl devotee


  1. says

    I could never finish one of these, but when I was little I preferred Dole Whip Floats while my sister preferred this, so we would swap a few bites. I will have to get one now that they are back, and back to their original formula, as I am sure it will make me nostalgic for the trips when I was very little and my sister came along.

  2. says

    Alex — Great story! You’ll have to let me know what you think when you try it again and if it’s the exact same concoction you had as a kid.

    daydreamingdisney — Yes!! Let’s do!! You must try this!

  3. Laura says

    few years ago when I went to the world with my husband for his first visit, I was SO excited to share with him my all time favorite Disney treat, it was a heartbreaking when I discovered it was extinct :( Now I looking forward to enjoy it again in a few weeks, I can’t wait!!! :D

  4. AFoodie says

    I used to LOVE these!!! Memories of being 12 years old and not worrying about the cost of a trip to the parks. Sigh.

  5. Jen says

    Sweet sunshine in a frozen confection! Can’t wait for my next trip to have one, two, ten of these.

  6. Amy says

    Kristen – yes!!! I got an Orange Slush (their name) on Leap Day and it was frozen OJ. It was SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! I’d never heard of a citrus swirl, so I didn’t know what type of cult following it had til I started seeing it talked about online. The slush was I think $3.59, same price as the raspberry slush.

  7. says

    Wow, the Citrus Swirl looks delicious! You could probably compile a list of pictures I have seen on twitter the past few days of all the citrus swirls folks have eaten.

    I’m glad that they are off of the Extinct list, but are they going to stick around forever? I REALLY hope so!

    I also saw a certain someone mixed a citrus swirl with a vanilla iced coffee to get a citrus swirl float!

  8. Heather says

    Does this mean they don’t have the orange & vanilla swirl at the aloha isle? I don’t like pineapple so that’s what I would always get instead of a dole whip. I defi Italy want to try this, but just hoping the other isn’t gone.

  9. Tracey says

    YAY!!!! I’m so happy they brought this back! I had one for the first time when I was 6 or 7 (that was a real long time ago). It was my favorite Disney snack. I was so very disappointed when they stopped making them. I can’t wait to share one with my daughter on our next visit!

  10. Sue says

    My husband and I were in Disney last year and were soooo disappointed that we couldn’t find the swirl. I would like to know how they make it — unfortunately we can’t make it back to Disney again for a couple of years. I’m glad it’s back! It was very good.

  11. LL says

    I was in MK on Sunday 4/15 and made a beeline for the Sunshine Tree Terrace. I didn’t see the citrus swirl on the menu or on the counter anywhere. When it was my turn, I asked the CM and she said they didn’t have it. :(

    I was so disappointed. Esp. since I don’t like the Dole Float.

  12. says

    LL — I’m hearing from folks that it was available yesterday — April 16th. Perhaps you were just there on a bad day? Also, they shouldn’t have had the Dole Float available where you went. Were you perhaps at Aloha Isle?

  13. LL says

    Hi AJ – Nope, definitely at Sunshine…and when I ordered the float (vanilla soft serve in pineapple juice) I asked her if it was the same one they served at Aloha isle, and she did say yes.
    I’m glad it was there yesterday for people, but I’m really sad I missed it. Perhaps my CM was new…I tried arguing with her (nicely) for a few minutes, but no luck.

  14. says

    LL — I trust you; I think I was just hoping that the horrible thing didn’t really happen to you. :-) I’m sad you missed it, too. That’s just awful when you’re excited about a snack and they’re out or don’t have it. From what I’m getting back from folks on twitter, the swirl IS on the menu still, but that they’re “out” today. The Disney Parks blog posted about Citrus Swirl today, so I’m guessing all of the D23 craziness has made them very popular and they didn’t plan appropriately. ??

  15. LL says

    Aha! Very interesting! Well, if we make it back in Sept., I will definitely try again! As is the general rule at Disney, most CMs are outstanding, but sometimes you encounter either a misinformed one or a rude one. :( (Oh, and she also told me she thought it was something they had years ago! I said yes, but I was pretty sure I’d heard it was back! Still no go.) :)
    I can’t complain too much about Sunday though. Got on 18 rides and my longest wait all day was 17 minutes, saw the Electrical Parade, Wishes, the Magic Memories and You show…was still a great day! Thanks for your blog AJ!

  16. says

    LL — ARGH! Waiting til September is the WORST! :-( I’m glad about the 18 rides, though — you’re a superstar! ;-) Keep me updated on the Sept. trip!

  17. riley70 says

    All hail the return of the Orange Bird and the Citrus Swirl! Dole-whip/smole-whip, THIS is the true citrus fruit and ice cream delight! Welcome back.

  18. Dawn says

    I am so excited about this. My grandfather (rest in peace Papa Tom!) loved Disney and the very first place he would go would be Sunshine Tree Terrace. I remember trying to keep up with him as a kid (and I am 41 now!) as he bolted down Main Street and veered left to head towards Adventureland. Then we would all get one each and watch him as he enjoyed his favorite treat. Now, when my family visits WDW, we always have to go have one ‘in his honor’ and let me tell you it was heartbreaking to not see these on the menu the past few years! Dole Whips – while delish – were no substitute for this nostalgic frozen dessert. In fact, when i was in WDW in Nov 2011 I had to ask the Sunshine Tree employees to please mix their orange slush with frozen ice cream, and they looked confused and sent me down to Aloha Isle. I said NOPE, please just do it that way, and then i proceeded to tell them they need the Citrus Swirl back on the menu and they can name it “Papa Tom’s Citrus Swirl”! It’s like he is looking down on us and WDW and made this dream come true again. Thanks Papa! I am so looking forward to having one again in memory of him when i go back in Dec 201211

  19. says

    75% oj concentrate 25% water… thats how you get the sweet tart taste!! you people have no idea how excited i am that this is back. its been 7 years since i had one as they took it away and replaced it with sherbert sometime around 2005. i cant wait to get into the park to have one!!!

  20. orange bird says

    This is not the original recipe from 2005 on back to the 70s. I spoke with a manager yesterday at sunshine tree and he confirmed that it isnt the same. Just another sad example of WDW cutting corners. Quality down, prices up, widespread character integration and merchandise in your face. How long before they get a CEO that embodies the standards of WDW from the 70s-90s???

  21. Jamie says

    I don’t like pineapple so I was wondering if I’d ever get an awesome soft-serve at WDW. I’m so excited to try this on our honeymoon in July!!

  22. Mary says

    Glad you mentioned that they changed it to frozen orange juice. I tried it a while back and it tasted like orange peels. Yuck. Will need to revisit this frosty treat now.

  23. Joni says

    Love the citrus swirl !!! Has been a must have every year . Till we got the “fake” swirl nasty. Orange ice cream. Please don’t mess with it again. :) so happy it is back.

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