Menu Changes: Epcot’s Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room

In our last review of Rose & Crown in Disney World’s Epcot, we took a look at some menu changes. And, with the new Spring season, it’s happened again! But this time it’s a bit more drastic.

There are several favorites that have been removed from the menu with this go-around! Potato Leek Soup? Gone. Sunday Dinner? Gone. Bangers and Mash? Gone (from the dinner menu).

But lots of new things have been added! The Ploughman’s Lunch and Cottage Pie are back on the menu after absences, and there are several new desserts to sample!

Dinner Menu

Here’s the October 2011 Rose & Crown menu that we reviewed. The new dinner menu launched this week has taken some serious turns…

Dinner Menu 1 -- click for larger image

Rose and Crown Dinner Menu 2 -- click for larger image

Menu Items No Longer on Dinner Menu
Potato and Leek Soup
Trio of United Kingdom Pasties
Pan-roasted Mussels
Romaine Salad
Winter Squash Bisque
Grilled Salmon
Sunday Roast
Pan-roasted Cornish Hen
Seasonal Vegetable Curry
Shepherd’s Pie
Bangers and Mash
Grilled Sirloin is now a Grilled Tenderloin with a change in some of the accompaniments

Items New to the Dinner Menu
Seasonal Soup
Appetizer Trio (Scotch Egg; Mary and the Lads; Frisee and Apple Salad)
Roasted Sea Scallops
Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad
Vegetable Pie and Mash
Cottage Pie (essentially the same as Shepherd’s pie but with beef instead of lamb)
Pan-fried Fresh River Trout
Slow-cooked Chicken Curry
Beef Sirloin Steak

Front Patio with View of World Showcase Lagoon

Lunch Menu

The lunch menu has also been altered. Gone from the apps listing is the fan fave – Potato and Leek Soup.

Lunch Apps and Entrees - click image for larger version

Sides and Desserts Lunch Menu - click image for larger version

Menu Items No Longer on Lunch Menu
Potato and Leek Soup
Winter Squash Bisque
Pan-roasted Mussels
Trio of UK Pasties.
Grilled Pork Brisket
Sunday Roast
Romaine Salad
Shepherd’s Pie
Seasonal Vegetable Curry

Items New to the Lunch Menu
Roasted Sea Scallops
Appetizer Trio
Seasonal Soup
Farmhouse Ploughman’s Lunch (back on the menu after an absence)
Beef Sirloin Steak
Grilled Salmon
Cottage Pie
Vegetable Stone Pie

The desserts have been changed up as well. On the lunch and dinner menus, you can now choose from Mandy’s Mess with pound cake and berries; Cheesecake with mocha cream and caramelized bananas; No Sugar Added Lemon Custard; and Jaffa Tarts (orange cream filled cakes). Yes, Sticky Toffee Pudding has survived!

What do you think of the new menus? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. chantel says

    OI! no Sunday Dinner???? the scallops sound divine, but that is a huge change! VERY SMILEY to see Jaffas! I grew up in the UK and Jaffa Cakes were de rigeur in our house!

  2. lynne says

    Well, this sucks for folks (like me) who don’t eat animal products. I’m not sad to see the curry gone (because it wasn’t very good the last time I had it), but you would think they would have put something on the menu that doesn’t have meat or dairy.

  3. Tracey B. says

    We were just there on Friday night. I was surprised to see the Sunday Dinner off the menu. I had the Grilled Tenderloin and fish and Hubby had the Beef Sirloin. Both were good as was the cheese plate. I still wish they hadn’t gotten rid of some of the previous items though!

  4. says

    I’m glad to see the Bangers & Mash still on the lunch menu at least. I’m willing to wager that you could get them to make it at dinner if the need ever arises. My wife will be happy about the addition of the trout. Mandy’s Mess actually sounds like an interesting dessert, too.

  5. venessa says

    I’m wondering as to why I’ve never eaten in the resturaunt before =/ Hmmm. Oh I know!! We’re always stuck inside the Pub having an amazing time LMAO! We have got to try this now though and it looks pretty good. ALL OF IT.

  6. says

    Glad to see the bangers and mash has at least survived on the lunch menu. I’d be sad to see it gone from both.

    I’m curious what the new vegetable pie will be like. The old vegetarian shepherd’s pie they had before the last menu revision was so good.

  7. Shayne says

    I too am glad bangers and mash is at least still available at lunch. The chicken curry sounds interesting. Now I’m wishing we had time to eat there on our next trip!

  8. W.D. says

    This is the restaurant I use to recommend (since the park opened) to people who wanted a World Showcase meal without the hefty price tag. I am sorry to see the Shepard’s Pie gone and the Bangers & Mash only available at lunch. Sunday Roast, gone too, was a fond memory of the English home I grew up in…

    I wonder if what we have now is pub food 2013 (yes, next year’s fare). A tenderloin just isn’t my idea of what needed to be served here. Ah, but a $27 price tag says it all for me.


  9. says

    Very happy to see the addition of the Vegetable Pie on there – thumbs up from me! I like the sound of the Jaffa tarts too (if they’re anything like Jaffa Cakes, that’ll be another big thumbs up).

  10. says

    Boy, I’m surprised to see not only the Bangers & Mash leave the dinner menu, but the hen as well! The only chicken dish now is a curry? No roasted bird option feels wrong for some reason… maybe that’s just my Dickensian imagination of what British food is. :-)

  11. catherine says

    crankin’ out those Ocean Spray Craisins! Disney must have gotten a load of sponsorship cash from them.

  12. Elizabeth says

    I can’t believe they took off my three favorite dishes, the potato leek soup, bangers and mash and the Sunday supper! I will miss the soup most of all- of course, since potatoes are mostly always in season, they could just use it as the seasonal soup??

  13. Linda says

    At there for lunch when they debuted the new menu. I had the roasted sea scallops appetizer and vegetable stone pie. The scallops were delicious. I was surprised when I took my first bite of the stone pie (similar to quiche) to find it cold. I asked our server Gem (an absolute delight) if it was meant to be served this way. She checked with the chef and traditionally it is served room temp but could tell I was not happy with it. She offered to heat it up or for me to choose something different. I asked for it heated and let me tell you, it made all the difference in the world…I ate it all!

  14. Alan says

    I see that those items that are on both menus are the same price. Does this continue the Disney trend towards a single all day menu? I personally prefer different menus, which gives us more choice and possibly lighter meals at lunchtime and also less food for those who are lighter eaters.

  15. Jen says

    Alan- I am begnning to notice that trend also, especially at DHS. I wonder if it meant to encourage those who use the DDP to use it at lunch, since the meal costs are the same. Perhaps there are more dinner ADRs than lunch ADRs at these places and this is an attempt to achieve a more even distribution. Just a guess.

  16. Alisa says

    We have dinner ressies here soon, and the two things I wanted the most are gone! I’m curious to know if they would make the bangers and mash for dinner if it was requested?

  17. says

    Another chef who has never visited the UK? Ah well, I wasn’t planning on going there anyway. No wonder people think British food is terrible!

  18. Elise says

    We were there on 3/14, the day the menu was changed, and the food was very disappointing. I had the new vegetable pie n mash and it was not very good at all – mostly raw vegetables with mashed potatoes on top – not a lot of flavor. Others in my group thought that the normally reliable fish and chips had dropped a notch or two as well. Sadly we all decided that Rose and Crown will be off of our list in future trips!

  19. Wendy says

    Aww, boo! We ate here for the first time this past December. I LOVED the potato and leek soup! Possibly my favorite app of the trip. Although, I am glad to see the Cottage Pie on here. I’d read about it before our trip, but it was gone by the time we ate there. I’ll have to get back there soon so I can try it this time!

  20. says

    Unfortunately at lunch time I was disappointed by the “Vegetable Stone Pie” (the new vegetarian option. The description says: “Mushroom, onions, spinach, cheese,” – but in reality it is about 99% EGG, like quiche. It’s probably fine if you like eggs (my husband liked it) but I can’t stand eggs, and there was no mention of egg on the menu whatsoever. I didn’t see much in the way of cheese, and zero spinach. Just a big giant scrambled egg pie – not at all like the description. I was hoping it’d be more like a tart, or perhaps like a cottage pie or pot pie or shepherd’s pie =( Now they don’t really have an option for me at Lunch at least.

  21. riley70 says

    Well, I no longer have a reason to go there! No Yorkshire pudding with Sunday Roast at lunch. Very sad, I will have to hope/wait until they bring it back. They seem to only have Yorkshire Pudding with one dinner meal (steak and fried fish), and I wouldn’t want to order that, nor would I want to pay $10 more for it. Here’s hoping Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding makes a comeback.

  22. Michael says

    Well one more place off the food list… My wife will be very distraught that they have taken the potato leek soup off the menu… Along with the old trio sampler… Getting very tired of the house of mouse messing with old favorites… I will be there for 2 weeks at Xmas this year and need to think about other options… Wonder if I can get a sticky toffee pudding to go? About the only thing on the menu I care about now… Will not pay 9.00 for a scotch egg…. That is insane and this is coming from someone who spends liberally on vaca… Seems like a disturbing trend towards marginalizing all the favorites…. How long before the beer cheese soup goes away….. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. Michael says

    Hmmmmm??? So why would I go back now? No potato leek soup… No trio… Wonder if I can get sticky toffee pudding to go… Worse yet I am gonna have go break the news to my wife… Oh the horror…. Just want to thank the “house of mouse” for messing up yet another favorite . What is next? The beer cheese soup at le cellar? Heck they even messed up the Hoop dee doo… Been going to WDW since I since 73′ when I was 6… 9.00 for a single scotch egg? 3 or 4 of those I can go to ohana or boma…. Very very disappointed in WDW right now…. My ” happy place” is letting me down…. Will be there at Xmas for 2 weeks… Maybe this will be last time given the way things are going…. Sell the DVC membership and walk away…. Hmmmmmm

  24. James says

    So,if there is no traditional Sunday dinner then there is no reason (for me, the guy who is paying) to take the family to Epcot on Sunday.

  25. James says

    I am sorry for not tinking quickly enough, but it looks like we are going to Epcot during the Christmas season. I can easily take Monday off, but not Friday. Does anybody have suggestions on a traditional Sunday dinner in Orlando? We could always blow off Epcot for a few hours, have a nice dinner and then come back to Epcot for the night.

  26. Rhonda says

    There were 2 things I like on the menu, Sunday Roast and Fish and Chips. I am very sad to see the Sunday roast gone, where else can you get Yorkshire pudding? Not a good move I don’t think.

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