Review: Casey’s Corner

Time to sing a rousing chorus of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as we head over to one of the Magic Kingdom’s most beloved counter service spots, Casey’s Corner!

This has been one of my go-to hangouts for years, and I’m excited to finally be writing an actual review of it for you!


You’ll find Casey’s at the Northwest corner of Main Street — exactly where you’ll find Coke Corner in Disneyland — and the two spots are actually quite similar in appearance.

Channeling an early twentieth century baseball concession stand, you can almost hear the crack of the bat when you walk in! Really, what is there not to love about this place? It’s classic Americana and classic Disney.

Casey's Corner

Casey's Window

Cast Members dress in baseball uniforms, just like the players on the Mudville team, ready to enter the game!

Cast Members Hustle Behind the Counter

Cast Members Hustle Behind the Counter

Casey's Ordering Area

Nostalgic decor nods to Disney partner Coca-Cola in the form of vintage Tiffany hanging lights, glassware, and stained glass.

Coca Cola Light at Casey's

Casey's Decor

Atmosphere Details at Casey's Corner

Indoor seating is to the right of the ordering area. Stop for a spell and take in some vintage cartoons on the big screen!

And, yes, this is why you walk through the ever-present smell of vinegar when using the Emporium as a short-cut from Town Square to Adventureland. ;-) It’s all that ketchup!

Inside Casey's

Grandstand seating really does make you feel like you’re about to take in a game.

Indoor Seating Area

The theme of the restaurant is based around Ernest Thayer poem “Casey at the Bat,” which was adapted into a cartoon by Disney in the 1940’s. Check out some great details about this over at Designing Disney.

Mudville Down By Two...

Mudville Down By Two...

More tables over to the side offer a bit more inside seating, and there are even more fun treasures here that most guests never stop long enough to investigate.

Indoor Seating -- Tables

Indoor Seating -- Tables

Tucked around a corner – a vintage pinball machine!

Pinball Machine

A Mudville player (Casey?) waits for the pitch in this giant portrait.

Large Portrait at Casey's Corner

Outside, there is more patio seating at several old-fashioned red-and-white table and chair sets. Bright, matching umbrellas offer a bit of respite from the sun, but these go fast so snag one early.

This is also a great spot to watch any Castle shows, fireworks, or parades. Just remember to eat quickly; the birds around here can be aggressive!

View and Outdoor Seating Area

Casey's Corner Outdoor Tables

View from Outdoor Tables

View from Outdoor Tables

Also outdoors you’ll often find a ragtime pianist entertaining guests!

Ragtime Piano

Ragtime Piano

It’s pretty much an all-around good time, except for the birds…and the inevitable crowds. ;-)


Hot dogs are the name of the game at Casey’s Corner, and they’re definitely your best bet on the menu.

Casey's Menu - click image for larger version

As we’ve discussed, gourmet hot dogs have popped up all over property. And you’ll find them at Casey’s as well, like the Chicago-Style Dog, the Chili-Cheese Dog, and the Barbecue Slaw Dog (which is also available at Fairfax Fare.)

In addition, you can choose a plain hot dog meal and dress it up with some of Casey’s bountiful condiments. All of the m come with your choice of the meals come with your choice of fries or apple slices.

There are plenty of other delicious treats at Casey’s too, like the must-have walk-and-eat corn dog nuggets. These are guest favorites and offer a fun, bite-sized snack to share with the fam.

Casey's Corner Corn Dog Nuggets

Corn Dog Nugget Cross Section

The Ball Park Nachos are minimal, but filling. They’re not winning any awards for flavor, but when you need some chili cheese chips in the Magic Kingdom, these might be your best bet! A bit messy, though, especially if all of the tables are taken and you have to eat on a bench like I had to!

Ball Park Nachos

And where else can you still score Cracker Jack? It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you ate some, it still brings you back to your childhood!

Cracker Jack


Once you’ve picked your poison, the condiment bar is well-stocked and plentiful — it has all the options you would expect, and we love that you don’t have to tear open a gazillion little packets to get your mustard and ketchup fix!

Ketchup and Mustard

Condiment Packets

But there are plenty of extras, which means you can make your hot dog (and fries!) uniquely your own creation.


Try some jalepenos and salsa to give your dog a southwest zip, or you can stick with the more traditional onions and relish.


And don’t forget the yummy plastic cheese! Good for fries or dogs, or both! Get as much as you want, because you can HAVE AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!

Plastic Cheese

Don’t forget to snag some napkins on the way to your seat! Cheerful popcorn buckets hold a generous supply of napkins for guests.

Straws and Napkins

Since I had enjoyed the decadent mac and cheese and truffle oil hot dog very recently, I went minimalist this day and got the plain hot dog meal and fries, along with a soda-pop. (The truth is, the simple route really is my favorite option when it comes to Casey’s.) And of course, I had to have cheese and ketchup to complete the meal.

Because Casey’s is almost always busy, there’s a lot of turnover of the food. This means that fries are fresh, crisp, and hot; and the plump hot dogs are always at their best.

Hot Dog and Fries

It’s true that these are no longer all-beef (now they’re a chicken/beef mix), but they still taste great to me. I don’t eat hot dogs very much at home, so this is always a fun return to being a kid!

Hot Dog Bun Close-Up

Still hungry? Time to head over for a Dole Whip or a Citrus Swirl!


Casey’s Corner offers the quintessential Magic Kingdom dining vibe. With food that always tastes fresh and brings back fun memories, it’s a great place to stop for a bite and a rest.

It offers a terrific vantage point for people watching, as busy guests run to and fro across the park, and it’s also a good spot to either get some air conditioning (inside) or watch a parade or Castle show (outside).

It may just be ballpark fare, but Casey’s Corner is a must-do for anyone looking to enjoy a quick bite that says, “I’m really at Disney World!”

Do you have a favorite Casey’s Corner meal or menu item? Let us know in the comments what you crave from this classic spot.


  1. says

    Anderson — It’s a controlled substance in DL. Wracking my brain to come up with somewhere that it’s on a condiment station.

  2. Alan says

    This is one of those restaurants where the decor is great but the food is just ok. It’s really nostalgic and a treat to the eye.

    I wonder how the plastic cheese would taste in a grilled cheese sandwich?

  3. Kelly says

    You should have gone for the corn dog nuggets! Nothing better. Seriously, I’ve gotten the nuggets outside the world and they’re not as good! Easily one of my favorite treats in the Magic Kingdom!

    Also, if you take your food across Main Street, go to the smoking section down by the water. It’s such a peaceful place to grab a bite!

  4. says

    I second the corn dog nuggets! Especially with some “plastic” cheese to dip ‘em in! :^D

    The only downside to this place is that it seems like it’s mobbed ALL the time!

  5. Elizabeth says

    I’ve had that barbecue slaw dog and it was delicious! And definitely big enough to share!

    You know the State of California has probably slapped some warning label on the plastic cheese…soon you will have to show your driver’s license to buy it! ;-)

  6. Christa M. says

    Those corn dog nuggets (with plastic cheese) are amazing. I’m so hungry just thinking about it.

  7. Niki M says

    Can’t wait for corndog nuggest with cheese dip on our next trip! I always thought the funky smell at the back of the Emporium was the sauerkraut. My husband won’t even go in because of that smell.

  8. Jim R says

    After my experience at the Studios Hot Dog place (terrible healthy chicken dog) that is bad with any topping, are the Casey’s still all beef, with that great spice and pop when you bite into it?

  9. Dawn S says

    So timely for me that you reviewed Casey’s. On my last trip I wanted “one for the road” (a one day WDW visit) Casey’s was sooooo packed I skipped it…and I’ve been craving it ever since!!! I’ve tried to make due with dogs around my town, but nothing has fulfilled my Casey’s craving. I return in just 10 days on a solo trip, and I WILL be making a stop at Casey’s, no matter how crowded!!!

  10. Megan says

    Just glancing… saw in the background of one of your pics… $4.69 for a souvenir mug with pop. Sounds like a great deal! We ate at Casey’s in fall 2011. It was just okay. The place was packed and it started to rain, so people were hovering over us waiting to steal our table as soon as we got up.

    My only complaint… no kids choices (for little kids). At the time, apple slices were not an option. We got our little one corn dog nuggets, but he was not impressed.

  11. says

    We sampled the barbecue slaw dog recently, and we really enjoyed it. Messy and a little on the spendy side, but it was so filling that my husband and I were able to just split one and it was the perfect portion.

    I agree with Bill’s comment above though. It seems like there is never a slow time at Casey’s, so you have to be on your toes to find a table.

  12. Greg says

    Does anyone remember the movie ‘The Great Outdoors?’ In particular, the scene with the racoons when they are discussing what hot dogs are made of? Exactly… That is why I am so glad I am a vegetarian!

  13. Laura G (buyul) says

    last year I noticed the bun was kinda different, did they change the brand? Mine wasnt soft and warm :(

  14. says

    So, my daughter has an allergy to gluten (Celiac) and, while Disney was amazing at accommodating any and all of her food needs, we didn’t really know what to expect when we went to Casey’s. We learned quickly that this counter service gem is among the best in WDW in responding to guests food allergies.

    When we informed the cast member at the counter about my daughter’s allergy, she immediately grabbed the manager and told him about our challenge. He came out from the back, got on one knee and asked Cayce (my daughter) what she wanted. She informed him about her desire to just eat a hot dog like everyone else and he assured her that he could make it happen with the gluten free buns in the back. He then looked at my wife and I and assured us that he would be the one fixing her lunch. He even told us that we could watch through the window to make sure he washed his hands and wiped down the counter where he would prepare her food. After this process he hand delivered her hot dog and showed us the condiment bar (and delicious plastic cheese).

    The cast at Casey’s went above and beyond for my Cayce and has since become our favorite counter service stop in WDW (as if the cheese wasn’t enough!).

  15. says

    those corn dog nuggets look soooo good! I have to remember to get some in September! I’ve eaten at Coke Corner in disneyland (well, I bought a cream cheese pretzel) but never at Casey’s Corner! I can’t believe after all my trips to WDW I’ve never eaten there.

  16. Elaine says

    We always eat at Casey’s and I always get the plain hot dog meal. There is a lot of good food at Disney but when at the MK you just gotta do Casey’s. Most times we get our hot dog meals and then sit on the curb and wait for the parade to start. It’s a good way to pass the time while waiting for the parade to start.

  17. says

    I have to agree that the corn dog nuggets are what I always order at Casey’s. They are truly incredible! The hot dogs are good, but in comparison to the hot dogs available to those of us who live in northern NJ (Rutt’s Hut in Clifton, Hiram’s Roadstand in Fort Lee, etc), the hot dogs at Casey’s don’t really cut the mustard.

  18. Jill says

    Im going to WDW in June and keep reading about this “plastic cheese”. Can someone tell me what this is and why it’s called that. Also what is the best quick service for ribs?? Thanks.

  19. Kelley says

    Jill, the cheese isn’t special to Disney. It’s just the type you might get with nachos at any concession. It’s called plastic because it looks like plastic and is very processed. Best quick service for ribs would be in Animal Kingdom at Flame Tree Barbecue. That’s only opinion, of course! :)

  20. Galloping Gourmand says

    Ive gone on at length about hot dogs before. Briefly, my dad was a butcher and due to what I know I will only eat kosher dogs with the exception of Casey’s. I think the dog is bland and uninspiring However Casey’s has two things going for it:

    The lines move much faster than any other quick service location. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 10 minutes unless a guest was causing a fuss about something. (I don’t want that much ice! No, MORE ice than that! Can’t you do ice right?)

    It’s almost the last quick service location before leaving the park. When you realize that by the time you get back to the hotel the food locations there will be closed you are gonna turn a quick right and get a dog. Many people don’t know the bakery has sandwiches. Plus, it’s easier to hold a dog in one hand and coke in the other than a sandwich as you head out.

  21. Bret says

    What I dont understand is… Why do they not put the plastic cheese on the nachos???? I tihnk I would have to head straight over to it and add my own….. Have to say I am not big on hot dogs but I have tons of pictures of the coke stuff in Caseys. Now I guess after this Ill have to stop and get something to eat from here……

  22. says

    I don’t eat hot dogs and I still think this place is cute. And I eat fries and love the toppings bar, glad it was represented in the pictures!

  23. Erin says

    We ate here two weeks ago and loved it! I had the yummy chili-cheese dog. We loved that the desserts were Cracker Jack’s and a big bag of cotton candy – perfect for snacking on while waiting for the parade! This will defintely be a tradition for my family!

  24. JHH says

    I got food poisoning after eating the BBQ hot dog at Casey’s; was sick for days. Never eating here again!

  25. Melissa says

    Am I imagining it, or was this place called “Refreshment Corner” when I was a kid?

  26. Brian says

    Casey is a favorite for the non-picky eaters in my family.
    I enjoy having a side of chili for dipping fries, corn dog bites and eating all by itself.
    It’s my homage to Walt whom I hear loved canned chili and wieners [as he called them].

    We like to eat on the grandstand by the shop and watch the cartoon.

  27. Jodi says

    It’s crazy that I noticed the MK souvenir mug available! (Under the menu picture) Is that the current mug for 2012? I will be making a solo trip to WDW, while attending a conference & want to do some leisurely strolling. I have contemplated on buying park tickets & watching Wishes. I might just do that if the mug is current!

  28. Sara says

    Casey’s is a family favorite, though has ‘fallen’ out of favor with Dad. He is a Chicago style FREAK (and being from Chicago, he knows all about ‘em). They have a chicago style dog at Casey’s, but is isn’t a real one. DOes that make sense? They take the toppings, chop them up, and make them into a spread on the dog…but a real chicago dog has the pickle spear, slices of tomatoes, etc.

    But otherwise, we love it.

  29. Angela says

    Can anyone tell me if you are using the DDP here what counts as the “dessert” part of the meal – does the cotton candy? That would make my kid’s day! :)

  30. Heather Bales says

    We went to Disney for our Anniversary as we did last year in January, well last year we absolutely fell in love with the bbq slaw dogs here and we talked about it every day when planning our trip back. The first day we had planned to dine their for breakfast and they were closed! :( Completely put a damper on our day and week long trip. We really loved those darn hotdogs. Needless to say they never reopened while we were there. So I guess we will just have to keep our hopes up for the next time that they will reopen.

  31. Deanna says

    Can ANYONE tell me if the hot dogs and buns are Dairy free?? I understand they have gluten free buns in back and that is NOT the problem. I have a 4 yr old with anaphylactic reaction to solid dairy proteins and dairy sugars. He can have whey but no other parts of dairy. I am usually safe with all beef hot dogs but I hear that they have changed to a chicken beef mix **** this mixing sometimes comes with fillers which allows dairy to sneak in. I don’t have a problem bringing in my own hot dog bun for him I just question the meat. I have called the dining helpers and they can’t help. So if anyone has read the ingredients can tell ,e if they list words like milk casein or lacto-anything…. Even if you can tell me they are Kosher I know they are safe. We carry Benedryl and an epi pen but I would rather not have to use it. Any knowledge would be appreciated.

  32. says

    Deanna — While I’m not sure about the question of dairy free, cast members and managers at the restaurant should be able to tell you without a doubt if the hotdogs are dairy free, and should be able to produce a list of ingredients for you.

  33. Christy says

    Did not enjoy the food on our last trip. The bun was too much bread and stale. Hopefully it was a one off because we used to love to eat here.

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