Ode to Disney Dessert Sandwiches

You know we like to follow the Disney food trends here on Disney Food Blog, and one that we’re noticing more and more are the “dessert sandwiches” that keep popping up.

Of course, Disney has seemingly always offered the beloved Carrot Cake Cookie and Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich, and now there are a few more options. Let’s take a look at some old and new favorites!

Whoopie pies

Whoopie pies (cake-like cookie sandwiches with frosting or whipped cream in the middle — borne out of the Northeastern United States) are a huge trend nationwide; and over at Sunshine Seasons in The Land, they’ve introduced a red velvet whoopie pie with your favorite mouse right on top!

The frosting inside is buttercream, not cream cheese, but we’re pretty happy with it either way!

Mickey Whoopie Pie at Sunshine Seasons

Decked out in chocolate chips, this is a great one to try while you’re waiting for your Soarin’ fastpass to open up!

And at the Boardwalk Resort, Flying Fish Cafe offers a Trio of Concessions Sweets aptly named “Out on the Boardwalk”. A highlight of this dish is the Peanut Butter-Chocolate-Marshmallow “Moon Pie”.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Whoopie Pie with Pound Cake Fries

The pound cake “fries” have strawberry “ketchup” to add to the look-alike whoopie pie “burger”. It’s an innovative boardwalk dessert…and delicious!

Carrot Cake Cookie

Writer’s Stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to the Carrot Cake Cookie, another whoopie-pie like menu item featuring two soft, cake-like cookies with delectable cream cheese frosting sandwiched in between. These days, you can also find these goodies at Sweet Spells in the Studios.

Carrot Cake Cookie

Carrot Cake Cookie Cross Section

Note that these are HUGE. You can probably share with a friend, spouse, or kid (but you don’t have to!).

Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in Magic Kingdom offers this unique waffle sandwich as one of four new additions to the menu!

While this could definitely make a great breakfast entree, we’re loving this one as a dessert sandwich! Nestled inside a full-size waffle, you’ll find chocolatey-hazelnutty Nutella and a large serving of fruit.

Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich

Huge, freshly-made cookies with generous scoops of ice cream is a snack large enough to share. But, you don’t have to! Homemade ice cream sandwiches are one of our favorite WDW park treats (and you can even get them for a snack credit!).

Famous Disney Home-Made Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Famous Disney Home-Made Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

You’ll have several opportunities to snag one while you’re in the parks — the Main Street Bakery and Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom, Dino-Bite Snacks in Animal Kingdom, Fountainview Cafe in Epcot, and Hollywood Scoops in Hollywood Studios — all make them!

Depending on the season, you’ll even have some wonderful options to customize your ice cream sandwich. For ice cream flavors, we’ve seen mint chocolate chip, peppermint, and pumpkin. During holidays, select cookies with colorful sprinkles — or even choose gingerbread snowflake cookies!

Halloween Themed Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Brownie Frosting Sandwiches

Now, we’re headed to Downtown Disney’s Earl of Sandwich for brownie frosting sandwiches!

Technically called “Brownie Creme Sandwiches,” we absolutely adore these homemade brownies with a rich, just-out-of-the-oven taste! And the vanilla frosting piped in is extra-sweet and creamy!

Earl of Sandwich Brownie Frosting Sandwich

We were really excited to see two more versions — peanut butter or chocolate brownie sandwiches — on a recent trip to Disney World! The Peanut Butter Brownie Sandwich’s frosting is more like a filling. Peanut butter cup lovers — this one is for you…

PB Brownie Sandwich Close-Up

Chocolate-filled brownie sandwiches will appeal to chocaholics! With super-sweet brownies containing extra chocolate chunks and ooey-gooey chocolate frosting in the middle, you’ll get your chocolate fix with this selection!

Chocolate Filled Brownie Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich has also brought in some ice cream brownie sandwiches, so if ice cream is your preference over frosting, you’re in for a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry treat!

Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich

This classic Mickey ice cream sandwich has crisp chocolate wafers with cookies and cream ice cream sandwiched in the middle of an iconic Mickey face!

This treat is easy to find at the many ice cream kiosks around Walt Disney World’s parks and resorts.

Hello, Mickey!

Honorable Mentions

Waffles with strawberry jam filling at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe and the “Dessert Sandwich Situation” from the 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Waffle and Strawberry Jam Sandwich at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

Don’t forget to check out more of our favorites on our Best Disney Restaurants page!

Now, it’s your turn. What’s your fave dessert sandwich? Have you found any others at WDW? If so, please clue us in!


  1. says

    Oh. my. word. Dessert sandwiches are my absolute favorite thing ever. I have a seriously disturbing reoccurring craving for a WDW ice cream cookie sandwich. I didn’t know they had them at DinoBites … that might become lunch on my next visit to DAK. YUM!! This post is why Disney Food Blog is the BEST.

  2. says

    The carrot cake cookie is the best dessert I remember having at Disney. It it SO moist and delicious. The brownie sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich may take the title on my next visit though…those look amazing.

  3. says

    I just had the Earl of Sandwich Brownie Sandwich for the first time last week and ohhhhhhhh was it good! Now I need to go back and try the peanut butter one!

    I remember a carrot cake cookie at Writer’s Stop that was just a single cookie with a dollop of cream cheese frosting on it…I wonder when it changed (or maybe I’m crazy?).

  4. says

    The carrot cake cookie is ridiculously good and I need to head back to Earl to try the PB version of the brownie sandwich.

    Also, did Mike Sorrentino hand out the “Dessert Sandwich Situation”

  5. says

    Melissa Sue — Thanks, my friend! Yes; I’m loving the new “portable” desserts popping up in Disney parks!

    James N. — I love that carrot cake cookie, too. I just wish it had nuts and raisins in the cake!

    Lenore — Yay! So glad you tried that addictive dessert! The other carrot cake cookie you’re thinking of (you can see it reviewed here) was around for a short time at several of the candy shops and bakeries. I haven’t seen it for a year or so, sadly. It was wonderful!

    Mark D. — Awesome! Let me know how you like the PB version. The filling is less sweet than expected, I think. Also, I don’t remember who handed out the Dessert Sandwiches at F&W :-(

  6. says

    that earl of sandwich brownie looks amazing! I can’t believe I’ve never had one.. I’d probably opt for either the peanut butter one (though I’d be worried it’d be a bit too sweet maybe?) or the ice cream one. yeah, ice cream for sure. BTW, that nutella and fruit waffle?… I have a picture of me eating it with the biggest smile on my face. Just looking at the picture makes me smile…. mmm nutella! Great AJ, now I want one. ;)

  7. kirsty says

    I love that bakery in Norway, and that waffle is delicious, people should not overlook it!

  8. Matt says

    I had the nuttella and fresh fruit waffle. It was great. My wife and I shared it and my daughter picked some fruit off as well. Warning: It is messy! It is not a walk around and eat sandwhich especially with a coke in the other hand. I highly recommend it. I wan to try the other waffle sandwiches there as well!

  9. Beth says

    We’ll be there in November, and I’ve already got a snack at Writer’s Stop on the agenda! Can anyone tell me if there are nuts of any kind in the Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwich? I know some carrot cakes have walnuts, but from the picture, it looks like this cookie is walnut-free. I’m allergic to most nuts, but peanuts and walnuts are a death sentence!

    Thanks for the wonderful post AJ! *DROOL*

  10. kirsty says

    I dont remember there being nuts, my Mom hates nuts and she likes that cookie, so I will say no!

  11. says

    Mark D. — Awesome! Let me know how you like the PB version. The filling is less sweet than expected, I think. Also, I don’t remember who handed out the Dessert Sandwiches at F&W

    That is funny. Mike Sorrentino is “The Situation” from Jersey Shore. You missed my poor attempt at a joke.

  12. Ann says

    That pb brownie sandwich and the Peanut Butter-Chocolate-Marshmallow “Moon Pie” will hunt my dreams till next February. SO GOOD!

  13. says

    Argh! TELL me the Trio of Concessions Sweets is a new addition to Flying Fish’s menu—we were just there in January and totally would have ordered it if we’d known about it!

    Re: Brownie Frosting Sandwiches – These may possibly be the best baked good on Disney property. Moist, fudgy brownies plus toothache-inducing vanilla buttercream frosting… heaven! (I just wish there were as much sugar in the peanut butter filling… it tasted like straight peanut butter to me!)

  14. Jared says

    I’ve never seen that whoopie pie at Sunshine Seasons. I will not repeat that mistake.

  15. Jenny says

    All of those look so yummy, thank you for that great review. Now on to which one do I want to try first.

  16. says

    Mark D. — Ba ha ha ha! I seriously need to pay more attention to pop culture! ;-) Hope all is well with you, my friend!

  17. Essie says

    Unfortunately, I love my sweets so it’s very surprising that I had a CCcookie sandwich once at the MK and was not into it as much as you’d/I’d think. It was too much sweet. I think I’d been better off with just a chocochip cookie. Lately however, I’ve been losing weight from cut back portions and walking and now if I had a cookie ice cream sandwich it would def have to be a meal in itself or shared with someone. Maybe before when I had one, it was just too much food for me along with the 3 meals I had that day. They are very good, but I’ve had a complete turn around in my eating habits and I can’t believe how much I ate before. I’m looking forward to my next trip, our DDP and the new TS spots we are hitting, but I know that I’m going to have a lot of doggie bags! I’m also taking a cupcake transporter that I’m making because your cupcake articles have me drooling and there is no way I’m eating a cupcake a day down there!!!

  18. Bret says

    I had the carrot cake cookie sandwich on my trip because you guys kept hyping it up. It was SOOO worth it. It was so good I didn’t even mind that i had to wait an extra 10 minutes to get it. New cast member, no idea how to ring in the snack credit, me being nice and saying I would help her learn by being her trial and error subject. In the end I got it for free because the manager was so impressed that I willingly helped in the training process. I ate it all by myself and dreamed happy that night.

  19. Corey says

    I had been planning on the EOS brownie sandwich and they said they weren’t carrying them when we were there April 1st. Good to see they’re back, and even have an addition.

  20. Wendy says

    I just finally tried the Carrot Cake Cookie from Writer’s Stop a few weeks ago. It was SO GOOD! I’ll definitely be getting that again! I also love the ice cream sandwich cookies. What I most want to try now from this list are the brownie frosting sandwiches from EOS – my favorite CS place in all of Disney!

  21. Eric says

    Oh dear God! I think I just gained 50lbs by reading this..
    you know I am taking notes of where to get all these so when I am there in 19 days I can stuff my face!

    AJ, thank you, thank you for making me a big ol’ fatty- jk
    You’re blog is pretty much the bomb.


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