Guest Review: Lunch at Everything POP Food Court in Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Welcome back guest author Catie Hiltz with a groovy review from Pop Century’s food court. Let’s join her for lunch…

My husband, parents and I were lucky enough to spend a week in Walt Disney World after Easter, and I have to say one of the best parts of the trip was the POP Century Resort. I was expecting it to be like the other Value Resorts, but I really loved the themeing and décor, the rooms were clean and not too wildly decorated, and we all especially loved the Everything POP Food Court.

The outside of the POP Century Food Court

On this particular day, we came back around 2pm from a morning at the parks and decided to grab lunch here.


Everything POP is arranged in a big open food court/shopping area, where the Resort gift shop is essentially part of the food court (which I really loved, because it combined 2 of my all time favorite things — food and shopping!).

The food court was relatively quiet and laid back, something you might not expect from a food court at a busy Disney Resort during Spring Break (and it was never too crowded, even on later trips back during busier times!). It never felt crowded and we never waited more than 5 minutes for food or to check out.

Food Court area

Seating Area


As far as menu options, it’s pretty standard Disney Resort Food Court fare, with a few twists. You had your basic burgers/chicken nuggets/sandwiches/salads.

Burgers and more!

Sandwich/salad menu

More Menu Options

But then there were things I hadn’t seen before at the Food Courts, like sushi, flatbreads, and chicken parmesan.

Flatbreads, sushi and assorted packaged items

After checking out the menus and weighing all of the (tempting) options, I decided on the veggie calzone, which came with a side salad.

Veggie Calzone and Side Salad

They arranged the tomatoes in a Mickey shape…. on purpose maybe? Who knows, either way, I loved it! However, that was the only thing I loved about the salad. It was made fresh when I ordered it, with an iceberg lettuce/cabbage/carrot blend, and it was tossed with Italian dressing.

However, there was WAY too much dressing, it made the whole salad (and plate) oily, and after a few bites I decided to quit and focus on the calzone instead.

The calzone was filled with a ricotta/mozzarella blend that also had garlic, spinach, and red bell peppers in it. It was served with a side of marinara, which was chunky with tomatoes and onions.

The calzone had the perfect crust to filling ratio, and the filling was creamy and a good contrast to the crunchy top of the crust.

Inside of veggie calzone

My husband also had trouble deciding from the vast array of options, and finally landed on the Philly Cheesesteak wrap and fries.

Inside view of the Philly Cheesesteak Wrap

The meat was moist, and had onions cooked in with it; the whole thing was topped with a generic melted cheese (American, probably), and served in a warm flour tortilla. He really liked it. His only complaint was that he wished there were also bell peppers in with the meat and onions.

The fries were perfect, fresh and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, with just the right amount of salt (I would know, I kept stealing them off his plate, that’s how good they were!).

Since we were on the Dining plan, that meant we also got a dessert!

Yummy Dessert options

Even MORE dessert choices

Here’s a Tip! While I was walking around taking pictures of all the stations, the girl at the ice cream station informed me that we could return within 90 minutes of eating and get a sundae as our dessert with our Disney Dining Plan meal, as long as we got our receipt stamped when we went through the checkout. And that is just what we did!

Our dessert – ice cream sundaes

They were big and delicious – three whole scoops of ice cream each! Plus there was a choice of toppings. I am glad we learned about this, as this was the perfect end to our meal!

Aside from being able to grab a meal here, there are many beverage options, including a cooler of beer and wine choices. I actually found the prices to be very reasonable for Disney, and they had a nice selection.

Beer and Wine Cooler

There are also plenty of grab and go snack options available here as well (many of which can be purchased with a Snack Credit on the Disney Dining Plan).

Grab and go options, including packaged snacks

Baked Goods Case

Grab and Go Items

Ice Cold Treats – Including Mickey Bars!


We really thought we were getting our money’s worth at the Everything POP Food Court. The portions were large, the staff was fast and polite, and most importantly, the food tasted good! We returned here several more times during our trip, and we were never disappointed; the food was always fresh and our experiences here solidified POP Century as our top pick for a Disney Value Resort (meaning we will definitely be back to stay, and EAT in the future!).

Let us know what you think about Pop Century Food Court! Any favorite meals or choices?

Catie has been a Disney fanatic ever since her first ride on Space Mountain at age 4. She is the author of Living in a Grown Up World, and she is a huge fan of food, Minnie Mouse, and all things Disney!


  1. says

    We are HUGE Pop Century food court fans! Their flatbreads are delicious, as well as their Mom’s Night Out meals!

  2. Betsy says

    This is one of the only resort food courts that I have enjoyed. The shrimp lo mein is surprisingly good, and BONUS – they take Tables in Wonderland!!

  3. Jen says

    We have stayed at POP 3 years in a row and this October will be our 4th. We love the food court and it is especially a great place to grab a pizza after a late night in the park and just sit outside the pool area and people watch. <3

  4. Jill D says

    My husband and I have always loved POP, but my 2yo daughter is over the moon for POP. She has asked everyday since we got back home if we can go back to pop. We got back in January! Everyday she asks! I guess we will have to make the sacrifice and go back! I believe that is called A+ parenting!

  5. lynne says

    Did you notice anything that was vegan or could be made vegan? I’m trying to figure out which of the Value Resorts to stay at for my next trip, and while I don’t usually do a lot of eating at my resort, it would be nice to have that as an option. So far, I have to admit that Art of Animation is winning on that front so far. Ha.

  6. Karen says

    We are huge fans of Pop Century in general. We have been there the past 4 years in a row and love everything about it…including the food court.
    Hope to get back there this summer…and of course….Pop Century rules !

  7. Victoria says

    My husband and I are staying at POP for the first time this December. I’m now really looking forward to the food court!! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the food looks and sounds quite tasty!

  8. Kristina says

    OH NO!!! Tell me they didnt take out the Twinkie Tiramisu??

    I stayed at the Pop about 6 years ago and that was a daily staple (it was pretty banging). I’d be so sad if they got rid of it…especially since that was one of those specialty items.

  9. says

    Amanda – I meant to try the ‘mom’s night out’ meals, but didn’t get a chance to, glad to hear they are good, and I will def be trying them out next time!

    Betsy – Thanks for letting us know about the Tables In Wonderland!

    Jen – I agree, the people watching at POP is fun, and that + pizza sounds like a great time!

    Jill D – I feel the same way as your daughter, I find myself asking my husband when we can go back almost daily ha!

    Raelynn – Reuben flatbread, how unique, will have to give this a try for sure!!

    Lynne – to be honest I didn’t pay much attention as far as vegan options go, but based on what I have also heard about Art of Animation, it sounds like they might have some more options for you :-)

    Victoria – I hope you enjoy POP as much as we did!!

    Kristina – Twinkie Tiramisu oh my! Sounds amazing! sadly, I did NOT see this on any menu or anywhere in the food court, as I would have for sure grabbed some!

  10. Jennifer says

    I just got back this morning from a 5-night stay at Pop! We only ate at the food court once (not really sure how that happened, we usually end up there several times a trip). I got the Greek salad, and it was fantastic. Everyone else in my party really enjoyed their meals of the parmesan chicken and pulled pork burrito.

    A tip in general about Disney salads: they are horrifically overdressed in my experience (I also like minimal dressing, so my opinion may be a little off), but you can always order them with the dressing on the side instead. It saves you calories too, since you’re less likely to eat as much dressing. :)

  11. Galloping Gourmand says

    Pop! Century is my Value hotel of choice when I stay there. I find that I really do like the food court here compared to the All Stars and even Port Orleans/Riverside. There are some good things and some truly awful things. I’m a fan of the Black and Blue, however I always have to wipe some of the dressing off. The deserts here are very good as well.

  12. Pudge the Fish says

    My family and I love Everything Pop too. We found that we ate lunch more there than in the theme parks. I especially enjoy the shrimp lo mein and the meatball sub. And the sundaes are HUGE. When the Landscape Cafe opens over at Art of Animation the options between the two food courts will be phenomenal.

  13. says

    Jennifer – thanks for the tip on the dressing I will DEFINITELY be getting it on the side from now on!

    Galloping Gourmand – I agree with you on the food court and the desserts (tie dye cheesecake I can taste it now! yum!)

    AJ – thanks for confirming, and I am sad as I am sure Kristina is too that this I won’t be able to taste this amazing souding treat!

    Pudge the Fish – I can’t wait to try out the Landscape Cafe too!

  14. CJ says

    I LOVE the apple blossom a la mode at Pop. My sister and I would get it nightly and split it. I think about it often!

  15. Amanda says

    This review couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. We are heading to POP next week. We have stayed at WDW before but this is our first stay at POP. Glad to hear the food court has many delicious options!

  16. says

    I really love the food court at Pop Century, as far as food courts go. Like you mentioned, it has many non-traditional food court options along with the normal pizza/pasta/chicken finger standards. My favorites that I’ve had were the beef and bleu sandwich, the tuna salad sandwich, and of course the ice cream sundaes! Last time we stayed there, my hubby and I used our Dining Plan snacks every evening to indulge in one…it is such a good deal, and we just couldn’t help it! Thank you for sharing that tip about the 90 minute return…I love that option for the future!

  17. says

    CJ – Apples plus ice cream? Sign me up!!

    MT – I want to say that the food court is open until midnight

    Amanda – Enjoy your time at POP – I am jealous that you are going next week ha I can’t wait to go back!

    Lenore – I also very much enjoyed the beef and bleu sandwich and ice cream sundaes! Yum!

  18. Bret says

    When we use to stay at the All Star Sports I use to get the chicken parmesan every day… I hope it is just as good…..

  19. Essie says

    We’re excited to be staying at the AoA resort this year, but I’m looking forward to visiting the Pop for the first time while I’m there. I’d like to see the gift shop and their food court and maybe try something to eat. Nice article, Thank you!

  20. Laura says

    POP is our “home” at Disney World. It is such a fun atmosphere throughout the entire resort and the food court has some truly craveable (is that a word?) foods. Right now I am craving their Cheesesteak wrap and it’s really hard to find something even close to it here outside of St. Louis :( The Beef and Blue Sandwich is hard to beat as well. It is certainly worth the money, or the credit if on the DDP. You can’t go wrong with the Mom’s Night Out Meals either. We have never had a bad meal there, especially coming from a value resort food court. I am missing it badly right now. Really good food in the really fun environment. One of my favorite places in the world!

  21. says

    Bret – I haven’t had the chicken parm at all star sports but the parm at Pop is great!!

    Essie – I can’t wait to stay at Art of Animation too! Enjoy your trip (and the food!)

    Laura – I love staying at Pop too, was even surprised by how much I loved it! And I agree the cheesesteak wrap was delish!!!!!

  22. Heather says

    MT & Catie-While the food court closes at midnight, only one part is open the last hour. Most of the other parts close at 11. The ice cream and bakery closes at 10.

  23. says

    Jaime – a chocolate croissant yum what a perfect start that would be to a day at Disney!!

    Heather- that makes sense and would explain why everything seems closed when I have gone in there later at night! Thanks for confirming!

  24. says

    WOAH they have Larabars now?!?!?! And Rice Chips!?!?! This is so awesome. And totally was NOT at POP in September 2011. How great is this!!!!! I hope all of the resorts are starting to carry these items- sure makes this Gluten Free mama happy!!!!!!!

  25. Anna says

    Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks NEVER come with peppers, it’s something that only outside of the region they add, which is probably why you expected peppers. Philadelphians don’t get peppers on our steaks, only the tourists do. ;)

  26. says

    Annie – I hope they start carrying these items everywhere too I know the demand for gluten free items is increasing fast!!!

    Anna – you caught us we are def not from Philly ha! Maybe I will get down there someday to try a cheesesteak, or several yum!!

  27. Karen says

    Living in northern Michigan, we only got to WDW every two/three years, our very first trip with our daughter was in 1972, missed a few years, then there were the “teen” years we didn’t go as often, our daughter, now married, and we now have a beautiful granddaughter to show her around WDW. OK, enough of that, of all the places we’ve stayed, POP is our favorite, everything about it is great, friendly CM’s, food court, pools,etc. Husband & I are returning this Oct/2012, (by ourselves) for the F&W at Epcot and will be staying at, you guessed it, POP Century… Love all the updates!!

  28. says

    Karen I agree with you that POP is a great place to stay, we were surprised how much more we liked it over the other value resorts. Next time I think we will try the new art of animation, but I have a feeling we will be back at POP for sure!! Enjoy your October trip!!

  29. Karen says

    Catie, yes, we also plan on walking over to AoA to check it out, will post when we return…

  30. Jamie says

    We stayed at POP in March and we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was!

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