Review: Chocolate Mickey Tart at Jolly Holiday Bakery

When Heather took us inside Jolly Holiday Bakery for a first look last January, I watched right along with you to see all of the amazing new treats that this new, Mary Poppins-inspired spot was offering.

But one in particular caught my eye! And on my my visit to Disneyland this weekend, I hightailed it over there to sample my very own Mickey Tart!


While there are many, many awesome-looking treats at Jolly Holiday (and believe me, I tried a LOT of them…more to come!), that Mickey Tart beckoned to me. I couldn’t wait to try it!

Mickey Tart in Case

Mickey is “made” by combining the Mickey-shaped tart with a white chocolate candy atop the pastry — a great way of bringing your favorite mouse to “life!”

Mickey Tart Close-Up

But just like a Mickey ice cream bar, those ears proved to be irresistible. They were definitely coming off first! And I couldn’t wait to experience the taste and texture of that filling.

Mickey Tart Cross-Section

As I broke into it, the firm, fine crumb of the tart shell hinted at the shortbread-like texture. There was plenty of butter and just a touch of sugar, yielding a slightly sweet flavor that reminded me of a cross between a standard pie crust and a graham-cracker crust.

The filling was super-creamy — like a thick, milk chocolate ganache. I knew it reminded me of something, but it took me about an hour to realize what it was: this tastes exactly like that creamy center of a Lindt milk chocolate truffle. You know, the ones in the red wrapper? Pretty amazing.

Mickey Tart

So if you happen to be in Disneyland and craving some chocolate, I think this is the perfect answer! This will definitely be on my list on future visits.

(Note: Jolly Holiday is still rockin’ the LONG lines on busy days in Disneyland, so either get there early, or be prepared to wait.)

What are your thoughts? Did the Mickey Tart at Jolly Holiday Bakery just make your Disney Treat Bucket List? Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. Catherine says

    Looks amazing. Wish they had them in WDW !! And I would KILL to have cute little tart pans shaped like Mickey !! OMG. They should totally sell them.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I love shortbread so much I would prefer to just eat that empty shell! LOL!

  3. Kat says

    Wishing and hoping for the day the Chocolate Mickey Tart makes it to Disney World!

  4. says

    Catherine — Ha ha! Your comment is making me laugh! :-) It truly is delicious, and I agree about the Mickey tart pans!

    Elizabeth — OK; you get the shell and I’ll eat the chocolate. We make such a good team!

    Carolyn — Thank you! Yes; you must try it next time. Perfect for breakfast ;-)

    Kat — Me, too!!

    Ashley W — Ha ha! Agreed!

  5. says

    Besides the GREAT FOOD there is one other great thing to do. Stop and say hi to Oscar there! Oscar is the head chef of Carnation Cafe and he is hanging out at Jolly Holliday visiting with the guests until Carnation Cafe reopens. Oscar has worked at Carnation Cafe for over 55 years!

  6. Christal says

    I cant wait for my trip in July, I want to try a tart, but in your pic I saw Lemon bars too :P I might just have to get both. I have a feeling Im going to be do WAY more eating on this trip then I ever have. Between JHB and Cars land…..O BOY!!!

  7. Corey says

    I opted for the lemon-meringue bar right next to it instead when we ate there this weekend! The overall feeling was that it was really a great meal at a good (disney) price. Everyone left full and happy.

  8. jon says

    i’m a big fan of the jolly holiday, but i really wish disneyland stepped up its cupcake game and brings us something that you’d find in starring rolls

  9. Essie says

    OMG, my Mom and I love the Lindt milk chocolate truffles! They’re incredible. I hope they sell these in WDW by the time I get there this Nov.; I’d love to take one home to my Mom.

  10. Jeff says

    Ever since I discovered the Chocolate Mickey Tart….I always have to get it every visit! i also have to get it with the Abuelita hot chocolate. You would think that it would be too much chocolate, but the two are actually far from overwhelming.

  11. Samantha says

    Thanks for this post! I kept seeing it in photos but I couldn’t find a post about what it was like! It sounds amazing, I can’t wait to try one!

  12. Joni says

    They have them now at the new and inproved Boardwalk Bakery – But… they have the Chocolate shell and it is an Oreo and cream filling. Was ol but not as good as I assume the shortbread shell and just the plain chocolate would be. But they are just a cute.

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