Hidden Gem: Germany Wine Flights

The only thing better than having a fantastic experience at Walt Disney World is finding a good deal. ;-) The wine flights you can purchase in Germany’s Weinkellar in Epcot definitely represent both!

Germany Weinkeller

I’m pretty sure this is a great deal for Disney World — three, two-ounce pours for just over $9 (including an ice wine option!). For that price, you get to customize your wine flight by choosing from six different German wines: three of the choices are regular white wines, while the last three are dessert wine offerings.

Germany Wine Flight - click image for larger version

Personally, I’m including the Schmitt Söhne Eiswein in my mix. While all of the wines are typical of German whites in that they are sweeter with a slightly lower alcohol content, the ice wine offers the most concentrated, intense sweetness of the lot. And they’re ‘spensive!!!

And besides value — this is just a fun experience that not many people even know exists! Yep — here’s one more way for you to impress your friends and/or spouse! Plus, check out this handy-dandy tray and map you get to use while you’re “exploring the vineyards” of Germany…

Wine Flight Being Poured

OK, back to the wines! They serve the two-ounce portions, placing the glasses on the map in each wines’ corresponding geographic location. Learning while drinking = awesome!

Wine Flight On Map

The Germany Wine Flight experience is another one of those fun hidden treasures that you may not know about, but if you’re a wine drinker visiting World Showcase, it’s a must-try.

This experience is a lot like the World Showcase Wine Walk, which offers six pours in Germany, Italy, and France for $20. You have the opportunity to try new things, and enjoy a wonderful experience in Epcot’s beautiful World Showcase. Win + Win!

Have you experienced Germany’s fun and educational wine flight? What are your favorites? Leave a comment below to help your fellow readers make the best choice during this fun experience!


  1. Rob says

    We had the Germany wine flight the last time we were in Epcot. There was a red available at the time. The varietal was Dornfelder, a slightly sweet red wine also low in alcohol. Very nice during a hot day of touring. We will definitely visit in June.

  2. Jenny says

    I love the German wines, I enjoy the sweetier wines.
    I know about the wine walk but not Germany’s wine flight. I’ll have to do that the next time In there. Thank you.

  3. says

    Oh, yum! My husband is from Frankfurt so we love trying German wines, especially Reislings. This is right up our alley. And ice wine? Yes, please!

  4. Meg says

    This is one of our favorite things to do in Epcot! We love rieslings too & particularly loved the spaetlese riesling that we tasted (not sure if it’s the same one – I’d have to look at the bottle). In fact, we bought several bottles to bring back – unfortunately we’re Canadian so we were limited in how many we could bring back without paying duty. Oh well, I guess next time we’ll just have to drink more while we’re there ;-)

  5. says

    We tried this on one of our recent trips. We like our first 3 tastes so much, that we each ordered another tasting so we could try 3 more! It’s a great chance to try new things.

  6. Max says

    Hey everyone!

    I’m from Germany and have been working at the German Pavillon from 2007 till 2008

    I enjoyed this little article about the wine flight because it took me right back to my old work place. But there was a little line that made me shiver and i just feel obligated to clarify this cliche

    It is not true that German wines in general are sweeter! In fact, the vast majority of our wines are dry, though we DO have great sweet ones and Eiswein and Beerenauslese are our famous desert wines.
    BUT it is also true that most of the German wines exported from Germany to the US are sweet because Americans are so fond of our sweet wines! So the reason why you guys think we make mostly sweet wines isn’t because it actually is that way but rather because of your own preferences :)

    just thought I might shared that with you :)

    keep up the great work with the Blog and the podcast!

  7. says

    Rob — Thanks for the tip about your wine flight!!

    Katie — It’s year round! How cool is that?!

    Jenny — Let me know how you like it :-)

    GG — What an AMAZING idea…

    Jaia — I’m so with you on the ice wine!

    Meg — Oh no! Must drink more wine! ;-)

    Shayne — This is why I love you guys.

    Max — You rock! Thank you so much for this comment. Great feedback and good info!

  8. Jenni says

    Two Princess is my favorite. I usually buy it on it’s own when we do our “drinking around the world” games.

  9. Max says

    A recommendation for everyone that likes fresh, fruity wines that are a little on the sweet side but not overly sweet: Try the Graf Riesling (the one with the apple-flavor!) if they still sell it. I have recommended it do many guests and haven’t gotton negative feedback a single time! I’m not sure if they still sell it because I haven’t had the chance to return WDW since I’ve been working there but I’m going to go in September.

    And if your tastebuds like it sweet with a flavor of honey…go for the Diva Spätlese! It’s not as sweet as the desert wines but CLEARLY not a dry wine ;)

  10. Dr. Nigel Channing says

    My wife & I prefer the Wine Walk over the Germany tasting, only because the German wines can be a bit overpowering (to our tastes, at least).

    The Wine Walk (Germany, Italy, France) is available year-round (and a great deal).

    Now that Mexico & Italy have their own “caves”, I’d love to see them do something similar in Germany (and France) as well!!

  11. says

    My husband and I were splitting a wine flight in Germany when a woman came up and grabbed one of our glasses. I said “excuse me, that’s part of our wine flight.” But I felt bad, because she clearly thought it was a free sample, or something. I’m not sure. They also do this in France and Italy, not just as part of the wine walk. My husband and I have been enjoying the flights in France, Germany, Italy since our honeymoon in 1990 and it always surprises me that more people don’t know about them. Back in 1990, they gave you real glasses to keep as souvenirs with the wine tastings.

  12. Jamie in Jax says

    My wife and I went to a wine tasting at the F&W a few years back… that was our first taste of Icewine! Now it’s all we will buy… expensive, yes… but oh so good! ;)

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