Review: New Steak and Pork Platter at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

Thanks to our Disney Food for Families columnist, Erin Foster, we have a review of a hearty new meal at Magic Kingdom’s Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe!

This Frontierland hot spot is still sporting their standard menu, which offers some great options like giant angus burgers, a barbecue pork sandwich, and a taco salad.

But there are a few new options that have been added for the summer season!

Pecos Menu - click image for larger version

Now, for a whopping $14.49, you can kick up your heels with the brand new Steak and Pork Platter. It’s served with corn bread, and choice of corn on the cob (also new on the menu), apple slices, or fries.

Steak and Pork Menu item

According to Erin, Pecos had a great concept with this new dish. A filling meal without an Advance Dining Reservation! She dug right in, hoping this would be a new winning dish in the Magic Kingdom… Unfortunately, it fell short.

The pulled pork — it was absolutely the sweetest version of this that I’ve ever had, and sadly the corn bread was not cooked through. When trying the salad, the beans were mealy.

Beef and Pork Platter at Pecos

Even though she tried (really dug deep) to like this platter, it just didn’t measure up. The beef was overcooked. The Chimichurri sauce was good, but the garlic was overpowering.

Beef Cross-Section

For the price of this platter at a counter-service restaurant, this meal really could have been better. Seems that for counter-service BBQ, Animal Kingdom’s Flame Tree Barbecue is still where it’s at.

We’d love to hear your review of this new dish if you’ve tried it. Let us know your thoughts!

Have you tried the Steak and Pork Platter? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


  1. Doris says

    As soon as I saw the picture, I knew that steak was going to be icky. Pulled pork looks disgusting by nature, so I guess it gets a pass. Oh well, I guess folks on the dining plan will say its an “incredible value.”

  2. Keith says

    There is NO such thing as good BBQ in the World, or in Florida for that matter. The stuff at Flame Tree is a little better, but it is not real BBQ in my opinion (Eastern NC style). BBQ should not be sweet – ever. Almost all BBQ I’ve had in Florida has been similar – sloppy joe style with sweet red sauce. Don’t waste your time and money.

  3. Kim LaPaglia says

    Keith – We’re in TN. I hear ya.

    Sharon – looks like for now at Pecos that’s your best bet!

    Jenn – Agreed.

  4. Shawn says

    Sweet, saucy barbecue is the norm, nation-wide. Few outside of NC get the vinegar-y kind right (and even when they try, they live out the pickled red peppers, which add a little bit of heat and sweetness); I’ve learned to judge the saucy kind by simply how juicy and tender the meat is. I would buy this platter, it looks like it would hit the spot if you were starving after a long walk around the world.

  5. says

    Yeah, gotta say, the idea of a counter-service restaurant being able to pull off something like this seemed slim-to-none. Too bad, though. I’d go for something like this in a heartbeat!

  6. Jamie in Jax says

    The BBQ sandwich is really good at Pecos… can’t say I’m going to try this nasty looking steak though. ;)

  7. Jamie in Jax says

    Amanda… if you’re out there… what do you think? Missed seeing you at Epcot last weekend. :(

  8. Mike says

    Had always had the Pulled Pork here which is great but last weekend had the Deluxe Angus Cheeseburger…it was delicious. Highly recommend.

  9. says

    I’ve got to agree – it’s not a very appealing looking plate of food no matter how good the “value”. I think we will be skipping this one as well.

  10. Alan says

    Aw gee, it sounded so good and seems to have tasted disappointing. Living in eastern NC has made me a fan of the red peppery vinegar based Q they are famous for here. But at least they are trying new things and maybe will perfect this dish. Well the burgers have always been good and of course the fixins’ are great.

  11. Kris says

    It looks like they’re trying to do table service style meals like at the Plaza Inn at Disneyland. The magic kingdom should have a similar style place. The meals there are fantastic, prices reasonable and much quicker than a TS restaurant.

  12. riley70 says

    Haven’t tried this new platter, but I had the same reaction to the BBQ Pork. Way too sweet. I found it to be sub-par, unlike the pulled pork at Flame Tree and Whispering Canyon, both of which I enjoy. I won’t order the Pecos Bill pork again, unless I read it is a new recipe. I think it came straight out of a can.

  13. Weaselmouse says

    I had the pulled pork sandwich here. It was way too sweet. It was almost like they cooked the pork and doused it with sweet baby ray’s. I wouldn’t feed the steak in this picture to my dog.

  14. Harold says

    I had this plate last fall and thought it was very tastey. I am hoping to have the same next trip.

  15. raymond says

    skip this place. whom ever was in charge of the menu change last year should be fired.

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