Snack Series: Orange Bird Souvenir Cup at Sunshine Tree Terrace

Thanks to our Disney Food for Families columnist, Erin Foster, we’ve got a happy little treat to share today!

Along with the awesome Citrus Swirl snack, the classic Orange Bird is roosting once more at Sunshine Tree Terrace!

Orange Bird Souvenir Cup

For more info about the Orange Bird and his re-debut in Disney World, check out this great video from the folks at Disney!!

The souvenir cup sells for $7 and can be filled with any soda. (Kind of a steep price for such a little bird cup, but can you put a price on history? ;-D)

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As always, the Citrus Swirl is deliciously refreshing! Have you tried yours since it came back?

Citrus Swirl

When’s your next visit to see the Orange Bird??


  1. catherine says

    this makes me think of a complaint I saw by someone that you can get the bird filled with soda, but not with orange juice.

  2. Susan T. says

    My sister purchased this last Thursday night. It holds approximately 12-14 ozs. Depending on if you add ice or not. As a bonus, the cup is Made in the USA! Way to go Disney for selling something made in America. I think everyone should buy one based on that fact alone. :)

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    My friend who just returned from WDW brought me one. I’ll be lounging at the pool in my condo complex with the little bird full of ice!

  4. says

    I wish you could get it filled with dole whip! That is an expensive cup but I’m sure I’ll buy one… I drank the Disney Kool-Aid long ago!

  5. Kristina says

    Too bad there isnt a stand like the Sunshine Tree Terrace in other areas of WDW….so they can serve these floats with vanilla or whipped cream vodka. Or just plain vodka….would make that treat extra special.

  6. Claire says

    I am having flashbacks to my first visit in 1978. I seem to remember getting a cup like that filled with orange juice, but I don’t remember it having the orange bird’s face on it, just an orange. But obviously it impressed me, as I was only 6 and I still remember it. I’ll probably buy one when I’m down there in November for my 2 kids!

  7. riley70 says

    I have a nostalgic appreciation for orange bird, and I’m so glad to see him back! I bought an orange bird pin and T-shirt on my last visit. Wanted a citrus swirl but was too full from lunch. Will get one in August when I return. I think the cup is over-priced, but may still have to get one on my next visit ;-) Very cute.

  8. says

    I can verify catherine’s comment above; my child wanted to drink orange juice from an Orange Bird cup, but you can only get a soda in the Orange Bird cup. (We ended up getting a bottle of orange juice as a meal plan snack credit, if I remember correctly.)

  9. Valerie says

    I love the Orange Bird cup!!! I remember him from my childhood. I was not going to buy him, but my daughters seeing my excitement insisted they buy it for me. You can also get the Orange Bird cup at Hollywood Studios at Anaheim Produce where you can get him filled with frozen lemonade. It costs a little more there.

  10. Heather Cantrell says

    When I was a little girl I got one filled with orange juice and a few years it was just a plastic orange cup filled with OJ

  11. Joni says

    SO glad the original citrus swirl is back !!!!!!
    What a happy day it was when I read your blog that is was back.
    And how disappointed I was when the fake one showed up, yuck.
    Thanks Disney for bringing it back :)

  12. charyl says

    Does anyone know where I can buy one of these cups? My brother was bummed when they were closed while he was there. Trying to find one before Christmas and I haven’t had any luck finding them online.

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