Spotted: Adventurers Hut in Downtown Disney

Recently, I walked by a kiosk in Pleasure Island. The Adventurers Hut sits right next to what used to be a popular Downtown Disney nightlife spot (that many of us knew well).

Closed Adventurers Hut

Perhaps the Adventurers Hut is supposed to remind us of the beloved and departed Adventurers Club (a moment of silence, please), but I’m not sure it’s helpful. ;-)

Trader Sam’s in Disneyland comes a little closer, but without the copius entertainment and multiple rooms. Will they bring a similar establishment back to Walt Disney World? Time will tell… .

Decor at Adventurers Hut

Although this kiosk is a far cry from the Adventurers Club, it does offer some pretty great outdoor seating.

Seating Area

And while these comfortable couches weren’t much of a draw in the blazing hot sun, I could see this being a nice spot to take in some refreshment in the evening.


However, as you can see, there really is nothing here to set this spot apart from dozens of other kiosks and refreshment hubs around Disney.

Menu - click image for larger version

While this might be a nice place to stop and listen to the live music featured here or take in the living statues, it just makes me miss the fun and entertainment of the Adventurers Club more.

Here’s hoping Splitsville can fill some of the void.

And if this post has inspired any drink cravings from days gone by, check out our post with the recipe for that favorite fruity cocktail, the KUNGALOOSH!

March along, Adventurers. March along.

Have you hit up the Adventurers Hut? Leave us a comment below and tell us if you miss the Adventurers Club as much as we do!


  1. Pat says

    I’m pretty sure, if memory serves, that one of the cast members that performed at the AC also performs at Epcot at the UK pavilion in the Knights of the Round Table/Holy Grail performance. Usually worth a stop or three to watch when wandering the world. If given a vote, I would love to see the AC move to the Atlantic Dance Hall which usually has about 10-15 people in it and bounce between there and Jellyrolls on the Boardwalk.

  2. says

    Andrew — Ha ha! I know, right? My sentiments exactly.

    Pat — Yes; I think you’re right about the UK! And I’d love to see something like the AC be in the Atlantic Dance Hall. I wonder if that real estate is too valuable as an event space for Disney, though (weddings, etc.).

  3. Leslie Whitten says

    Maybe this will cause an uproar and they’ll bring Adventurers Club back. I know, it’s a pipe dream, but man I miss that place!!

  4. Galloping Gourmand says

    That’s sort of like opening up a “Mr. Toad’s CARS Ride” stand that sells “Cars” merchandise. Or a “Horizons Pin Traders” stand. (I’ve got a million of em. Well no… I just have two.)

  5. Alan says

    As far as Pleasure Island goes, with all due respect to the good people at Disney, just start filling it up. Right now it’s embarrassing.

  6. says

    It’s so sad to see that whole PI area so empty. I so miss the zaniness and unpredictability of The Adventurers Club!!! Ex AC actors can be found in several locations around WDW. UK at EPCOT has more than one ex AC actor in the cast sometimes. Flights of Wonder at AK sometimes has one of several AC actors in the show. DHS has Officer Peabody as one of the Citizens of Hollywood. several have served as judges in The American Idol Experience at DHS. Last I heard one was playing Dolly at Hoop Dee Doo Review. There are more I can’t recall at the moment. Kungaloosh!

  7. Summer says

    I’d love to see something like Trader Sam’s at WDW! We love going there while at DL and I think WDW could use a fun and quirky bar like that….plus I’m in love with the crispy long beans on the menu there!

  8. Karen says

    At the very least there should have brought back the drink called the Kongaloosh! on there (now that was a tasty drink). Or maybe bring back the mugs that they sold their drinks in. I really miss that place.

  9. dan says

    How is this a “new” kiosk…?
    It’s been there for over a decade, hasn’t it?

  10. Mrhub says

    I thought that has been there for years also. It’s been for at least a year and I have never seen it open.

  11. says

    It used to be called Adventurer’s Cart. The nachos are new, but apart from some minor menu changes, they also put some new signage over the top of the menu where it had read Adventurer’s Cart.

    For those looking for a Kungaloosh, the nearby Laffer’s Cantina was still selling them as of early last fall, but I believe they’ve been removed from the menu due to lack of popularity. I hadn’t even ordered one since AC closed. :(

  12. says

    Leslie — I miss it, too!

    Catherine — Thanks for the confirmation!

    Bill — Ha! I assume you mean not even close to replacing the Adventurers Club.

    GG — Ha ha! Exactly! Could you IMAGINE a Horizons pin trader stand?

    Lisa — Wasn’t that fun? I remember staying at Saratoga Springs after it first opened and watching the NYE fireworks each night.

    Alan — It is a bit like a ghost town, isn’t it?

    Don — It certainly was a bummer, eh?

    Debbie — Thanks for the info on where to find former AC cast members!

    Summer — I KNOW! I love those crispy long beans, too. :-)

    Karen — That would be a great idea.

    Dan, Mrhub — Great catch; thanks for the info! It’s the first time I’ve really focused on it. I must just walk right by most of the time I’m in PI.

    Sarah — Thanks for the info, my friend. Too bad they took the Kungaloosh off the menu there.

  13. catherine says

    That kiosk has been there many years. It was on the other side of the club, between it and what is now Paradiso 37, and it served alcoholic beverages.

  14. CraigInPA says

    I miss the old AC… I loved having a nice cold beer in the zany confines of the downstairs of the AC, all the while being insulted by the actors/waiters over the authenticity of my hat or shirt or being cheesily flirted with while my wife sat by laughing was one of the highlights of our annual trip to Disney. The “big talent show” was hilarious, as were the short “lectures” in the side galleys. Ironically, we originally went into the AC the first time just to get a break from the music outside and to get a drink. After that visit, we came to PI primarily to visit the AC.

  15. Deborah Vommaro says

    OH YES..I too miss the AC. What a family Disney memory it made when we went with Grandma, Aunts and cousins many years ago. My “elderly” Aunt LOVED the show and we all laugh to this day when we recall that Aunt Rita had forgotten her ID so she had to drink 3/2 beer, OH BOY..the actors had a field day with her over her under age wrist band!!!

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