New! 4th of July Caramel Apple Cupcake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thanks to reader Patrick, @InIronsPL on twitter, for sending information on this holiday treat!

There’s a July 4th caramel apple cupcake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World…and we’ve got pics for ya!

4th of July cupcake

For those who are brave enough to head to the parks this week, you get the prize of trying this sweet treat complete with apple pie filling, caramel buttercream, and apple crisp topping!

July 4th cupcake

Patrick tells us that the cupcake was great and he really enjoyed the apple filling. However, he felt there was a bit too much buttercream. I, of course, challenged him on this, and he responded “I like buttercream, too, but I needed a glass of milk!”

Inside of July 4th cupcake

This cupcake is being served at various locations throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios for $4.99 or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

Have you spotted or taste-tested any holiday cupcakes for the upcoming July 4th holiday?


  1. Kb says

    Why oh why am I not there right now eating this?? (and there is no such thing as too much buttercream;)

  2. says

    Amanda — I know!! I wish I could be there to try this one!

    Kb — Agreed on both counts!!

  3. Julie says

    Oh this looks so good – anyone know how long it will be available for – we arrive on the 10th for 2 weeks?

  4. Kristina says

    @ JT….the MAGIC SQUARE is truly that.

    I got one to go at Trails End in the Wilderness….not knowing what it was all about. I wished I brought a dozen of those home.

    Its like a normal Magic Square (caramel, chocolate, condensed milk, coconut, and a few other things)….but they add some other stuff to ‘plus’ it. I’ve been looking for the recipe and found nothing from the resort itself. (boo)

  5. John Gasparini says

    This was the best ting I have ever eaten in my life! The icing was perfect!

  6. John Gasparini says

    Any way to get the recipe for the caramel icing fourth of July cupcake with the apple pie filling

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