Guest Review: Tutto Gusto in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

Let’s raise a glass to Lisa Davis for this fabulous review of Tutto Gusto’s wines, cheeses, and more! Tutto Gusto is a new wine bar serving small plates and meals in Epcot’s Italy pavilion.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion is the second venue of its kind in Epcot. Having experienced the joys of drinking and dining in Mexico’s La Cava del Tequila, my husband and I anxiously awaited the opening of Tutto Gusto.

We were finally able to visit in early June, one month after it officially opened.

Tutto Gusto Entrance

Tutto Gusto is much larger than La Cava del Tequila, but still retains a small/intimate atmosphere. The decor and lighting help to make you feel as if you just walked into the wine tasting room of a winery in Italy. (Editor’s Note: See a photo tour of Tutto Gusto here!)

You can sit at a table in the main area by the food case and wine display, or in a more intimate setting by the fireplace. There are several table sizes to accommodate different sized groups.

Fireplace Room at Gusto

Gusto Seating

On our visit, we were able to walk right in and be seated, which was a pleasant surprise considering the wait times we typically have at La Cava del Tequila. There were two greeters at the entry — whom we initially walked right by on our way in — to provide us seating options.

Since it was just the two of us, we chose a loveseat by the fireplace. On a side note, we believe we came at a great time, having arrived at 7 p.m. on a Friday, just after a severe late-afternoon thunderstorm that cleared the park.

The fireplace area is separated from the main dining area by two archways.

Fireplace Room Archway

Tutto Gusto Fireplace Room Archway

We were seated close to the fireplace, which was disappointingly not lit, but not unusual for the summer. Each loveseat has its own corner and individual coffee tables. Ottomans provide supplemental seating for larger groups. The furniture layout meant that as other guests arrived, our intimate dining experience was not disturbed.


After being seated, our server arrived with three menus. She told us that we could order a full meal from Tutto Italia. Being able to eat a full meal at Tutto Gusto without the limitation of a reservation time is a great option. We plan on returning to Tutto Gusto to take advantage of this, but will sit at a table that is better suited to using utensils.

However, on this trip we were set on experiencing what Tutto Gusto had to offer, so stuck to its menu and extensive wine list. The wine menu covers a wide range of Italian whites, reds, roses, and sparkling options, in addition to selections from other parts of the world. However, the menu does not include wine flights.

Our server indicated that she could bring tastes of wine we wanted to sample, but we chose instead to share quartinos of different wines to create our own flight; quartinos were a better value over individual glasses.

Tutto Gusto Wine Menu - click image for larger version

Tutto Gusto Wine Menu - click image for larger version

The quartinos here held more wine than a typical quartino. We were able to get two glasses each — four glasses total — out of each quartino!

Wine Quartino

We ended up with a “flight” of two wines. If there was a sommelier, one was not present or offered. I am not a sommelier, but will do my best here regarding the wines we enjoyed.

First, we tried the Fendo Sartanna Nero D’Avola; we are Nero fans, and always have this Syrah varietal when we see it on menus. The Nero was typical of the varietal, fruity yet with an undertone of spiciness.

We then picked a varietal we had never heard of before, just to try it: the Valpolicella. This wine was heaven. I would compare it to a grenache: able to go with everything, yet providing enough interest on your palate to be enjoyed on its own.

But this is a food blog, and not a wine blog, so on to the food! Tutto Gusto offers a selection of appetizer-portioned items, including cured meats, cheeses, sandwiches, pizzas, vegetables, pastas, and desserts.

Menu Affettati

Menu Formaggi

Menu Panini

Menu Piccoli Piatti

Menu Cavatappi

Menu Dolci

We ordered a variety of items from the menu, mostly involving cheese! Affettati (cured sliced meats) and Formaggi (Italian cheese) are first on the menu. You can order these sliced cured meats and cheeses by the piece, in a trio of your choice, or the “Chef’s Selection” of four which provides a cheese that is not otherwise available. We decided on a trio and selected one cured meat and two cheeses.

The Cacciatorini, a cured meat from Puglia, delivered on its promise of black pepper, garlic and spices. We did not find it too fatty and it was the perfect compliment to the Nero d’Avola we drank first.

We ordered the Parmigiano Reggiano — nutty, melting-on-your-tongue, biting in your teeth, crumbling confection of a parmigiano — and La Tur to finish the trio.

The La Tur was creamy and smooth, with a texture like cream cheese and goat cheese blended together, with a sweet flavor in the beginning and slightly picante on the end. The rather dull menu description — blend of cow, goat, and sheep’s milk cheese — does not do it justice.

Meat and Cheese

Next, we selected a Piccoli Piatti (small plate): Polenta Funghi e Fontina, or soft polenta, mushrooms, Fontina cheese. Our server indicated that the polenta would take a little while to make as it came from the kitchens of Tutto Italia, but we did not mind. Once it arrived, we were impressed.

Creamy polenta, topped with perfectly seasoned mushrooms, and draped with melted Fontina. These are not your grandmother’s grits!

Anticipating that the polenta would take a while, we ordered a Panini. You can choose to order a single panini or a pair for a set price. We decided on a pair: one meat and one cheese.

They came on a ciabatta baguette and were accompanied by a Caesar salad made with bitter lettuce, which was a bit strange, but found a perfect complement in the house-made Caesar dressing. (We assume it was house-made. How else would you get large chunks of parmesan cheese in your dressing?) The dressing was peppery and creamy, probably another selection taken from the menu of Tutto Italia.

To get a variety of cured meats, we ordered the Finocchiona panini, described as a Tuscan salame, which can also be ordered from the Affettati menu. This salame was infused with fennel and pepper. While not overwhelming, the corresponding anise aroma and flavor came through in every bite. We found the baguette a bit chewy, but it tasted fresh.

For the second panini we ordered the Robiola and white truffle crema. We couldn’t tell if it was the white truffle crema, or the cheese itself, or the combination, but the sandwich was excellent.

The Robiola was creamy and melting like a Brie, and tasted like fresh cream and butter made into cheese form.


Being quite full, and wanting to get gelato to enjoy during IllumiNations, we did not get a chance to enjoy the Cavatappi (“corkscrew” shaped pasta) or Dolci portions of the menu. (Editor’s Note: See a sample of cavatappi and Tutto Gusto dessert here.)


We enjoyed Tutto Gusto. It has a completely different atmosphere from La Cava del Tequila. We believe that the larger space contributes to this difference, as we never felt crowded and we were well-attended by our server.

The location is perfect for a quick bite and drink when touring the World Showcase. The menu is ample, providing enough variety to please different palates. By offering the full menu from Tutto Italia, you also can enjoy a full meal without needing a reservation.

A couple can enjoy the intimate setting by the fireplace or a larger family can be accommodated at traditional tables. Also, if you finish your experience right before IllumiNations, upon exiting Tutto Gusto you are greeted with a great spot to enjoy the show:

View of Spaceship Earth from Italy Pavilion

If you are a wine and cheese lover, this is the place for you. If not, Tutto Gusto is a great place to take a reprieve from the sun and crowds halfway through your tour of World Showcase.

Either way, Tutto Gusto is a welcome addition to eating and drinking around the World.

Lisa is a librarian for a public library in Florida. She is a Disney fan and enjoys visiting Walt Disney World often. She blogs at The Right Consistency.


  1. Frank says

    Great place for a light lunch.
    Very nice wine selection.
    Friendly, helpful staff.
    Fun place.

  2. Alan says

    With every blog and review of this new addition, it just seems to get better and better. Almost everything at WDW seems so big that these new types of more intimate restaurants are a very welcomed place to spend time. Add to that the fact you can order from the full Tutto Italia menu as well as small bites is very exciting.

    Great tasting review, Lisa, you’ve made me crave some salami, bread and a glass of wine.

  3. says

    We were there recently and it was amazing – the Mozzarella, Salumi, and the Cannoli – made me believers for the first time!

  4. brenda says

    this was a terrific review! My husband and I haven’t been to WDW since Gusto opened but from everything we’ve read and heard it’s a must visit for us. Thank you for sharing so much helplful information!

  5. says

    I wasn’t aware you could order off Tutto Italia’s full menu! Makes choosing between eating there and La Hacienda an easy choice now, since I can just have the appetizer I want from Tutto Italia at the wine bar before heading over to dinner in Mexico!

  6. Mike Venere says

    Cannot wait to check out, we leave in 34 days!!!
    When you say you get 2 glasses each from a quartino, I hope the picture is not what you consider a glass…..I must be doing something wrong….

  7. Dana says

    Oh my. My stomach is literally growling! This is the one thing my husband is insisting on us doing when we’re down in October, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be disappointed! That’s a nice perk that you can order from Tutto Italia’s full menu – I already made a reserveration there, but nice to know for future trips.

  8. Jan says

    Oh, my. Our next trip is for the Food & Wine Fest, and we can eat there all day. But then there’s this place. Choices, choices.

  9. catherine says

    my new go-to for lunch now that La Cava has stopped serving food other than chips and dips. I ordered a panini off the Tutto Italia menu on Monday. It wasn’t what I would call a panini, the bread was not toasted in the least. It was a regular mozzarella and tomato sandwich. Was a little freaked out by the creamy sauce they used too, as the menu had said nothing about mayonnaise, but it didn’t really taste like mayonnaise. Putting mayonnaise on a mozzarella sandwich is completely unneccessary.

  10. Miranda says

    I visited Tutto Gusto in late May on our trip this summer. We got there around 4pm and it was pretty quiet with a lot of tables open. I was in a (manual, push) wheelchair, and this was the only place in the whole of WDW that was a bit funny about letting me in.

    They at first said I couldn’t come in, so we offered to sit on one of the tables by the door and my husband would move the wheelchair outside once I had transferred to a seat. The greeters then said we could only sit at a table if we ordered food. If we only wanted wine we would have to stand at the bar rather than sit down, and since I couldn’t stand, we couldn’t come in.

    We were feeling pretty relaxed so we agreed to order some food in order to get a table. We ordered some Parma Ham and bread along with our wine and we very much enjoyed the atmosphere. Our server was attentive, and the food delicious.

    I would definitely agree with the review above, and I would encourage others to try coming here, but if you are at all disabled and for some reason would not be able to transfer to a regular chair, then don’t set your heart on coming here.

    And do be aware (whether you’re able bodied or not) that tables may only available if you’re eating! (which still seems really odd to me for a wine bar, but hey, at least the food was really yummy!)

  11. Lisa D. says

    Thanks for all the great comments!

    @ Mike, the quartino came full, and the glasses started with wine in them. You’re not doing anything wrong if you’re drinking wine!

  12. John says

    We got to try Tutto Gusto for the first time when there for our annual trip from 6/23 to 7/2. We loved it so much, we were there four times during our trip. By the end of the first visit, our large group (12) was having so much fun and had been there so long (about 4 hours), that the manager (a fabulous guy named Benito) sent over a free bottle of a dessert Moscato to pair with our desserts. In fact, just about every time we were there, we got something comped, and by the fourth visit, the staff knew us well and were genuinely excited to see us. For my money (and I’m an admitted wine geek), Tutto Gusto is the single best thing to be added to Epcot since the park opened, and I’m thrilled Disney added such a charming and welcoming place for the adults who like to hang out at the park.

    And for you wine geeks, I will say that the wine list is simply one of the best I have ever seen, blending perfectly quality bottles from all grapes and regions of Italy and (shockingly) keeping the prices reasonable, rarely exceeding a 2x markup from retail. I found that to be simply astounding, given the gouging that occurs throughout the park. In fact, for the price of 3 small pours at the counter on the outskirts of the Italian pavillion, you can enjoy a full bottle of even better wine at Tutto Gusto. And if you’re a Tables in Wonderland card holder, you can take another 20% off of it. It’s a no brainer – if you’re in Epcot, give this place a try and do it early in the trip, so you can come back often.

  13. Mike Venere says

    Great to hear John……thanks for the follow up.
    Trust me as someone who has been in the wine business for a while I hate paying those ridiculous markups…..good to here they are not that bad!

  14. Eric says

    Tutto Gusto is a waste of time. Such a waste for a beautiful space. Busy, not enough waiters, exceptionally slow service. Whoever said it was intamate is right. But it is intamite in all the wrong ways. It is what we expect of Disney eating. Cramped and very loud.

  15. Kathie Price says

    Can’t wait to try it when we come in September! I am looking forward to not having to wait very long for a table. We are not big wine drinkers but I could imbibe! !

  16. Joan H. says

    While the food was delicious and atmosphere authentic of an Italian restaurant in Italy, I found the place to be cramped with outrageously high prices for everything on the menu.

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