Review: Snacks at Epcot’s Kabuki Cafe

Ya know those times when you’re just strolling through Epcot and you really need some Miso soup…like, stat?


Well, if you did, this would be the place for you, my friend.

Epcot's Kabuki Cafe

Epcot’s Kabuki Cafe is a quick service kiosk offering varied menu items, from sweet to savory. Located in the Japan pavilion, it replaced the wildly popular Kaki-Gori Stand when it opened. But Kaki-Gori fans can be assured that the sweet, chilly treat is still available here.

The menu varies based on the season — when it’s busy in Walt Disney World, you’ll find a larger variety of savory food offerings. Otherwise, there are just a few items to choose from…

Menu - Click to Enlarge

As you probably know, I love Kaki-Gori, the shave-ice-and-fruit-syrup treat that resembles a sno-cone…without the cone part.

All of the flavors are still here, and so are the extra toppings, including sweet milk (this is not something I’m a fan of, but I’ve heard from many folks who love it). I usually go with plain old, boring cherry! ;-)

Kaki Gori with Sweet Milk Topping

If you’re looking for something a little more creamy and decadent than just fruit-flavored shave ice, Kabuki Cafe also offers some interesting ice cream flavors — matcha green tea, ginger, or azuki strawberry bean ice cream. The ice cream comes in pre-packaged six-ounce cups. Be sure to note that the nutritional information is for a four-ounce serving, however.

Green Tea Ice Cream - Ingredients

The Green Tea ice cream reviews haven’t been all that consistent. Sometimes it’s too crystalized and has a weird, crunchy texture. When I tried it, it was a bit creamier.

Green Tea Ice Cream - First Look

As for savory options, kudos to Disney for making them healthy choices! Guests can choose chilled edamame, a great hunger-busting option for snacking between meals.


There’s also Miso Soup, which I chose to try on my last visit. Overall, I found the soup to be pretty bland and not particularly interesting. I expected it to be a little saltier. However, this would be a good, wholesome tummy filler if you prefer something healthy, savory, and your next meal is a ways away. I’d love to hear what you miso afficionados think about this version.

Miso Soup

Other options at Kabuki include a matcha green tea latte or Ramune, a Japanese soft drink with a fun surprise!

If you’re looking to add to your Drinking Around the World efforts, you can choose from beer, plum wine (yummo!), or hot and cold sake.

Want to know more about the many many snacks available at Epcot? Be sure to check out The Disney Food Blog’s Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks, and be fully prepared to savor the best of the best!

Have you had a chance to stop by Kabuki Cafe and sample some of its offerings? Leave us a comment below and let us know your favorites!


  1. Galloping Gourmand says

    Ok, now we’re talking. The Kaki Ghori is the perfect World Showcase snack. Not exotic enough to scare people away because it’s just a snowcone variation, but the flavors are foreign enough that most visitors will credit themselves with trying something exotic. It’s not too filling so the foodie will be able to have it while saving room for something more unusual. Finally, it’s ice so after a long walk around the World Showcase on a hot day it’s great hydration.

    I’ve tried the ice cream. What I think happens is that the ice cream melts and recrystallizes at some point because they don’t have the temperature just right in one of the freezers. Maybe the door is kept open too long by a staff member. Just guessing, though. The Kaki Ghori ice is almost always shaved fresh.

    Now that I think about it, there is no reason for any of you NOT to get a Kaki Ghori when you pass by. It’s downright irresponsible to skip this stand.

  2. Alan says

    The beauty of the World Showcase area is that you don’t get caught up in the next ride, next ride, next ride syndrome. When you aren’t rushing to the next ride, you have time to enjoy stops at places like the Kabuki Cate, and try something different. These are often the things I often remember the most.

  3. Amy says

    I can’t believe I’ve been to WDW five times and never tried kaki gori. I am definitely going to fix this on our upcoming trip (120 more days!)–thanks for the great photos! The smallest member of our party will definitely want to try the rainbow version. And this will be our first trip trying the dining plan (free dining!), so I was happy to see that we can use our snack credits here.

  4. says

    GG — SO right on the irresponsibility part! ;-) And I agree with the re-crystallization theory on the ice cream. I wonder why that doesn’t happen with Mickey bars…

    Alan — That is a great part of World Showcase!

    Amy — Yes! Kaki Gori is a must! Let me know how you like it… ;-)

  5. says

    I believe my children got the Kaki- gori the last time we went to EPCOT. I remember it having a different flavor than you standard sno-cone. I want to say that they got the rainbow. It was a “different” sweet taste. We’ll be there in 3 weeks, can’t wait to get some more.

  6. Dana says

    We always get the tangerine Kaki-gori when we’re at Epcot on a hot day! Not too sweet, and it actually does taste like tangerine, which isn’t one of your standard snowcone flavors. And they’re so big, my husband and I can usually get away with sharing one.

  7. Beth says

    Don’t be afraid to try the Kaki Gori with “sweet milk” topping! It is basically like pouring sweetened condensed milk right over your snow cone, which gives it a creamy, sweet touch. Delicious! I think I could drink sweetened condensed milk right out of the can.

  8. Monica says

    I was just reading old posts that I missed and saw this one. I was in EPCOT in June and had the Kaki Gori and was sad to see that they changed the ice. Now it is the same ice as a snow cone where as previously it was shaved ice that really melted in your mouth. The fruit juices were as great as ever, but I was missing the shaved ice…anyone else remember the shaved version?

  9. Shannon says

    My kids love the Kaki Gori. Between 4 of them they ate 14 in one day! I prefer it with the sweet milk, yummy.

  10. Vicky says

    My daughter is on a dye-free diet plan (it gives her seizures). I have contacted Disney requesting lists of ingredients, and they have not been able to provide much for Epcot. Any ideas for great snack ideas that are dye-free?

  11. DFB Sarah says

    Vicky, that’s a great question. We don’t specifically have a list of dye-free snacks available in Epcot, so we recommend asking at the various restaurants and quick service spots. Cast members are supposed to have a binder of ingredient and allergen lists at every food vender, and you can check to confirm what’s in certain food items. At table service restaurants, you can request to talk to a chef so that you can tell them exactly what your daughter can and can not eat. Hope this helps!

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