Snack Series: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake and Key Lime Pie at Boardwalk Bakery

I’ve fallen into a bit of a habit when it comes to walking the Boardwalk in Walt Disney World, and it always includes heading into the Boardwalk Bakery to check out what’s new!

This big bakery with a teensy-tiny little sales area for purchasing goodies is a hidden gem and hot-spot when it comes to unique, can’t-get-em-anywhere-else sweets and savories like the Cheesecake Brownie and Mickey Face Cake.


As I said, while the bakery itself is large (they create baked goods and wedding cakes for the area), the area where guests can actually purchase things is very small. Almost an afterthought.

Boardwalk Bakery Sign

And as much as I love Boardwalk Bakery, the big detractor is the lack of indoor seating. Rain or shine, sweltering or less sweltering, you have to take your purchase outside to eat it. Sure there’s a bit of an overhang, but that hardly constitutes indoor seating.

Bakery Seating

Still, it can be very nice — should the weather cooperate — to sit outside and enjoy the view of Crescent Lake. There’s also great people watching to be had here! (If you see me say Hi — I’ll be the one with the camera who’s super sweaty and probably running late for something…and I’ll likely still have chocolate on my face from something or other.)


Still, this is a terrific spot to have in your back pocket as you head off to a busy day in the parks. They have a variety of breakfast and lunch items, and you can even use your Disney Dining Plan credits here for Quick Service meals or snacks.

And Beach Club Marketplace fans, listen up: this is where you can now get that beloved Beef and Blue!

Menu Board - Click to Enlarge

There are a variety of bottled grab and go drinks available.

Bottled Drink Coolers

And you can also purchase and refill your refillable mug here, making it the perfect pit stop before heading out.

Souvenir Mug Refilling Stations

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

When I was at the Bakery this time, a couple of things caught my eye. First: The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, which my good friend Carrie had told me was her very favorite and that she hadn’t seen it there for a while.

Peanut Butter Cake in the Case

I’ll admit, though, I was skeptical. I fell in LOVE with that Boardwalk Bakery Peanut Butter Cupcake I reviewed last year, and I’ve been sad to not see it back in the case on my recent visits.

But, since this was chocolate and peanut butter as well, I knew it must be sampled!

Peanut Butter Cake - Side View

The cake is a stack of equal parts chocolate cake and rich peanut butter filling. And I do mean equal parts. There’s no skimping on the peanut butter frosting here. And for those who want to know (like I would), the peanut butter frosting is thick and rich. It’s more like a peanut butter cookie dough flavor and texture than a whipped cream frosting texture. So, in the world of peanut butter frosting, this ranks an 8 out of 10, I’d say.

Check Out that Thick Peanut Butter Filling!

The top is a chocolate glaze that’s more ganache than frosting, and it sits right on top of a peanut butter layer. The cake is garnished with more of the peanut butter filling and tiny chocolate shavings and croquant on the ends, which provides a nice texture contrast.

Chocolate Glaze and Chocolate Sprinkles From the Top

Peanut Butter Cake - Cross Section

And it’s just as delicious as it looks! The creamy peanut butter filling isn’t too sweet, and there’s definitely enough here to share. While I don’t love it as much as my beloved cupcake, it’s certainly delicious and well worth the trip over there if you have a craving or snack credits to burn!

Beneath the Chocolatey Goodness!

After that, I opted for the Key Lime Pie. I just can’t bring myself to pass up key lime pie…unless it’s so obviously artificially flavored and colored that it’s neon green. And even then, I’ll still take a bite just in case.

Key Lime Pie in the Case

This one looks a little “processed” to me in terms of its perfect finishes. I tend to like my key lime pie all messy and graham crakery and crumbly, and this was not that.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie with Chocolate Garnish

The pie is a standard wedge shape, and it’s topped with whipped cream topping in a geometric dimple design. It also has a graham cracker crust, which, of course, it should. (In my world, all key lime pie would be like Olivia’s Key Lime Tart, which has think graham cracker crust all the way up all sides.) But…what’s this?? There’s just a thin crust on the bottom and NO crust on the back?!? Who signed off on this?!?

Key Lime Pie - Where's the Rest of the Crust?

OK, quelling my rage about the lack-of-crust, I dug into the pie itself. While I much prefer tart key lime pie, this one is actually quite sweet.

Key Lime Pie Cross Section

SO, I won’t be getting this key lime pie again. Even though it didn’t taste bad at all, it just wasn’t for me. I guess I’d better stick with messy and crackery and crumbly.


While not exactly “atmospheric,” Boardwalk Bakery continues to be one of my favorite spots for unique and interesting treats and eats.

You really never know what you’re going to find here most of the time (the cupcakes are always changing out, and always good), and with the Disney Dining Plan in place, it’s a nice little spot to grab breakfast or lunch on your way in or out of the park.

As for these two items — you know I’ll be back for that peanut butter cake, but I think I’ll look elsewhere for my pie. ;-)

Is Boardwalk Bakery a must-do spot for you? Let us know your favorites!


  1. Fran says

    The Boardwalk Bakery is a treat, especially when I stay at the BWI. Even a bagel that is nothing special tastes so much better when you enjoy it at the outdoor tables on an early morning. Although you don’t see too many reviews for lunch, their sandwiches are quite tasty and a bargain if you’re using the dining plan (mainly because of the dessert selection).

    I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in any of their bakery items! Thanks for the review. I think I’ve had the PB cake and it was delicious!

  2. says

    Oh, AJ … I was so excited when I saw this. Luckily, I am staying at Old Key West in just a couple of weeks, so I can have the GOOD key lime pie from Olivia’s!

  3. Bob Sikon says

    We love chocolate and peanut butter, but the carrot cake is THE best! It’s one of our “must haves” when we get over to The Boardwalk.

  4. Katie says

    Wow! That PB chocolate cake looks amazing! This article has solidified my choice of chocolate cake with PB filing for my WDW wedding. Thanks AJ!

  5. says

    Fran — Thanks for your feedback! Agreed that the counter service credit is a great deal here with the awesome desserts!

    Melissa Sue — Yay! You certainly can! I love that key lime tart.

    Bob Sikon — Shockingly, I’m not sure I’ve ever had the Carrot Cake at the Boardwalk. Will have to remedy that!

    Katie — Ha ha! Be sure to send us a picture!

  6. says

    Hooray! I’m so glad my beloved peanut butter chocolate cake is back and that you got to try it! I’ll have to agree to disagree with you on their peanut butter chocolate cupcake, but I’m glad we can both agree that the peanut butter frosting on the cake is outstanding!

  7. CraigInPA says

    SWEET key lime pie? What are they thinking!?! It should be tart, with the whipped cream cutting the tartness just to the level that your whole face doesn’t pucker!

  8. Ashley says

    YUM! The chocolate peanut butter cake looks delicious! Whenever my family and I stay at Beach Club, or rarely Boardwalk, we always make a stop at the Boardwalk Bakery. I’m more of a morning person, as is my dad, and we frequently would get up, wander over to the BB to get breakfast for everyone and a hot drink for ourselves, and sit outside for a few minutes soaking in the quiet morning, people watching. Plus, we have also been known to go after the parks to grab a treat. I’m going to have to put the chocolate peanut butter cake on my list for the next time!

  9. JanH says

    The best key lime pie is at the Grand Floridian Cafe. It has a chocolate cookie crust and the filling is tart!

  10. says

    Like I said in my last post, we couldn’t get in due to the line — though we did go at prime breakfast eating time. I’m kicking myself for not stopping in and picking up a brownies, but I’m glad I tried the clone recipe.

  11. George says

    OK, I know this post is 2 months old but you have made our week with the news that it’s back at the Boardwalk! It was our absolute favourite dessert (well maybe a close second to the warm bread pudding with banana’s foster sauce from ‘Ohana).

  12. says

    George — I’m so glad we could make your week! I just saw the peanut butter cake there again earlier this month, so you’re still good to go!

  13. Amanda says

    The chocolate peanut butter cake may be my new favorite disney dessert! It is extremely flavorful and moist and I would definitely suggest stopping by to try it! It is the perfect treat while walking from Epcot to Hollywood Studios!

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