Review: Victoria and Albert’s Chef’s Table at the Grand Floridian Resort

Today, we travel up the elegant stairway to the pinnacle of fine dining at Walt Disney World, Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.

Join me for an unparalleled experience as I take you behind the opulence to the excitement and camaraderie of the Chef’s Table! And let me tell you… it’s AWESOME!!

Victoria and Albert’s is the crown jewel in Disney’s culinary offerings. And while it is certainly expensive (that might be an understatement), I aim to show you that for the true food lover, the Chef’s Table experience is worth every penny.

By the way, if you read through this review and decide the Chef’s Table is not for you, you can also dine in the Dining Room to the more intimate Queen Victoria Room.

Victoria and Albert's Plate

Reservations for Victoria and Albert’s go quickly. It is recommended that you book as close to 180 days out as possible. As for cost, the menu is prix fixe, meaning that you pay a set price for the meal. Expect your meal to begin at $135 per person for the Dining Room, with an additional charge of $65 for wine pairings. That price includes six courses. Queen Victoria’s Room and the Chef’s Table menus may include up to thirteen courses, and prices start at $210/person for dinner and $105 for wine pairings. Keep in mind that these prices do not reflect tax or gratuity, so be prepared.

While Queen Victoria’s Room offers the height of elegant dining, the Chef’s Table provides interested guests full access to the restaurant’s culinary team in a meal that is as much performance as it is sustenance.


Once you check in for your reservation at the Chef’s Table, you are escorted through the well appointed (and very quiet!) main dining room. You’ll notice low light, beautiful fresh flowers, and the strains of harp music. The whole effect is quite romantic and very formal. There is a strict dress code here, and men must wear jackets.

Victoria and Albert's Main Dining Room

The Dining Room consists of a mere fourteen tables, beautifully set with spotless crystal and china. Very chi chi.

Victoria and Albert's Seating

We followed the debonaire Maître d’hôtel, Israel Perez, through this space and into the brightly lit kitchen. At that time, we were informed that Chef de Cuisine Scott Hunnel would not be joining us because of a conflicting event. In his place, Sous Chef Aimée Rivera would guide us through our meal.

Maître d'hôtel Israel Perez and Chef Rivera

Both Mr. Perez and Chef Rivera were phenomenal, and it’s clear that their passion and driving force is the comfort and enjoyment of their guests. Chef Rivera invited us to interact at will with the kitchen staff, and suggested that we voice any and all questions that we might have (Mua ha ha ha!!! She didn’t know just how annoying I can be!).

An interesting fact: once you are seated, you can’t leave the kitchen without an escort. Safety is the issue here, with a real professional kitchen being a potentially dangerous place. Plan accordingly! :-)

The Chef’s Table is under the care of two dedicated servers, and our servers for the evening were actually a married couple! I loved that, and really enjoyed watching their polished teamwork as they provided the perfect level of service. They were gracious and helpful without being obtrusive. And assisted as they were by the entire kitchen staff and the maître d, no question we had went unanswered.


Our table was very comfortable and almost homey, in contrast to the elegance of the dining room. The large wooden table, which accommodates up to ten guests, could easily be found in a home kitchen. A small iron railing separates the space from the kitchen, but permits guests a wide view of all the action.

The chefs and cooks were busily engaged in service for the evening and prep work for future meals as we entered. At once, however, they welcomed our questions and interacted with us in the most generous way imaginable.

Chef Cooking at Victoria and Albert's

While there are two seatings each night for the Dining Room, there is only one seating scheduled per night at the Chef’s Table. And let me tell you, nothing helps you to relax like knowing you have the attention of this many people all evening. It was heaven for a crazy food-lover like me.

Chefs at Work

I immediately began asking many, many questions. Joe, Chris, and the rest of the crew were laid back and helpful, giving thoughtful responses to every one of them. I still don’t have any idea how they pay attention to such a bustling job while carrying on conversations with people like me at the Chef’s Table.

For example, Joe was making some quick work of cleaning octopi and invited me to watch the process.

Chef Joe Prepares Octopus

More Octopus Preparations

For someone like me, who enjoys the hows and whys almost as much as the eating, this was SO MUCH FUN! I watched them prepare sushi, desserts, and everything in between.

Making Sushi

Chef Hard at Work

I think one of my favorite parts about observing the kitchen is the attention to detail. While everyone is industrious, the pace isn’t frenetic. Chefs are allowed to take time and pay attention to every tiny detail.

Details are Important!

Finalizing a Dish

One of my questions involved this freestanding pot. I asked what in the world was bubbling away in it and was informed that it was just stock. (The lesson here, kids, is that there are no stupid questions. ;-D)

Stock Bubbling Away

I also just had to know what this was! It always seemed to be surrounded by a flurry of activity. Even though it’s in a pan marked Ster Bac, which is a sanitizer, it’s actually a automated temperature gauge.

This particular test isn’t required, but offers a running record of temperatures in the kitchen. It’s just another way that Disney goes above and beyond, even behind the scenes, to maintain health codes. Fascinating!

Temp Checker

I really enjoyed getting a sneak peek of items being prepared ahead of time for service.

Chef Creations

Back in our dining alcove, I took a little time to appreciate awards and other mementos situated throughout the space.

Awards and Mickey in the Kitchen

This adorable (and rather ancient) diorama was made by a Chef’s Table guest expressly for Chef Hunnel in appreciation of the evening he spent there. How cool that Chef Hunnel displays it! It’s clear that he loves what he does and appreciates the guests who come to share their meals with him. Really, he must be one of the kindest chefs at Disney.

Diorama Created for Chef Hunnel by a Chefs Table Visitor

Isn’t this a lovely sight straight out of your autumn handbook? I’d like to have returned to see what became of these beautiful pears and cinnamon sticks!

Pears and Cinnamon

But enough with the tour. I’m ready to get the meal started – and I’m sure you are too!


Your meal at the Chef’s Table begins with a Champagne Toast, which is just a lovely way to start the evening. The Chef, Mr. Perez, and the guests take a moment to anticipate what’s to come. Such a great tradition.

Champagne Pour


My dinner companion (thanks for inviting me, Bruno!!!) opted for the wine pairing, and I thought it would be fun to show you a little background information on the wine list philosophy. I stuck with water and soft drinks, myself.

Wine List philosophy - Click to Enlarge

Do keep in mind that the prices for meals and wine pairings have increased from what these photos show.

Wine Details - Click to Enlarge

Wine Pour

Wine Pour Up Close

Each place setting includes your own personal menu, which is customized according to your tastes and preferences. When you book the Chef’s Table, you’re able to give a bit of info about your likes and dislikes, and these are reflected in the menu that’s created for you.

Menu - Click to Enlarge

Leaving no detail untouched, you can enjoy a wide variety of salts from around the world with your bread service. There are three different breads and three different butters served throughout the meal at regular intervals.


First Bread and Butter Serving

Butter on Bread

We began our courses with an amuse bouche, tiny one-bite dishes that were as beautiful as they were delicious. Our plates consisted of an assortment, and mine included a Soft-Poached Quail Egg, Summer Roll with Pickled Ginger, and a beautiful Melon Soup garnished with Prosciutto.

Soft Poached Quail Egg, Summer Roll with Pickled Ginger, and Melon Soup with Prosciutto

The Poached Quail Egg was tiny and intricate. I couldn’t figure out quite how to eat it, but I eventually made due! (For those of you who think you’re not “sophisticated” enough to try the Chef’s Table, let me tell you that I was pretty much bumbling my way through the meal and nobody batted an eyelash! They just want you to have a blast with the experience and the food; don’t worry for a moment about not being knowledgeable enough.)

Soft Poached Quail Egg Up Close

Although the menu said the melon would be featured in a salad, it was clearly a soup. It was delicious, summery, and refreshing.

Melon Soup with Prosciutto Up Close

The Summer Roll showcased lovely, fresh summer flavors.

Summer Roll with Pickled Ginger

In addition to the plate above, we were also served this velvety sip of Butternut Squash Soup. Hubba hubba! I love Butternut Squash Soup, and this was some of the best I’ve had.

Butternut Squash Soup

Our first course began with a beautiful Yellow Gazpacho garnished with Heirloom Tomatoes, Iberico Ham Croutons, and Burrata Cheese. While I’m not normally a fan of this cold, raw soup, this was really delightful, and the garnishes took it to the next level. The summery flavors really primed our palates for the rich dishes that were coming.

Heirloom Tomatoes, Iberico Ham Croutons and Burrata Cheese with Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

Adding Garnish

Next we were treated to a well-known “show stopper” dish – Cold “Smoked” Niman Ranch Lamb with Fuji Apple Dressing. We’ve seen this cold dish in our previous guest reviews, as well as Erin Foster’s review during her family meal at the Chef’s Table. It was delicious and very flavorful.

Cold Smoked Niman Ranch Lamb with Fuji Apple Dressing

Lamb Dish

The show-stopper part? “Smoke” comes from dry ice hidden beneath the top plate!

Smoked Dish Presentation

Dry Ice Creates the Show

A second bread service helped to cleanse our palates and provided a nice contrast to the meat.

Second Bread

Second Butter

Our next course was one of my favorites and invoked Asian flavors. Here’s a hint for you… :-)

Using Sake as an ingredient


…And here is the magic of the Chef’s Table. My friend had told Victoria and Albert’s that I preferred to go light on the seafood when he made the reservations. Normally, this course is salmon. But for my course, I was greeted with Sake-Soy-Marinated Long Island Duck with Bok Choy and Soy Beans. YUM!!!

Sake-Soy-Marinated Long Island Duck with Bok Choy and Soy Beans

THIS – was absolutely phenomenal. The rich, strong flavors and beautiful texture of the duck breast were outstanding, and I was very, very pleased. My friend had the same dish prepared with salmon.


He pronounced it to be fantastic as well. It was some of the prettiest salmon I had ever seen. Just look at the color!

Salmon Inside

The pungent, spicy fresh wasabi was the perfect accompaniment.


The next dish was Roasted Quail with Asian Pears and Serrano Ham Jus. For me, this was the clear winner of the evening!

Roasted Quail with Asian Pears and Serrano Ham Jus

And while I loved the moist, rich quail, it was the Mini Fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich garnish that I could NOT get enough of! (Are you at all surprised, DFB readers? No, of course you’re not surprised.)

Mini Fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich

And again, with the magic. I gushed so much about loving these that they actually prepared extra for me!

Inside the Mini Fried Ham and Cheese Sandwich

In between each of these courses, I took full advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and was literally hanging over the rail, asking every question that popped into my head. The staff were so generous with their time and attention.

Once again, it can’t be easy to concentrate on all of those detailed tasks with a steady barrage of questions about everything they were doing, but they were unbelievably giving with their time and information.

Our next course was another foray into fancy, with Veal Sweetbread and Shank with Chanterelle Mushroom Ragout. It was only the second or third time I’ve had this delicacy, which is actually – yikes! – the thymus gland.

Veal Sweetbread and Shank with Chanterelle Mushroom Ragout

The sweetbreads were quite good, and the shank was delicious. My least favorite component of the plate had to be the foam, though. I just do not like the look or feel of it. Because of the gamier flavor and foam, this course definitely didn’t measure up to the quail + ham & cheese, but that’s obviously a personal taste.


We were served another bread course. This time, we enjoyed thick slices of a whole grain loaf.

Third Bread Serving


After that, it was time for another sublime red meat course!

Steak Knives

The Australian Kobe and Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Garlic Potato Puree was so completely fantastic that I have a confession to make: I didn’t…quite…wait for the picture…to dig in. I know! Gasp! You’d think I’d have this down by now!!

Fortunately, I snagged this photo from Erin Foster’s previous review so that you can get an idea about the dish. Ours featured both Australian Kobe and Wagyu, but you get the gist.

Australian Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Garlic Potato Puree

As, of course, as a big fan of beef, this dish blew me away. It was second only to that fantastic quail. And with that, we wrapped up the meat courses!

It was time to turn our attention to cheese and dessert. Our cheese plates included Colston Bassett Stilton, Southern Belle Chevre, Gouda Goat, and 24-Month Parmegiano Reggiano.

Southern Belle Chevre, Gouda Goat, Colston Bassett Stilton, and 24-Month Parmigiano-Reggiano

The presentation was just lovely, and the cheeses were delicious. The Gouda and chevre were more mild, while the Stilton and Parmegiano-Reggiano provided sharper, deeper flavors. Fig cake, pears, a port reduction, crisps, and honey provided wonderful garnishes.

Cheese Selection From the Other Side

And now, for your third installment of magic and delight: when my friend made the arrangements for dinner, he let them in on my little plastic cheese obsession.

When Chef Rivera brought this Bleu Cheese Fondue to the table, it was with apologies that she couldn’t quite bring herself to serve “plastic cheese,” but she had made this fondue instead, and hoped that I would enjoy it.

It was an incredible surprise and absolutely delicious. Served with cubes of nut bread on the most adorable picks, it was Through. The. Roof! Truly delicious, and incredibly rich. No way was I finishing it all, even though it was a petite serving. My only regret? I didn’t get the recipe. Sigh.

Bleu Cheese Fondue

At this point, we were getting fatigued from food overload, but oh so happy with the wonderful experience we had had. But we did, of course, save a little room for sweets! There were multiple dessert courses as well. Of course there were!

To begin, I had the Orange Panna Cotta with Chartreuse Pineapple Sorbet. Normally, I’m not a big cheerleader for panna cotta – too much like milk jello for my taste, as you know – but this is Victoria and Albert’s! And so, it was pretty awesome.

Orange Panna Cotta with Chartreuse Pineapple Sorbet

But my favorite here was that Chartreuse Pineapple Sorbet. It was delicious, light, and refreshing, with just a little hint of sour to balance the sweetness. The perfect palate cleanser. And even though the tuile cage looked a little like a stick of mint gum, it was very pretty.

Chartreuse Pineapple Sorbet

An over-the-top chocolate experience was up next, with the Mocha Scented Tanzanie Chocolate Mousse Timbale. Note the edible gold leaf and the gooseberry garnish. Gooseberries? LOVE THEM. Who knew?

Mocha Scented Tanzanie Chocolate Mousse Timbale

Uber chocolatey. I usually like a little more variety in flavor, but this was really delicious.

This petite chocolate cocktail was served with the timbale. The whole effect was rich and decadent, the perfect chocoholic fantasy dessert.

Chocolate Cocktail Served with Dessert

With dessert, Victoria and Albert’s extensive tea list was offered.

Tea Selections

We were also treated to the theatre of their famous vacuum press coffee pot.

Vacuum Coffee Pot


But when it came right down to it, what my companion wanted most was an ice cold glass of milk. And just like that, it appeared. And that, my friends, is the beauty of this wonderful place. Whatever you want, you can have. Milk, soda, kool-aid – it doesn’t matter. Ask, and it appears. And, yes, I drank Diet Coke all evening as a little indulgence for myself.

It’s your $200+ dinner. Never lose sight of that. Ask for the things you’d like, and enjoy yourself.

Go Ahead and Ask for Milk!

Whew! We’re getting close to the end, but we’ve got some more surprises in store! While seated at the Chef’s Table, you notice rows of these wonderful brandied cherries in lovely glass jars atop the cabinets. Wonder what they’re for?

Brandied Cherries

Why, housemade chocolates, of course! As our evening came to an end, this huge tray of chocolates appeared, and we were invited to take our fill.

Chocolate Tray

I made a few choices to take home with me (including the messy-but-delicious Brandy cherry chocolates). I wasn’t sure I’d ever be hungry again. But just in case.

Choices from Chocolate Tray

I added the chocolates to this darling goodie bag, which also included a mini loaf of quick bread. Women also leave with a rose.

Goodies to Take Home!


It probably goes without saying, but I highly recommend Victoria and Albert’s to anyone who is able to dine here. Our tagline – Food IS a Theme Park – has never been more true than in this fantasy dining spot.

And in case you are on the fence about booking such an extravagant meal, let me frame it appropriately: this is not just food, it’s an experience. You aren’t just having dinner, you are having a moment in your life that will be unforgettable.

When it comes to the Chef’s Table, this option may not be for everyone. If you’re in search of romance, you might want to consider the Dining Room or the bump up to the Queen Victoria Room for the quieter atmosphere. But if knowledge is what you’re after, and a fun, interactive, exuberant night, consider the Chef’s Table. It’s the equivalent of that big scuba dive or that long dreamed of mountain climb: it will be etched in your memory.

Have you had the pleasure of dining at Victoria and Albert’s? Tell us about your experience below!


  1. Niki says

    What a great review. Sitting at work tonight reading this and it took me back to my time at the Chef’s Table last October. We also had Chef Ruvera and the same couple as our servers.

    I have to say this was the best meal I have ever had and the interaction with the staff was great. I would recommend this to anyone. I am counting down the days until I can dine at the Chef’s Table again.

    Thanks for the review, now I am hungry.

  2. says

    That sounds and looks absolutely incredible! Am I right in thinking that children are allowed at the Chef’s Table, but not the main restaurant?

  3. Diane says

    My husband and I dined in the V&A dining room on our honeymoon 20 years ago. At the time, all the servers introduced themselves as “Victoria” and “Albert,” which I thought was really hokey, because why would a restaurant be named for the servers?? You didn’t mention your servers names; are they finally allowed to be themselves?
    My only regret at the time was that we didn’t make more requests. For example, our amuse bouche was a tiny slice of lamb, which my husband likes. In hindsight, if we had asked for them to create an entree of it for him, they probably would have.

  4. says

    Someday I will do this.

    Curious, they have wine pairings and they indulged you with milk and Diet Coke…but would they do beer? Obviously you would have to pay extra, but I would love to have a few of the courses paired with a beer selection.

  5. says

    What an amazing review and experience AJ! One question about Chef’s table.. is it warmer/hotter in there due to being seated so close to the kitchen?

    My husband and I ate at V&A in October of 2009.. I was pregnant at the time too.. and they were so great about making sure I didn’t have any soft cheeses in my meals (which is a shame because I LOVE cheese of all kinds – but, Doctor’s orders!). It was literally the best meal we have ever had even to this day. We left saying it was completely worth every penny and had such a great time. I’m trying to talk my husband into us eating there again next year. I would eat at V&A on every trip to WDW if I could! Thanks for taking me back to my wonderful experience there!

  6. says

    btw, we would LOVE to do Chef’s table someday… we are big fans of shows like Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, etc.. so I’m sure we would be doing exactly as you… leaning over the rail and asking many, many questions!

  7. Otavio says

    Awsome post! Out of this world! Congrats!

    I went to V&A on the main dining room, and it was one of the three TOP dinners of my life. As a Chef myself, I can’t wait to return from Rio de Janeiro to WDW, looking forward to Chef’s table!

    I envy you, who are much nearer than me! Lucky guys! I am preety sure V&A team should sleep well every night, because they RULE in the fine art of cooking and making a night memorable!

  8. Marc says

    We absolutely love V&A, having added it as part of our annual vacation tradition. In the “days of yore” the Queen Victoria Room was just another dining area, but with the fireplace. It’s nice that they’ve given guests a selection of menus (and hence, the rooms).

    The BEST part of the main dining room — the 20% discount from Tables in Wonderland! Okay, the food is absolutely fantastic, but who can resist receiving receiving the full benefits of the TIW price based off just one meal?

  9. Allan says

    We went to V&A’s just over 7 yrs ago. Completely agree… it’s an experience. For the life of me I can’t remember a single thing we ate but I do remember that it was a great time.

    One comment about the review itself. It would have been nice to hear a little more about the wines and how well it went with the food. Even something simple such as better, same or worse.

  10. says

    I think I got a bit emotional whilst reading this. Everything looks breathtaking. I think I’m going to start a personal V&A Fund today so that I can finally experience this masterpiece of a meal!

  11. Nathan says

    Thanks for the wonderful review. My mouth was actually watering while reading this! I’ve always wondered what dining at the Chef’s Table was like ever since seeing it on a tour of the kitchen on our last visit to V&A (I had tried then to book it but it was full up the length of our stay). It’s hard to believe how it could be any more amazing than dining in the regular dining room but just the interaction factor alone seems to make it so.
    You had the incredible honor of having been served by the incredible married duo of Jack & Cherie. We’ve had the pleasure of their company on our last two visits and cannot fathom ever dining at V&A without their service. Constant attention to your every need and never intrusive, they are an attraction unto themselves. On our last visit during the holidays, they told us the story of how they met and how they enjoy working together. Rare proof that a couple can work together and stay together when they enjoy what they do.
    I can hardly wait to go back on our upcoming trip in January!

  12. says

    Niki — Thank you so much for that kind comment! I’m so glad I could bring the memories back! :-)

    Becca — Kids ages 10 and over are allowed at the Chef’s Table (but they cost the same amount as the adults!)

    Diane — Ha ha! Yes, the servers are finally allowed to be themselves! ;-) Great point on asking for requests — especially when you’re at the Chef’s Table. It’s probably not best to have too many requests the evening of your meal, but if you state them in advance, they should be able to accommodate them fairly easily!

    NT3 — What a great question!! I’ll have to pose that to them the next time I’m there. I imagine they could easily put that together if you request it in advance, and I’m sure you can order beer at the table once you arrive.

    Marci — It didn’t feel warmer/hotter in there, but I wasn’t actually paying much attention. I was wearing a sleeveless dress and didn’t need a sweater (which I usually do in Disney restaurants), so perhaps that’s something. :-)

    Deej — Let me know how you like the Victoria Room!

    Otavio — Thanks for the kudos! Agreed, they are truly at the top of their game, and have been for years.

    Marc — SUCH a great point!!

    Allan — Thanks for your comment! I didn’t have the wines, personally, so I didn’t comment on them. But I’ll be sure to build them into the next review. :-)

    Katherine — I hope you’re able to go soon, Katherine! But, rest assured, it will be phenomenal whenever you get there. :-)

  13. Elizabeth says

    Yep. Now I want to go. Sigh.

    I did the chef’s counter at the Napa Rose and enjoyed it, but I think I might prefer the peaceful romantic atmosphere of the main dining room at V&A’s.

    One of these days!

  14. Sandy B says

    Hi, wondering if I could go by myself? Do they seat people together or do you need to be a part of a larger party to get a reservation? I would love to do this but am the only one interested.

  15. Leslie says

    My husband and I have been twice, and it was phenomenal both times. My husband still says that the poulet rouget with mushrooms is the best thing he’s ever eaten, and we’ve been to a few other 5 diamond restaurants before. We’re planning to try the chef’s table for a milestone anniversary, in a few years.

  16. Karen says

    Ahhh, this brought back memories. What a great review!!!

    I have eaten twice in the main dining room and once at the Chef’s Table. I must say I prefer the Chef’s table, it is much less stuffy in terms of atmosphere and you don’t have to be as quiet as in the main room. Regarding questions about beer, the answer, I believe, is YES. They have access to a full bar – my brother ordered Bourbon to start his meal and they had no problem providing it. One of our courses was even paired with an Oak Stout. You can also forgo the wine pairing and order wine by the glass (or any drink at extra cost). Israel also was kind enough to give us a tour of their wine cellar after we finished eating. That was really cool.

    One note on leaving the kitchen area, they will slow the pace of the meal if you need a break from all of that food. Around the 5th or 6th course my brother had to get up and walk around (to digest and make room). They escorted him out and about 15 minutes (or so) later he came back in with a new pair of shorts that he purchased in one of the shops that he passed as he was walking about!

    Chef Hunnel was there during our meal and he chatted with us several times during the course of the evening and even posed for pictures. I asked him about his wife since she is responsible for the Epcot Food and Wine festival, you had to see him beam with pride.

    I love the chef’s table and can’t wait to go back!

  17. says

    We are dine-hard foodies and we LOVE V&A’s!! Nice to see Mike and Beth were your servers…they are the best! (well, ALL the servers are actually very nice…we just seem to get Mike and Beth most often :-) ).

    Hubby dined at the Chef’s table years ago with friends (I was, unfortunately sick and had to stay back in the hotel :-( ) but we are going to be there in the kitchen ourselves in February – can’t wait! Until then, we are going to be attending the V&A dinner during F&W (we went last year as well …you can see pics/review here: ) as well as dining in the main dining room on our holiday trip.

    I agree with much you wrote…the atmosphere, though elegant, is not at all stuffy nor snobbish. The waitstaff and chefs are truly glad you are there and make you feel instantaly at ease. Israel and Scott are amzing. I, for one, love having the opportunity to dress up and who doesn’t love the hubs in a tux? We also ask LOTS of questions and I’ve made a few items just because we’ve had them there (for example, I developed a recipe for a Porcini Mushroom Cappucinno that is similar in taste and texture to the one made for us at last year’s F&W dinner and it has become one of our favorite soups).

    I am so glad I read this today! I am now MORE excited for the F&W festival as well as our turn at the Chef’s table!

  18. Alan says

    The reason we love WDW is for experiences like V&A, which we cannot often find at home. The reason we love the DFB is for reviews like this one, which we cannot find anywhere else on the web.

  19. Paula says

    We have Chef’s Table reservations on our last night of a 2 week trip to WDW in October! I couldn’t believe when I called to book V&A reservations and they asked which seating area I wanted. I pretty much stuttered out… “you mean Chef’s Table is available?” And she said yes! Complete and utter shock! I was not planning on the extra expense of the Chef’s Table. Especially since I planned to use the TiW discount. I have thought about cancelling it but I have and will keep it as I now think it wil2l be a wonderful conclusion to our trip!

  20. notchris says

    While the chef’s table is definitely worth doing once, subsequent visits might not be worth twice the cost of the main dining room w/ TiW. For me it’s very close, so I’ve wavered about booking the CT again. Also, guys can remove the jacket while in the chef’s table area but it needs to be worn when crossing the main dining room. No clue about other articles of clothing.

    @AJ = Is that really sushi? That’s a really weird way to make it. I would have guessed it was some sort of poached sausage-y thing.

    @SandyB = Yes you can dine as a singlet. The chef’s table has only 1 reservation per night, so if you snag it, it’s yours and only yours.

  21. Kate says

    Beautiful photographs and great presentation. I feel that I got a chance to enjoy the meal vicariously!

  22. Bay says

    One day when my littles are big, I WILL do this. Your review was lovely! I remember from DSMMoms that you despise foam ;)

  23. Nicole says

    I am so excited to read another great V&A review! My husband and I had our wedding dinner at V&A and we are returning for our five year anniversary dinner next month. I tried very hard to book the chef’s table, but someone else beat us to it (and I called the first day it was open for reservations!). Either way the food is sure to be magnificent and special just like our first visit.

    I have been to many facy restaurants all over the world and this one still holds up as my favorite meal of all time.

  24. says

    Wow. And OMG. And wow. Oh, I do have a question… much time was spent for this experience? It seems like you must have been there for several hours.

  25. W.D. says

    Ate at the Chef’s Table on 1/1/1997. I thought that was fantastic but the pictures tell me that they have improved from back then. Amazing!

    I viewed my evening much like you did. The ability to walk the kitchen and talk to the chefs was worth the cost of the meal. In 1997, Disney was offering classes with famous chefs. You got to nibble and ask a few questions. The cost of our Chef’s Table meals back then was about the same cost as a Disney class. For the money, the Chef’s Table was by far the best value. Did I say value? Yep, that’s how I viewed that evening. Fantastic food plus all the questioned answered that I had about food.

    Thanks for this review and the excellent photographs. You brought back fond memories.


  26. Angelique says

    Wow, just WOW!!!! It all looks sooo amazing :-) thanks for the great review, loved reading it. I was afraid this was not for us, but after reading this, we might…. Some day…. ;-)

  27. Angelique says

    O, and I thought we would not be able to do the chefs Table for just the 2 of us, but I was wrong, yeey :-)

  28. Mike says

    My girlfriend has been dying to go here, but neither of us quite have formal dining experience and I feel like I would make a fool out of myself by not knowing all the ‘technical’ aspects.

    As long as you’re well mannered and polite, would the staff here possibly make it ‘awkward’ for a couple like us?

  29. says

    Mike — Absolutely not! The staff is awesome. And I would actually recommend the chef’s table. It’s much less formal back there! Ask all the questions you want!

  30. Mike says

    AJ – Alright cool! I’ve always dreaded formal dining, my parents always dragged me along to places like Per Se, Guy Savoy, etc. But V&A’s looks genuinely like a good time all around.

  31. Mike says

    Sorry, one last thing! Is the Chef’s Table a group thing with other diners?

  32. says

    Mike — The Chef’s table is a private affair. It’s a table that can seat up to 8 people that’s right in the kitchen. You book it for the whole evening and bring as many people as you want. You only pay per person, though — it’s not a flat fee.

  33. Mike Marco says

    AJ – Oh okay, all the pictures I had seen were of large groups.
    So, two diners could book the Chef’s Table and it still be a private affair?

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