Review: Nutella Waffle Sandwich in Magic Kingdom Park

Welcome back, friends, to one of the great hidden gems of Walt Disney World dining! Sleepy Hollow Refreshments in the Magic Kingdom offers so many unique and classic Disney treats that the entire menu likely worth ordering these days!

From funnel cakes and Chicken and Wild Rice Soup to homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches and Liberty Swirl slushes (review coming soon!), this spot is a Disney Snack Superstar these days.

However, it’s the Waffle Sandwiches that are truly putting Sleepy Hollow on the map! Included in the list are a breakfast sandwich; a ham, proscuitto, and swiss sandwich, a spicy chicken sandwich, and this outstanding Fruit and Nutella sandwich!

Nutella Waffle Sandwich With Fruit

I couldn’t wait to get my first taste of this sweet waffle sandwich. Pairing trendy Nutella — a chocolate hazelnut spread that I became addicted to when I was working overseas (try it with peanut butter!!) — with gorgeous berries bananas and smooshing it all into a giant Belgian waffle is clearly a genius idea!

Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow Menu -- July 2012

The first thing you notice when you get any of these waffle sandwiches is that They. Are. HUGE. Seriously, these sandwiches could easily feed two or three people, especially if you’re just getting them as a snack and not a meal.

And since they’re HUGE, that means they’re very difficult to eat. I mean…I just kind of stared at the thing for a while, there on the table. So much so that the gentleman next to me asked if I was going to eat it or just look at it.

Big. Giant. Honkin'. Waffle.

Alas, I was making a spectacle of myself, so I had to figure out how to consume this thing. First, I tried to pick it up and take a bite out of it like it was a regular sandwich. No go. The thing was so stuffed with fruit that it was falling apart (can’t ding Disney for small portions, that’s for sure).

After an ill-fated attempt that ended with me getting chocolate all over my face (of which some still remained when I got back to my hotel room about 8 hours later that evening…yep — classy AJ, that’s what they call me), I decided to fork-and-knife it.

Cutting Into Nutella Waffle Sandwich - Method 2

This worked much better, but in order to make this method work, I had to consume a lot of the fruit before I could really dig into the waffle. No worries — the fruit was delicious (and I’m a very picky fruit eater).

Once I got down to the waffle, you can see what a generous portion of Nutella there was smeared onto the sandwich!

Chocolatey Goodness

And even though it definitely took a while to consume (and I couldn’t finish all of it, as expected), the flavors and textures worked perfectly together — the spongy malt of the waffle, the tart and juicy berries, the smooth banana, and that incredible sweetness of the chocolate-hazelnut Nutella.

More Chocolatey Goodness

This is a truly unique and recommended treat if you happen to have 20 minutes to kill in the Magic Kingdom. While I tackled it alone (and you certainly can, too), it never hurts to have a few friends with you! Get a couple of the waffle sandwiches and enjoy!

Have you tried one of Sleepy Hollow’s waffle sandwiches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Sheilla says

    OMG AJ that looks soooo good. It’s on my list of must tries. Though I shall have to ask for it without Banana since I have a slight allergy to banana…

  2. Cynthia says

    I ordered both the fruit and the chicken waffle on a solo trip April 2012. I had the wonderful experience of sharing all but the breakfast sandwich on a family trip in Dec 2011, and the four of us were stuffed from sharing the three sandwiches then. Why, oh, why, did I order both in April…My lord they were good!:) Couldn’t finish either one but made an attempt. Would I do that again? Watch me in Oct :)

  3. Matt says

    I’ll be down in the World in Oct and the spicy chicken waffle is on my must eat list.
    After seeing this I may have to take two trips to Sleepy hollow…. Nutella is the best…

  4. Leslie says

    My husband and I have a tradition of a late breakfast at Sleepy Hollow every time we’re at Magic Kingdom, after we’ve done a few rides and just as the park is starting to get crowded. The restaurant is never crowed, and so good. Plus you can sort of get a view of the show at the castle if it’s happening. We’ll be there in 2 weeks, and I am definitely getting this, and my husband has already decided that he is getting the chicken waffle. Maybe I can talk him into sharing both. . .

  5. David says

    Without doubt one of the best things I ate during my recent 15 day trip to Orlando – definitely enough for two to share – however this didn’t stop my 9 year old son asking for another one all to himself !!!

  6. says

    I cannot say no to the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich. I would even order a side of the coleslaw if it was available. Did you have one of the breakfast versions?

  7. Sian says

    Is it possible to get any of the waffles as a quick-service meal on the dining plan?
    Can’t wait to try one!

  8. says

    Sheilla — So glad you enjoyed the post! I’m sure you’d have no problem getting it sans banana.

    Cynthia — Clearly, we’re twins separated at birth! ;-)

    Matt — Two trips it is!!!

    Leslie — Sharing is DEFINITELY caring when it comes to these! Let me know if you can convince him!

    Sarah — No snack credit, unfortunately, but still delicious and well worth it.

    David — That’s great news! Love that the kiddo is apparently a food hoarder. ;-)

    Scott — I haven’t had the breakfast version, yet, but I’m told it’s fantastic!

    Sian — I don’t believe you can get these for a counter-service / quick-service credit, but it’s always worth asking!

  9. says

    I had this in January and I STILL dream about it! It is absolutely DIVINE! It is the very first thing I plan on eating next time I go back!

  10. Tom says


    Yes you can get the Nutella sandwich as quick service meal complete with a drink and a dessert (fruit, cookie, chips). I tried this delicious sandwich at 2 am during extra magic hours at MK over the summer, and I have to say that I returned back for more later in my trip. The fruit was very fresh and the amount of nutella they slap on there is extremely generous. I folded it up and ate it like a taco…I have a big mouth! Everyone should give this cullinary masterpiece a try!

  11. says

    I ate mine like a taco and yes, I had chocolate all over my face but I didn’t care! You’re in WDW for goodness sake.. we can eat like kids! I am definitely getting another one of these on my upcoming trip!

  12. James Malin says

    This is exactly the kind of food I’m looking for at Walt Disney World. Something that’s fun, unique and different. I will definitely be checking out this Nutella Waffle Sandwich when next visiting the Magic Kingdom.

  13. Bev J says

    I am so looking forward to trying one of these! I think I will be sharing with my Hubby. I may try making one before we go so I don’t have to wait till November!

  14. Dana says

    Oh, yummy! I can’t eat the waffle part, but the nutella and fruit look devine! I might have to split this with my husband, and have him eat more of the waffle while I eat more of the fruit (I don’t think I’ll have a problem convincing him!).

  15. says

    Both this one and the chicken are amazing! I like how they don’t use an overly sweet waffle batter, so the nutella and fruit can shine and doesn’t over power the chicken or it’s sauce… Lucky for me I have a mouth big enough to eat these with my hands… :)

  16. Chrissy says

    The breakfast sandwich is AMAZING!!! So much so, that I’ve taken to using frozen waffles (I know, for shame!) and bananas and strawberries and making my own with the Nutella and sometimes peanut butter, too.

    Also, I was told that I could get it using a counter/quick service credit (they’d give a bag of chips as the side), but they won’t take a snack credit for it.

  17. Essie says

    Boy, I could easily make a meal out of that; it looks delicious and very filling. As a snack, I would def want to share it. I think I will be visiting one of those little beauties soon. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  18. Jamie says

    Every now and then at home I make myself a waffle peanut butter and Nutella sandwich (why? Because I can), and it’s gooood! So I can only imagine what this tastes like on a real BELGIUM waffle and extra toppings!

  19. Mark D. says

    My wife and I split the chicken one and the fruit one….and will continue to do that from now on because they were fantastic.

  20. says

    I absolutely adore this waffle. The fruit was wonderful and clearly fresh. Definitely enough here for two, but I didn’t share! Ok…I did let my husband have a bite, and shared more of the second one. Yes they were that good that we went back for another one the next day. On days we don’t have breakfast reservations this may be my go to breakfast! And hey, it’s got fruit right? So it’s all healthy! Don’t tell me otherwise please!

  21. dannette says

    Chicken and Waffels! We have been to WDW soooo many times and some how missed this until a recent trip! What we have missed…. it is almost heart breaking. A must.

  22. Kevin Devine says

    We tried one of each sandwich this last July:

    Ham and Prosciutto : Won’t buy again, too much mayo, not enough flavor. Maybe it was the heat of the day (over 100), but this was not good in our opinion.

    Spicy Chicken: The piece of chicken I got in my waffle was huge. Easily enough for two people to eat. It was very flavorful and quite spicy (which I liked). I would love to order this on a cooler day.

    Nutella and Fruit: This is a family share waffle. The CM we had was VERY generous with the Nutella, I must have had at least a cup of the stuff on the waffle. But, as others have stated, the fruit was fresh and very enjoyable. However, it takes about three people to finish one of these off on a hot day.

  23. Janna says

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my iPad…

    This holds the #1 spot on my Must-Eat-On-My-Next-Trip List.

  24. Penny says

    We had this on three separate occasions when we visited the Magic Kingdom in May 2012. They did offer it to us as a counter service credit option (although it would not be a good use of it). My kids loved it, and just looking at the pictures makes me want to go back. Every time we ordered it, we would have to wait for it to be prepared fresh for us, and the fruit was always fresh as well. Too big for a snack, we often shared (although the last day we were there, my husband and 11 year old daughter finished one each – they didn’t want to share that day!)

  25. Catherine says

    I had this sandwich when I was in Disney last week, and It was AMAZING! I could barely fit it into my mouth it was so big! Just thinking about it makes me hungry!

  26. Jessica says

    We tried the Nutella waffle last month. I asked about using it as a counter-service meal and they totally went for it. They gave us the option of two sides and a drink. We chose two apple slices and a soda. So good! And the best thing was we didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. :)

  27. karla says

    I had the prosciutto, ham and swiss sandwich and oh my goodness!! this is to die for! i absolutely love waffles but had never thought about it in a sandwich. disney is just so amazing! not just with the entertainment but they great food inventions they come up with! i’m dying to try the breakfast sandwich and the nutella one also when I go now in october! can’t wait!

  28. Paula Sillars says

    Can they make dairy free waffles? I read yesterday that it’s possible at the resort food courts and wondered about at this location?

  29. Suzanne says

    To quote my 5 year old daughter, this was the “BEST LUNCH EVER”, my fam shared a funnel cake, coffe soft serve float and the nutella fruit waffle, late -morning snack before our early dinner (4:50) ressies at BOG ( we essentially skipped lunch for these treats)…Best decision ever – it was amazng, sitting in the sun, and on breezy March day, overlooking the castle…and eating this pure yumminess…can I go back NOW?!?!

  30. says

    The Nutella & fruit waffles are the best thing ever! Since having one, I’ve had to start making them at home. My kids and husband love them as well.

  31. Elisabeth says

    Oh you think YOU made a spectacle of yourself? There was no table around for us to eat at, so the first time I ate this thing (in a rocking chair) I had chocolate and bananas down my shirt, on my shirt, in my hair, AND all over my hands and face. My husband was quite amused. lol

  32. says

    We get 4 fruit and nutella waffles to feed our family of 6.
    We do not use any dining plan options because $6.00 per is a very reasonable breakfast at WDW. They are incredible and I’ve started making them at home.

  33. KierstiAnn says

    That’s one of my favorite park foods!! It makes me want to buy a waffle maker but I know it won’t be the same made at home.

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