News! Be Our Guest Restaurant Menus and Food Photos!

For those who haven’t heard about this fun new spot yet, Be Our Guest Restaurant will (soft) open to great fanfare on November 19th in the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Enchanting diners with references to the “Beauty and the Beast” film, a rose motif and French atmosphere will be showcased throughout the restaurant.

Yesterday we reported on the Be Our Guest Restaurant beer and wine menu that will be offered during the dinner meal. The big news here is not that French wine will be uncorked inside the Beast’s Castle, it’s that alcohol will be served for the first time within the Magic Kingdom. Historically, Walt Disney had kept Disneyland a “dry” location with the exception of the private Club 33. The Magic Kingdom had followed this tradition.

But now that we’ve raised our glasses to toast Be Our Guest, it’s time to take a look at the food!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Dinner Menu

For dinner-time, the meal will be more elegant with table-service, French wine, and seating available in the West Wing and the Ballroom. The Be Our Guest dinner menu adds additional appetizer choices and more gourmet entrees.

For Starters, one of the dinner menu options is Mussels Provencal with White Wine, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Basil, and Butter.

Mussels Provençal

The Charcuterie Plate includes assorted cured meats and sausages served with cornichons, pickled onions, and toasted whole grain bread.

Assorted Cured Meats and Sausages

One of the entrees I’m game for when I’m there — the Grilled Strip Steak with Garlic-Herb Butter — is accompanied by Pommes Frites (Steak and Frites — woo!)!

Grilled Strip Steak with Garlic-Herb Butter and Pommes Frites

Ratatouille Confit Byaldi will be oven-baked zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, and caramelized onions sliced and layered on quinoa. It’s served with bell pepper salsa!

Layered Ratatouille

Diners looking for seafood will not be disappointed with the Pan-seared Salmon on leek fondue served with creamy saffron-crushed potatoes.

Pan-seared Salmon with Leek Fondue and Saffron Potatoes

All dinner entrees include a choice of dessert. Check out the cream puffs!

Mousse-Filled Cream Puffs

Or indulge with a gourmet cupcake. Choose from Lemon Meringue, Strawberry Cream Cheese, and Triple Chocolate.

Gourmet Cupcakes

The best part? We’re also hearing that guests will be able to “try the Gray Stuff” at dessert! (We hear it’s delicious! ;-D)

Be Our Guest Restaurant Lunch Menu

Lunch will be quick-service with modern touch-screen ordering inside the gorgeous medieval castle. The lunch menu features soups, sandwiches, desserts, and more!

See the full Be Our Guest lunch menu here.

The desserts are the same at lunch and dinner, however they are not included with lunch entrees.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Kids’ Menu

Kids are also offered unique meals at lunch and dinner. See the Be Our Guest Kids’ menus here.

Want More Be Our Guest Restaurant Info?

Our Be Our Guest restaurant page is the place to read up on all the news from this new restaurant, including pictures of the restaurant’s atmosphere and interior!

What do you think about the Be Our Guest restaurant menus? Let us know what you can’t wait to try!


  1. Amy says

    I am genuinely surprised that they’ll be serving wine with dinner. Not that I mind, I just didn’t expect it.

    I am really looking forward to having lunch here. We’ll be there less than a week after the opening date (but before the grand opening), and I’m hoping it won’t be too mobbed. Beauty and the Beast is my daughter’s second favorite movie (after Finding Nemo), and she’s had her heart set on Be Our Guest since we first found out about it. The pulled pork with green beans and sweet potatoes on the lunch menu is right up her alley.

  2. Courtney says

    I am a vegetarian who abhors bell peppers – any tips? Do you think I should request another sauce, do you think they will have the availability to make another dish? It seems like a limited menu…

  3. Paul Amico says

    Bad decision Disney! Alcohol of any kind has no place in the Magic Kingdom. Although I am a responsible beer and wine drinker, I enjoy the Magic Kingdom dry. Hope the beer & wine will only be allowed within the restaurant and not allowed to be carried around like in other Parks.

  4. love2travel says

    Steak and frites sounded good till I saw the photo… those frites look an awful lot like American french fries (as opposed to yummy, crunchy duck fat frites)…

  5. says

    Amy — I’m looking forward to hearing your lunch review!

    Courtney — Yes, you can absolutely speak with the Chef to figure out a dish that would better suit you at the table-service dinner.

    Mark D — Me. Too.

    Paul Amico — Currently it is only allowed in the restaurant. And there will not be a bar, so guests won’t be able to “grab-and-go” at the moment.

    Love2Travel — Agreed on this one! Those aren’t the frites I got used to in France and Switzerland.

  6. says

    @love2travel: Agreed! Plus, what’s with the cold pat of garlic-herb butter on top? Maybe they wanted to display it as close to how the dish will actually be served as possible… ;)

    And another thing… cream puffs with mousse inside and NO chocolate glaze on top? Haven’t they ever seen the profiteroles at Chefs de France?

  7. Emily says

    I was talking to someone who went to the Be Our Guest media event, and they said the grey stuff is a light fruit mousse. I figured it would be chocolate! Who knew?

    And about alcohol being served here – I hate, hate, HATE this plan!!!! It was Walt’s idea to have a dry park. Is *nothing* sacred? I hope the bigwigs at Disney see how much people are disliking this nonsense and nix the beer and wine menu. DISAPPOINTED.

  8. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    is that mini cupcake really going to count as your dessert if you are on the dinning plan.. if so not fair…

  9. Jenny says

    Do you know any of the prices for the lunch menue? Everything sounded great, I think I would like to try it.

  10. Lizzie says

    Those fries look shamefully bad for a table service restaurant. However, I am a total fry snob and like my fries to have something that makes them special!

  11. says

    I don’t drink beer or wine — I’m a bourbon guy — but I have to say, the notion of being able to get a glass of either at a table service restaurant doesn’t bother me at all. Like most, I don’t want to see alcohol popping up all around the Magic Kingdom as it is at the other parks, but a drink with dinner? Seems downright civilized to me. (By the way, I’m not opposed at all to the fact alchol is sold in the other parks… be hypocritical of me, since I love many of the bars! But the Magic Kingdom does seem… different. Clearly, the most child-centric of the parks)

    By the way, if you have even a thought of hitting Be Our Guest for dinner, BOOK IMMEDIATELY. I’m going to Disney for a week in January and, as of now, we can’t get a table for any of the 7 nights we’re there. We’ll be doing lunch instead, since you don’t need reservations for that.


  12. Greg M says

    I can’t believe it hasn’t been brought up how TINY that steak looks. Or maybe that is just a giant pat of butter!

  13. Lucy says

    I’m now dived between the ratatouille and the salmon. Both look amazing.

    I also agree with the past poster who inquired about those mini cupcakes. For what we pay for the DDP, the dessert should be all three cupcakes!

  14. Rachel says

    I am still VERY shocked that that is the dessert menu at dinner. The fact that it is the same at lunch and dinner is very odd. A table service dinner should have a different dessert than the lunch. Those are definitely not table service desserts. I really truly think the menu still isn’t finalized. There just has to be other dessert options at dinner.

  15. Toni says

    I have 2 dinner reservations for the week I’m there in January. After looking at the menu, I might not keep either. I’ll keep checking and hopefully something will change. Very limited.

  16. Heidi says

    The menu looks intriguing but I am disappointed about alcohol in MK. I drink when I go to WDW and am no prude but MK should be a place for kids and families without the worry of alcohol.

  17. Kristen says

    So excited to try check this out! 57 more days!! We will surely be having the steak and frites! As for a glass of wine in the MK….it’s cool. No worries. I don’t feel that the CM will allow anyone to drink to oblivion.

  18. Kathy says

    I am also disappointed that alcoholic beverages are going to be served at the Magic Kingdom. I really felt like that was a sacred nod to childhood and that if I wanted a drink I could find it at Epcot. And the portions at the new restaurant seem tres petit!

  19. Barbara says

    I was so looking forward to this opening. The menu looks awful. Really nothing I would want. Very disappointing. I also don’t see that it is on the meal plan for 2013. Disney has become the grinch by removing so many great restaurants from their meal plan in 2013.

  20. Trina says

    I am going to Disney in 2 weeks and was sad that I would not be there for the opening of Be Our
    Guest. After seeing the menu, I don’t feel so bad now. Not a very good menu and no, I am sure Walt would be opposed to the serving of beer and wine in the Magic Kingdom. People are rude enough there already. They don’t need to add to it by people being intoxicated.

  21. Debbie says

    It all looks very wonderful! We have 2 reservations, one on Christmas Day and we are very excited!! I would however, agree about the beer and wine, I personally feel it shouldn’t be in Magic Kingdom.

  22. VlynP says

    If you go to UTube you can see a review of the restaurant ( I think I searched Disney Be our guest restaurant desserts ). And according to what I saw they are going to give you a choice of sauce for the cream puffs, but they will be doing it table side. They will also ask you at that time, if you would like to try the Gray Stuff, and if you say yes they will put a spoonful of it on the plate next to your dessert. We have reservations for Dinner on the 19th of December (we really wanted the 17th but had to take what we could get) but after seeing both lunch and dinner menus I am thinking of cancelling the dinner reservation and just stopping in for lunch. I know they are trying to keep with the theme with the serving of alcohol but I just feel like some things should be left as Walt would have imagined them to be.

  23. Pinksrvivor says

    Disney doesn’t complete their restaurant list until very late in the year. As in end of dec late. We did a jan trip one year, and I was freaking out up until dec 31 that most of the restaurants we had ADRs with weren’t on the dining plan. As it eventually turned out, every last one was. So I’m betting this will be on the ddp, as will tons more. In actuality, the iffy ones just tend to be the darden restaurants

  24. Kelly says

    I can honestly say there is nothing wrong with enjoying a nice glass of wine with a nice dinner with family. To say alcohol added equals drunkeness is ridiculous…

  25. Steph says

    Kelly, I agree with you. And no one here “knows” what Walt would want. Plus, the man has been dead for 47 years.

  26. says

    yeah It’s silly to speculate on what Disney would have wanted but it is certainly fitting with the Beauty and The Beast film to serve wine (it is France, after all) with dinner.

  27. Big E says

    Wow could someone please talk about what they thought about the menu the price and is it kid friendly if you don’t want any alcohol around you stay at home Even church has wine.

  28. Joy says

    A recreation park that sells beer at take out establishments versus a fine dining restaurant serving beer and wine are very different things. I don’t believe Walt was here when the first fine dining venue was established in MK, so do we really know what his position would be?

  29. ann says

    I know this is an old post, but just have to put in my two cents worth about not liking alcohol in Disney.

    I remember when years ago I was shocked when I realized they served drinks in Epcot.

    I unfortunately have a husband who does not contain himself and does not handle alcohol well.

    My daughter ended up splitting from a long time boyfriend and that was among the reasons.

    Disney should be a family oriented place. No need for alcohol. Drink someplace else.

    I would assume the folks that have to have a drink at Disney are exactly that….folks who have to have a drink.

    Pretty sad.

  30. Alexa says

    I love that I can have a glass of wine or a beer with dinner at MK now! How awesome! :) Disney and alcohol go great together

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