Dining in Disneyland: Fall Treats and Halloween Eats — Mickey Pumpkin Beignets and Skellington Popcorn

Although it still feels like Summer here in California, Fall has arrived and Disneyland is ready with some fun Fall and Halloween Treats!

The Jack Skellington Popcorn Container has returned to Disneyland just in time for Haunted Mansion Holiday; and Pumpkin Beignets are back at the Mint Julep Bar!

Let’s take a look!

Jack Skellington Popcorn Container in Disneyland

A super fun Halloween item has returned to Disneyland this season; the Jack Skellington Popcorn Coffin!

Available at the popcorn cart outside of the French Market near the Haunted Mansion Holiday, the coffin is served up overflowing with popcorn for just $12.

The reason I say “just” is the fact that you get to take home an awesome Halloween decoration to keep forever and ever!

Overflowing Popcorn Coffin

The coffin comes with a handle and snap closure making it easy to carry around the park. It’s also decorated with fun Nightmare Before Christmas graphics molded into the plastic.

Open Coffin

I bought one for my household and plan to bring it out every year. It makes a great display item. Close it up and set it on a shelf, or keep it open and fill it with candy. I’m actually considering getting a few more to use at parties. It would make a great utensil holder!

Empty Popcorn Coffin

Best part? The popcorn is hand-made by Oogie Boogie himself!

Oogie Boogie Hard at Work

Disneyland Pumpkin Beignets

This week I also stopped by The Mint Julep Bar — located behind the French Market near the New Orleans Square Station — to find that Pumpkin Beignets are back! (We’ll have to add this to our Disneyland Pumpkin Treats Crawl!)

Mint Julep Bar

The Pumpkin Beignets are not on the menu yet, so I asked about them. Not only did the kind cast member tell me that they would be available this season, he told me I could order them today!

Mickey Pumpkin Beignets are the same cost as regular Mickey Beignets. You can get 3 for $3.99 or 6 for $6.99.

Mint Julep Bar Menu

I had two friends with me, so an order of three was perfect. Beignets are made to order, so it does take a few minutes to get them.

I’d say we waited about 5 minutes for the fresh batch that was served up piping hot in a paper bag filled with powdered sugar.

Bag o' Beignets

The Pumpkin Beignets smell delicious upon opening up the bag. The first thing I noticed was the all-spice type pumpkin scent. 

I distributed them and tasting we went.

Mickey Pumpkin Beignet

I love beignets, so I was really hoping to love these pumpkin ones too. They were fantastic, but I didn’t think they were pumpkin-y enough.

You do get the pumpkin aftertaste a bit and they smell great, but I did have a hard time distinguishing them from the regular Mickey Beignets. A little different, but not that much.

Anyhow, either way, smothered with powdered sugar, Mickey Beignets are a great treat to share (or eat them all yourself!).

Mickey Pumpkin Beignet Cross Section

You can see by the orange color that they do look different than a regular beignet, but honestly the taste is not a whole lot different.

Are You Headed to the Park for Halloween Eats?

The changes of the seasons are always fun for Disney food fans, and we’ll be sharing more updates and Halloween eats throughout the season! Let us know what your favorites are as we go along!

Have you visited New Orleans Square for a Jack Skellington Popcorn Coffin or have you tried the Pumpkin Beignets at the Mint Julep Bar? Let us know in the comments below!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. TammiQ says

    I’m honestly shocked that the popcorn coffin only costs $12. That’s a great deal for a Disney item! I’m going to get one so my son can use it to take his lunch to school on Halloween.

    The pumpkin beignets look fantastic. I’ve tried the gingerbread beignets but not the pumpkin but those look to delicious to pass up. I’ll have to give them a try. Great review!!

  2. Theresa says

    This makes me a little sad that these treats won’t be available in WDW when I visit in two weeks.. well I guess that’s more of a reason to head to the west coast! :)

  3. Shireen Herro says

    Just tried the pumpkin beignets 15 minutes ago…so full of pumpkin yumminess! Tasted like fall that’s covered in powdered sugar. I only wish that the dipping sauces were available at the mint julep bar.

  4. Heather S. says

    @TammiQ – I think it’s a great deal too!

    @Erica – Not that I’m aware of.

    @Theresa – You’ll just have to plan a trip to Disneyland!

    @Shireen – I wish they had dipping sauces there too!

  5. Shea Noelle Shockley says

    Does anyone know of any more Halloween treats at Disneyland that aren’t listed here? It seems that last year (and the year before) they had so much!

  6. Lisa says

    Always hoping our Disney Parks here in the U.S will catch up with Tokyo Disney Parks when it comes to the popcorn buckets, snack & candy case souvenirs. They are all so adorable and well made..so much better than what they give us here. I think those of you who don’t know about Tokyo Disney Resorts will be amazed at what they have to offer as far as popcorn, snacks & candy go’s. And most all of there snacks, candy, etc come with the cutest souvenir containers that you most definitely will not throw away. Evert is so cute and WELL MADE!! I pay a lot of money getting theses shipped to me because we have nothing even close to these in our parks!!!

    Disney Parks USA.. GET BUSY GUYS. TDS is putting you to shame!

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