New! Gluten Free Menu for the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Finally!! Guests visiting the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival now have access to an official map with the location of menu items that are gluten-free!

See photos of ALL gluten-free items on our 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Gluten Free Page!!

Gluten Free Map for the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Here are your Disney-approved options for gluten-free eats at this year’s Festival:

Grilled Beef Skewer – Order without the Chimichurri Sauce!

Shrimp on the Barbie
Grilled Lamb Chop

Caribbean Islands
Jerk Spiced Chicken Drumstick

Jerk Spiced Chicken Drumstick with Mango Chutney

Beef Filet Mignon

Cheese offerings are gluten-free – skip the bread!

Florida Local
White Corn Arepa
Florida Shrimp Ceviche

Florida Shrimp Ceviche with Fire Roasted Vegetables, Fried Plantains and Cilantro

Roast Bratwurst – without the pretzel roll!

Chicken Souvlaki – no pita!
Greek Salad – no pita!
Griddled Greek Cheese
Greek Yogurt Cups

Hops & Barley
Lobster Claw Cuddler – Order without the Herb Mayonnaise

Cheese Selection – no bread!
Chocolate Lava Cake

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Bailey’s Ganache

New Zealand
Seared Sea Scallop

Beef Rendang

South Africa
Seared Filet of Beef with Smashed Sweet Potatoes – Order with no Braii Sauce!

Taste of Scandinavia – no cracker!
Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding with Driscoll’s® Only The Finest Berries™

While guests with other special diets will still need to ask to see the ingredient book available at each kiosk, folks adhering to a gluten free diet will find this information invaluable. It’s such a time-saver too!

To see pictures of all the gluten free items offered at this year’s festival, see our 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival’s Gluten Free page! Thanks to Disney for releasing this helpful map!!

Have you sampled any of the gluten-free eats this year? Let us know your thoughts!

NOTE: Because of the outdoor preparation of many of these items, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur. Please double check with a Disney cast member or Chef to ensure that the item is gluten free before you purchase.


  1. Erica says

    OMG!! Thank you for posting this. My DH and I will be doing this next year and I was a bit depressed at how the experience would go for me since I am gluten-intolerant… Now I too have much to be excited for :)

  2. says

    That is SO great! Your site was a wonderful help last year when we attended, for the gluten free concern, but this is even better! Really wonderful for so many people with allergies and immune issues.

  3. Liz says

    this is way faster than the way I used to deal with gluten free, sending emails back and forth with the head chef… but I am a little confused about the colors used on the map and some odd missing items?

    like i used to be able to get a lot of things in mexico but I guess they are preplated on the flour tortilla now? but even the flan has gluten? or the grand marnier ice cream at the champagne and desserts? and i’ve eaten the creme brulee at France a few years back.

    not complaining! just trying to figure it out since I will definitely be using this (although I wonder how I end up so drunk when the gluten free option is normally the mixed drink lol)

  4. Carol says

    So far have tried the arepa. It is good with the pork filling, not spicy. The corn salad is very good, great flavoring. The ceviche is spicy. The bratwurst on the pretzel roll is delicious. Overheard someone suggest to use the pretzel roll with the cheese fondue, good idea. The griddled cheese is delicious with the honey on top. And the sea scallop is just that one scallop with sweet potato puree, nothing special not a lot of flavor and small portion.

  5. says

    Hi – May I ask how you got this information? I went to the Festival center and was told to speak to the chefs at each location because they could not provide a list. As I suspected, this proved to be difficult and resulted in awkward waits in line and by the pick up windows in order to get someone to speak with. And, I seem to have gotten different information when I asked. For example, at Canada, I was told the Filet must be ordered without the sauce. So, I’m just curious how you got this info, since I am planning to go back and it certainly would be preferable to follow your list than do as I described above. thanks so much!

  6. John says

    I actually emailed and was told that none of the food items in the booths would be safe since most are prepared in a common kitchen with high risk of cross contamination.

  7. Rich says

    Hi, I too would be interested in the source of the info.

    We attended last year and tried to go in and ask questions when World Showcase just opens. There are few people and the Head Chefs were usually available, if only on the radio. My wife is a celiac and did have several other entrees not listed. I will say we avoided any questionable foods when the kiosks were busy or late in the day when the chance of cross contamination could have occurred.

    A tip, she brings in a bag of Tostitos or Nut Thins and uses them with many of the choices that she can eat without the available bread/cracker option.

  8. Pam Calimer says

    I just read with great interest the list of gluten free items at Disney’s food & wine fest. I will be going tomorrow. I have attended many times.
    I have always found the staff and chefs to be quite accommodating and helpful. My concern about tis list is the chocolate lava cake. When I looked at the recipe listed elsewhere in this e-mail and it calls for flour (not gluten free) is the recipe wrong? Or is this cake not gluten free?

  9. says

    Pam Calimer — The list of gluten free items at this year’s event was furnished by Disney on the Disney Parks Blog. The recipe for the chocolate lava cake was ALSO furnished by Disney in their 2011 Food and Wine Festival Cookbook. My guess is that the recipe in the Food and Wine Festival cookbook isn’t the same one they use for the festival, as I’ve heard from several folks who are gluten free who haven’t had a problem with the lava cake. That said, definitely check with a chef at the booth to make sure it’s safe for you to eat.

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