Review: House-Made Caramel Corn and More at Big Top Treats in the New Fantasyland

We’ve waited for months (sometimes it seems like years!) for the debut of the first sections of the New Fantasyland in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and now we can finally say…

Welcome to Storybook Circus!

Sections of Storybook Circus have been open for a while — we even scoped it out a bit here!

But today we’re taking a more in-depth tour of Storybook Circus in the New Fantasyland — with a special emphasis on all the fantastic new FOOD, including the house-made caramel corn! But more about that later…

Welcome Area Outside

Occupying the area that was once Mickey’s Toontown Fair, Storybook Circus is themed as an old-fashioned circus straight out of the picture books that I loved as a kid.

Here, you’ll see plenty of touches that recall beloved scenes and a fun retro vibe from the classic film Dumbo, with lots of other Disney characters thrown in for good measure!

Big Top Souvenirs and Big Top Treats Show Kitchen

Big Top Souvenirs takes center stage in Storybook Circus. Inside the huge tent structure, you’ll also find Big Top Treats right in the middle, complete with a show kitchen.

Big Top Souvenirs and Big Top Treats -- Outside View

The sign outside hints at the treats inside, with teasers for cotton candy and caramel apples.

Treats Sign Outside

And cast members embrace the fun atmosphere! This guy with his puppets was hilarious! I totally wanted to tweak his clown nose. :-)

A Big Welcome from a Friendly Clown!

Thoughtful touches surround you. But rather than straw, which you’d normally find on the ground under the big top, you look down and see this cool canvas flooring, “stitched” together like a tent. A fun touch from the Imagineers!

The Floor Looks Like a Tent Stitched Together -- Nice Detail!

In the middle of the tent, you’ll find the carousel-shaped Big Top Treats, with its promise of “circus snacks galore.” Love it!

Big Top Treats Counter Service Area

Big Top Treats Counter Service Area -- Another View

There’s a nice assortment of traditional carnival fare here, but you’ll also see a couple of cool things like Goofy’s Glaciers slushie-type drinks (which you can also find at Goofy’s Candy Company in Downtown Disney).

And you can also score lots of different Disney character apples.

Specialty Items Sign -- List of Treats

Specialty Items Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Also a treat here: you can watch as cast members make your yummy snacks right before your eyes! This is a show kitchen like you’ll find at the Main Street Confectionery in the Magic Kingdom, and the Candy Cauldron in Downtown Disney.

On Stage Kitchen - Watch As Your Treats Are Made

In the confections case, you see a nice assortment of cookies, cupcakes, krispy treats, cake pops, candy apples, and fudge. It’s pretty much the same stuff you’re going to find at any Disney World candy store these days, but it still looks great.

Confections Case

There are some neat ways that they’ve brought themeing to otherwise generic cupcakes. The little plaque of the Great Goofini nestled in the thick buttercream makes this cupcake extra special.

Great Goofini Cupcake

I imagine that you’ll see lots of variations for different seasons at Big Top Treats as well. On the day we visited, I spied a Jack Skellington apple! Clearly the candy artists need a little practice on this one, but I bet it still tastes good. ;-)

Jack Skellington Needs a Little Work -- Good First Effort!

I thought it was interesting that there seemed to be a number of treats here that are very similar to those at the über popular Karamell Küche in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion.

They have chocolate dipped fruit, and you’ll find it here as well in the form of chocolate-covered fruit skewers.

Chocolate Covered Fruit Skewers

Another similarity…caramel corn cupcakes! Interestingly, these are no longer served in Germany…

Caramel Corn Cupcakes

But what I was really here for was the House-made caramel popcorn! I’d been hearing about this for weeks, and I couldn’t wait to try it. This is what Big Top Treats is touting the most out of all of their sweet snacks, so I was excited to finally be doing a review…

I loved the little Dumbo Delights sticker on the bag!

Dumbo Delights House Made Caramel Corn

I waited until I was outside to dig in so that I could get a good daylight photo for you…

Caramel Corn -- Up Close

This caramel corn was good. Sweet and crunchy, and a large portion. But it didn’t hold a candle to the version from Karamell Küche! I wonder if it’s the difference in caramel? Either way, save your dough and spend it in Epcot on their caramel corn if you can!

That about does it for the snacks and treats inside the Big Top. Time to head back outside and see what the food carts feature.

Popcorn Wagon, Hot Dog Wagon, and Pretzel Wagon at Storybook Circus

There are several new food carts spread throughout Storybook Circus, featuring that fun Casey Jr. Circus Train theme that you’ll find elsewhere in Fantasyland!

The first cart I spied was the Popcorn Cart…

Popcorn Cart

Here, you’ll find popcorn of course, but you’ll also find an assortment of classic Disney frozen treats and bottled drinks as well. I love the “hand-lettered” sign and “painted” food items!

Popcorn Cart Menu -- Click to Enlarge


Next, I stumbled upon the Hot Dog Cart. This is your stop for hot dogs, chips, and more bottled water and soda.

Hot Dog Cart

I dig the lanterns hanging from the menus!

Hot Dog Cart Menu -- Click to Enlarge

The roasted hot dogs looked drool-worthy! (Yes, I like hot dogs.)

Hot Dogs Ready to Go

You aren’t going to find much to dress your dogs with here, so if you’re looking for something a little snazzier, you might want to head to Casey’s Corner where the menu options are more varied and the toppings are plentiful.

Hot Dog Condiments

Pretzel aficionados will love this next one: the Pretzel Cart!

Pretzel Cart

And that’s not all the cool…you can choose from Mickey Shaped Pretzels (yay!) or Churros at this stop! There are also plastic cheese and chocolate dippers available.

Pretzel Cart Menu -- Click to Enlarge

I suspect some Disneyland snack influence in the themeing of this cart — and I love it!

Mickey Pretzels


As you leave the area, the opposite side of the “welcome” sign gives you a hearty “thank you” and hopes that you’ll come back soon! I believe I shall.

Come Back Soon!

I think Storybook Circus is a great addition to Fantasyland, and I can’t wait to try each and every one of these fantastic treats. Let’s hope they continue to come up with exclusive circus-themed snacks. After all, it’s always fun to fall in love with something new and unique!

What treat are you most excited to try in Storybook Circus? Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts!


  1. Rune says

    It all looks so so fresh and exciting, can’t wait to take a long wander around over the Xmas holidays.

    Think I’ll be sticking to your advice with the caramel corn then & getting it in Epcot =P , I was kind of hoping they might follow Disneyland Paris’ example here and throw in a special flavoured corn now and again (on our last visit we tried coconut, and also gingerbread which was really delicious) but ah well. =)

  2. Angela says

    I hope I do fall in love with it. As it is, I just keep thinking, “We gave up Mickey’s house and Minnie’s house for this?!”

  3. Laurie says

    Thanks for the review! Though it wasn’t a winner, do you know the ingredients in the caramel corn here? I’m wondering for food allergies.

  4. Katie says

    I love the theming, but I wish the food was more interesting. Something different from the normal items you could get anywhere else. How about a specialty frozen drink or a dumbo cupcake or caramel apple?? Something to make it more unique….

  5. says

    I love that they have a picture of humphrey the bear on the big top treats sign! and those apples look so yummy! PS… churros! I can’t believe I’ve never tried a churro at WDW! Gotta fix that on my next trip! Great review!

  6. says

    Rune — I know — it DOES all look fresh! That’s a great word for it! Great point on the interesting flavors. Disneyland is doing that a bit (dill in DCA), but I haven’t seen it so much at WDW.

    Angela — Ha ha!! There’s MUCH more to come, remember. I can’t wait to check out the whole New Fantasyland…

    Laurie — Not sure on ingredients :-(

    Katie — I think the Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern are going to be the culinary highlights of New Fantasyland, but I love your idea of the dumbo cupcake!! I hope Disney’s listening!

    Marci — Yes! Churros! :-)

  7. Rebecca says

    Thanks for this post! I’m so excited for Mickey Mouse pretzel! We have a Disney Mr. potato head toy piece that is a Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel and I didn’t know why we couldn’t buy the real thing and now, finally, we can!! Do you know if any of these wonderful snacks are on the Disney Dining Plan?

  8. Lauri says

    Sleepy Hollow used to do a caramel corn that I loved so much that I always came home with a couple of buckets of it. I wonder if the caramel corn is the same as that? I’ve never had the caramel corn in Epcot since its been a few years since our last visit.

  9. Karen Loftis says

    My husband and I are headed to Disney Workd for a special Food & Wine week starting next Saturday. All of the dessert commentary is nice and appreciated – but I have need to know where one can get their hands on the best andouille sausage?!

  10. Amy says

    I was there last Saturday and they did have a dumbo cupcake. I took a picture of it because it was so cute! We had a frozen drink and was super sweet. My friend got a cake pop there also. It was pretty tasty!

  11. says

    I was there the day after they opened, and they were giving out samples of the caramel corn. I didn’t really like it, it seemed too sticky. I agree that the Karamel Kuche caramel corn is much better. I didn’t see any cupcakes though, they must have been out? I loved it in there, so many cute details! (I was taking so many pictures, a CM asked if I was a blogger, lol!)

  12. Cindy Kay says

    The Big Top cake pops are to. die. for! Yummo! The guy at the counter asked if we wanted to ‘taste’ one and he cut one in half (half for my DH and half for me!)… no charge! We ended up getting a couple to go!!

  13. Lindsay says

    We are craving the caramel corn from Big Top Treats. We just loved it! Is there any way to get it delivered??

  14. Crystal says

    In February 2014, we got a snickerdoodle cookie from here and I STILL think about it. I literally had a dream about this cookie. I’ve tried many different recipes and none have come close. It was very thick, not overly sweet, and a little more crumbly than your standard snickerdoodle. I hope we can have it again some day.

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