The 2012 Disney World Turkey Crawl!

Happy Turkey Day, Everyone!

Holiday Turkey Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich

Sad to say I won’t be spending Thanksgiving Day strolling down Main Street or awaiting my turn in Cars Land. But that doesn’t stop me of dreaming about all things turkey — and more precisely, all things Disney turkey!

You know how much we lurve a good crawl around here, so if you love turkey, I say skip the fancy sit down dinner and take a more progressive approach to your fall feast with the 2012 Disney Food Blog Turkey Crawl!

Since we know you have many foods to happily consume this holiday week, we are limiting the challenge to only four stops with a whole lot of latitude. However, there are definitely some other favorites that would be perfect additions (Earl of Sandwich Holiday Turkey Sandwich, anyone?)!

First Turkey Course: The Smoked Turkey Leg

There is no way we could even suggest a turkey crawl without mentioning the quintessential Disney turkey treat: the Smoked Turkey Leg!

Juicy, smokey, and big enough to count as a meal (or two), you may reach your turkey tipping point after consuming just one of these.

Disney Turkey Leg

You’ll find the primal treats in all four Disney World parks!

Starring Rolls Cafe Turkey Foccacia Sandwich

When it’s time to move onto the sandwich course (is there such a thing?) head over to one of my favorite places to grab a quick bite: Starring Rolls Cafe for the huge Turkey Foccacia Sandwich.

Turkey is stacked high and layered on freshly baked foccacia with veggies and dressing.

Turkey Foccacia Sandwich

You won’t miss the sweet potatoes with this monster sandwich! Be sure to pick up a cupcake for dessert!

Turkey for the Family: Be Our Guest Restaurant

Want to make turkey consumption a family affair? Of course you do! Head over to Be Our Guest Restaurant if you’re looking for turkey for every age group.

During lunch hours, the counter service menu will feature a Carved Turkey Sandwich on a Baguette with Dijon Mayonnaise and Pommes Frites.

Kiddos can choose from a Carved Turkey Sandwich or a cute Mickey-Shaped Turkey Meatloaf to get their turkey fix!

Kids' Carved turkey Sandwich

Kids' Turkey Meatloaf

I totally think the grown-ups need a Mickey-shaped meatloaf, too!

Turkey…For Dessert?

Think there’s no such thing as turkey for dessert? Think again!

Well — technically, there’s no poultry in this Turkey-Shaped Krispie Treat, but if you’re looking to stay in the spirit of the crawl, this is your best bet! Look for these fun treats at candy shops throughout the Disney World Resort.

Turkey Leg Krispie Treat

The upside to a Turkey Crawl vs. a traditional sit-down meal? You’ll be burning off tons more calories! Right?

We’re thinking this is a really fun alternative to sitting down to the multi-course meal. And what says tradition and Disney more than a fun twist on custom, right?

Are you up for the challenge? Let us know!


  1. Eric says

    While I’ve never had turkey “crawl” style at WDW, some of the above mentioned items are among my favorites on property! The Holiday Sandwich at Earl is a total draw for me. Earl was a destination twice on our trip earlier this month for this delicious treat! It is Thanksgiving on a roll!!! The turkey is real turkey, not pressed deli meat with stuffing, cranberries, gravy, and a dijon mayo (which i hold) and it’s fantastic. Also to add to the turkey crawl from Earl is a side of the turkey chili. YUM!!! I also love the turkey sandwich at Starring Rolls. It’s piled high on a tasty foccacia and this sandwich can be a meal for two. As far as the turkey legs go, every time I walk past a turkey cart I swear I smell ham and that’s sort of a turn off. I understand that is probably a result of smoking the turkey leg, but that is 1000 calories I can do without :)

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    I’ll take the turkey leg, but only if Justin comes with it! Oh, what a happy Turkey Day that would be!

  3. says

    Eric — Ha ha! It IS Thanksgiving on a roll! :-) Have an awesome holiday today!!

    Prof. Brainard — Ba ha ha! :-) You know what they say…”When you wish upon a star…”

  4. Phil says

    I was at WDW for Thanksgiving. I really wanted to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and I was able to get one thanks to the Port Orleans French Quarter resort. We left DHS at 9pm and hopped on a bus to POFQ and found that the dinner was awesome. The sides consisted of green beans, mashed potatoes, yams with marshmallow topping, roll or corn bread, stuffing, and gravy. If you did not want turkey you could have ham. You also got your choice slice of pumpkin or apple pie. $14.95. Not bad.

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